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Waters and Roads of South Fork of Meherrin

Past and Present


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Tucker's Mill Bridge, Rt 49 (Courthouse Road) at South Fork of Meherrin dividing Lunenburg Co. & Mecklenburg Co. Photo

Lunenburg (north) side of the river:

High Gate Creek
Middle Fork or Middle Meherrin River ("Robertson's Fork" in some old land records)
Mitchell Creek (not to be confused with Mitchell Creek in Mecklenburg)

Five Forks

See LVA Virginia Historical Inventory Map.
#631 southwest present-day runs through Rutledge farm and dead-ends at the South Fork of Meherrin River. In years past the river was fordable and the road led to Finneywood in Mecklenburg County.
#631 east dead-ends
#632 runs southeast through Mecklenburg Co. to Rt #49 near Chase City. It runs northwest to Fort Mitchell. This fork appears to be pretty much "Saunders Rolling Road" in olden days, seen on some old maps. At about the intersection at Salem Church, the road continued more directly west to the Charlotte Co. line, near present-day Mitchell Church. The road existed before the coming of the railroad; thus, before the Fort Mitchell Depot. Harvey Hudson says today (in 2003) the old roadbed is still apparent.

Saunders Rolling Road - See above #632 portion of Five Forks

Mecklenburg (south) side of the river:

Blackstone's Creek
Carpenter's Creek or Branch
Cattail Creek
Dry Creek
Horsepen Creek
Carpenter's Branch
Finneywood Creek
Horsepen Creek
Washing Run

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