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JoLee Gregory Spears

This page was updated September 12, 2005

Lunenburg Co., VA

1930 Census Rehobeth Dist., Plantersville Precinct

Heads of families only, except in miscellaneous notes.

If you can pinpoint the location of one of these dwellings, extant or not, contact is appreciated.

Printed page numbers

Plantersville Precinct Only, except inclusion of Lees Road in Rehobeth Precinct, Rehobeth Dist..

Most families were General Farmers. Notes are made when other employment observed.

Birthplace is noted when it was observed to be other than VA

"W" and "Neg" are from the "Color or Race" column.


"Lee's Road" in Rehobeth Precinct:

No radios on this page (column 9 on census)

Chumney, W. C. (Claude, I think), 45, md, rents, W

Marable, Willie, 46, md, owns, Neg

Barkesdale, Leslie, 46, md, owns, Neg


Printed page 290

Plantersville Precinct

"Plantersville Road" written in margin

No radios this page

Kirk, Lee, 49, md, owns, W, all born NC until child aged 10

(Above was the house that is across the road from Mt. Zion Church)

Brooks, Hunter, 29, md, rents, Neg

Walker, W. N., 37, md, owns, W, born NC

Chumney, E. A., 41, md, rents, W (note this was Aubrey Chumney)

Chadwick, C. G., 26 or 36, md, rents, W, born NC, works lumber mill

Carrington, John, 37, md, rents, Neg

Coleman, James, 40, md, rents, Neg, works at Hotel


Next page is Plantersville Precinct

No radios this page

"Salem Road to Chase City" written in margin

Burns, J. B., 53, md, owns, son Jessie work on Southern R.R.,

Wallace, S. W., 59, wd, owns, W, son Dave works on R.R.

Thompson, George, 63, md, owns, Neg

Bigger, Dave, 59, md, owns, W

Newcomb, W. A., male, 53, md, rents, W

Sheldon, L.? W., 79, md, owns, W, born NY

Nunnally, Warren, 23, sing, owns, Neg, in house are Barksdale nephews and sister Rosa Terry and Terry nieces & nephews

Crawley, Pete?, 40, wd, rents, Neg, alone

Marable, W. H., 73, md, owns, W, doctor, son Irvine teacher at high school (This the present Bailey place between the Gregory place and Five Forks)

Bayne, Herman, 25, md, rents, W


Plantersville Precinct printed page 291

George Ellis the only family that owned a radio on this page

"Fort Mitchell-Chase City Road" written in margin:

Carroll, O. B., male, 30, md, rents, W, Royster step-children in household

Ellis, George E., 70, md, owns, W, has a radio, wife Maggie age 47, no others listed, I am trying to find out if this was the old Dr. Samuel Saunders place, reportedly it burned in 1930's. Any info is appreciated - JoLee

Goode, Jonnie, male, 38, md, rents, Neg

Nunnally, Alfonzo, 33, md, owns, Neg

Combes, J. J., 55?, md, owns, W

Spencer, E. T., 56, md, owns, W, dau Orville teacher High School, dau. Virginia -stenographer Va. Railroad

Robinson, Pat, male, 65, md, rents, Neg

Baugh, T. or L. E., 41, md, owns, W, foreman Lumber Mill, son Melvin-Truck Driver State Road

Shaw, George P., 53, md, owns, W. (this is Shaw place between Salem Ch. & Mt Zion Ch.)

Marable, Eddie, 42, sing, rents, W


Plantersville Precinct

"Fort Mitchell Road" written in margin

No radios this page

Davis, Jack L., 45, md, owns, W, merchant-general store (this store & house are east of the R.R., J. P. Eudaily, father-in-law 70 in hshld)

Price, W. S., 41, md, rents, W. (this is the family of my friend Bernita Price-Crowder)

Walker, Charles, 62, md or wd?, rents, W, born NC, Newcomb nieces in household

Sheldon, E. H., 27, md, rents, W, born VA, father born NY

Bayne, Sam, 55, md, rents, W, foreman-lumber mill (I remember this family)

Gregory, D. J., 60, md, owns, W (he lived on the Plantersville Church Rd when I remember, but had a store on the Fort Mitchell Rd at one time, near Ft. Mitchell School), shows brother Reginald Gregory - Civil Engineer, Steam Railway

Johnson, Lou, female, 77, sing, rents, W

Spurlock, F. R.., 38, md, rents, W, blacksmith shop

Hall, James, 52, md, owns, Neg

Hall, Alice, 40, md, or wd, rents, Neg, large family


Plantersville Precinct, printed page 292

No radios this page

"Plantersville Road" written in margin

Thompson, W. J., 56, md, owns, W

Owen, Frank, 60, md, rents, Neg

Whitfield, N. H., 64, Wd, owns, W, born NC, merchant, general merchant

(Above must be the Townsend place I remember, near Plantersville Ch, as in household are Townsend, Mattie, Sister, 63, Wd, born NC and Ruth Townsend niece, sing. 30?, teacher public school [md. Macon Fears]. I remember a mounted parrot at this house. It was said it received its colorful tongue from Mattie's husband.)

Watson, Willie, 63, md, owns, W

Watson, A. E., 68, md, owns, W

Wallace, Lucy, 60, Wd, owns, W

Morton, Willie, 47, md, rents, Neg (I remember this family)

Marable, Tom, 46, md, owns, Neg

Duffer, D. J. 39, md, owns, W, (Thompson step-children in the house)


Plantersville Precinct

No radios on this page

"Fort Mitchell Road" written in margin

Owen, Cline?, 24, sing, rents, W, works lumber mill

Thompson, Mary, 75, wd, rents, Neg, alone

Thompson, Jack, 80, wd, rents, Neg, alone

Mangum, W. W., 51, M, born NC, owns, W

Rutledge, E. W., 44, M, owns, W, son William clerks in grocery store, son Edward works on Southern Rwy, father William R., 93, in household

Rutledge, Henry, 29, owns, W

Duffer, Willie, 54, rents, W

Forloines, Jim, 44, rents,, W, Hester Shaw, sis-in-law in household

Phillips, A. J. 53, md, rent, W


Printed page 293

Plantersville Precinct

No additional road information

No radios this page

Couch, Henry, 67, md, owns, W

Cape, Albert, 38, md, owns, W, born Georgia

Davis, L. C., 41, md, rents, W

Thompson, L. R., male, 31, md, owns, W, inf son Kermit in household

Thompson, V. P., male, 65, md, owns, W,

Ashworth, Warren, 37, md, rents, W

Burns, J. H., male, 32, md, owns, W, works on Southern Rwy

Duffie, T. S. (or L. S.), 37, sing, owns

Miller, Grover, 24, md, rents, Neg, Dickerson cousins in household


Plantersville Precinct

No radios this page

"Fort Mitchell Road" written in margin

Gale, George, 25, sing, rents, Neg, 70-yr old mother in household

Knight, Joe, 44, md, owns, Neg, works lumber mill

Walker, L. S., 18, sing, owns, W, works lumber mill, mother in household

Roberts, Mathew, 19, sing, rents, Neg, works lumber mill

Lovelace?, Bettie, 75, rents, Neg, Jackson grandchildren in household

Thompson, G. E., male, 44, md, owns, W

Parish, M. D.?, male, 70, md, owns, W, born NC

Bacon, Mary, female, 37, wd or md, owns, Neg

Spencer, B. M., male, 44, md, owns, W, merchant & farmer

Robinson, Bradley, 40, md, Rents, Neg, works at Hotel


Printed page 294

Plantersville Precinct

No radios this page

"Plantersville Road" written in margin

Simmons, P. D., male, 29, md, rents, W

Spencer, W. T., 42, sing, owns, W, alone, farmer & merchant

Watson, Opie, 30, md, rents, Neg, Winn stepchildren in household

Goode, Henry, 45, wd, rents?, Neg, alone

Hudson, Mary, 42, md, owns, W, works Southern Rwy

Wallace, J.? J., male, 47, md, owns, W

Ashworth, A. B., male, 64, md, owns, W

Ashworth, M. F., male, 51, md, owns, W

Ashworth, H. S., male, 25, md, rents, W

Bohannon, H.? H., male, 31, sing, owns, W, mother and uncle W. H. Knight in househld

Phillips, Robert, 43, md, owns, W

Townsend, C. Flave, 37, wd, owns, W


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