South Fork of Meherrin River Washing Run Washing Run Carpenter's Branch Small roads here not visible on this map Mrs. Gale? Hepburn's Mill Smithson Reynolds J. J. Phillips Oliver's Qtrs Mill Grove Br & Fd (good) Mill Grove Br & Fd Saunders Fd Saunders Fd LUNENBURG COUNTY Saunder's Fd Rocky Mill Good Fd

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Names transcribed by Ed Waller

Averitt, Mrs. 
Beaver Pond Cr. (part of) Booker, D. Br. good Burwell's Mill Butcher's Cr. (part of)
Cabin Coleman, H. (or R.) Davis, Dr. Field, J.S.
Fields Fy 
Fields Isds
Fields qrs (2) Hughes, W.
Lewis Ch. Lewis Mill mill (2) Mill Cr. Monroe Morsoil (?) & ___?____ Morton, W. Nelson, J. Pollard, F. Pool, H. B. Rainey (?) Ramsey
Rins (?) Cr.
River Road Strum, H.J. Sydnor, A.[instead of L.] Sydnor's Mill [instead of Sydnar] Tarry, G. Tarry, S. Tarry's qrs
Taylor's Ferry Road (part of) Tellerson, Mrs. Tucker Vac Valley R.R. Torn Up Good?? Vansant, Col. Welds Ferry private (may be Fields) Wilson, W.

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