"South Fork of the Meherrin River" dividing Mecklenburg County on the south and Lunenburg on the north, and touching Charlotte County on the west.

See also Mill Grove Ledger 1836 - 1837

   This is a small section of an 1839 map of Virginia (755 1839 p5, LVA) to place Mill Grove Store and Post office. It was on the road that runs between Christiansville in Mecklenburg County (now Chase City) and Lewistown (Lunenburg Court House) in Lunenburg. The bridge that crosses the Meherrin River at that point was about a century ago called Cox's Bridge. In my time, and for some time before my time, I think, it has been called Tucker's Mill Bridge.
   Information of Mecklenburg Post Offices furnished by Gerald Tate Gilliam, offers this: Mill Grove / est. 1818 / John M. Yates first PM / Jan. 1839 relocated to Lunenburg County and renamed Yatesville. [Note: Mill Grove was a post office 1819-1839 per Life by the Roaring Roanoke, p 132, Bracey. On the 1871 Hotchkiss map of Lunenburg, both Mill Grove and Yatesville appear; possibly Mill Grove remained a store/jgs]
   Later maps show both Mill Grove and Yatesville on the Lunenburg side, so perhaps Mill Grove remained a community or business even after Yatesville became the post office for that area.
   Finneywood, seen on the map over the Mecklenburg line in Charlotte County, would not be the same exact location as the Finneywood that later became a post office and depot in Mecklenburg near the South Fork of the Meherrin. It was in Mecklenburg but nearer the Charlotte County line than Mill Grove.
   Families who were listed and served by Mill Grove were, no doubt, served by Yatesville, and later Finneywood, as was the mentioned Gregory family.
   Gilliam furnished this re Finneywood Post Office:
      Finneywood / June 1877 - Aug. 1937 / J.S.P. Burwell first PM closed Jan. 1880 - April 1883 / to Chase City

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