Names A - B

Note: This index was devised from the 1850 census file on my disk that I believe is the final version of the transcription by Bernard Rodenhizer that was submitted to the Archive section. Otherwise, there might be a slight difference. This index was placed here to improve the results of surname hits on the Mecklenburg pages by the Pinpoint Search Engine.

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ADAMS, Alfred, 41                       p.81           98th Reg
ADAMS, Amos, 4                          p.113          22nd Reg
ADAMS, Daniel, 4                        p.64           98th Reg
ADAMS, Edward, 21                       p.127b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, Elizabeth, 2                     p.64           98th Reg
ADAMS, Elizabeth, 15                    p.112b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, Emma, 7                          p.113          22nd Reg
ADAMS, George, 1                        p.113          22nd Reg
ADAMS, John, 11                         p.122b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, John, 40                         p.139b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, John, 4                          p.139b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, Joseph, 11                       p.112b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, Levenia, 9                       p.113          22nd Reg
ADAMS, Martha, 8                        p.64           98th Reg
ADAMS, Martha, 6                        p.139b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, Mary, 34                         p.61b          98th Reg
ADAMS, Mary, 28                         p.64           98th Reg
ADAMS, Mary, 43                         p.112b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, Robert, 10                       p.64           98th Reg
ADAMS, Sally, 55                        p.81           98th Reg
ADAMS, Sally, 27                        p.139b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, Sally, 9                         p.139b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, William, 33                      p.64           98th Reg
ADAMS, William, 5                       p.64           98th Reg
ADAMS, William, 50                      p.112b         22nd Reg
ADAMS, Wyatt, 56                        p.61b          98th Reg
ALES, Dolly, 55                         p.104b         22nd Reg
ALES, Isaac, 60                         p.104b         22nd Reg
ALES, James, 18                         p.104b         22nd Reg
ALES, John, 25                          p.104          22nd Reg
ALES, Margaret, 11                      p.104b         22nd Reg
ALES, Nancy, 25                         p.104b         22nd Reg
ALES, Rebecca, 16                       p.104b         22nd Reg
ALEXANDER, Ann, 23                      p.51b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Betty P., 14                 p.50b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Charles, 14                  p.93           98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth, 1                 p.51b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Ella, 16                     p.93           98th Reg
ALEXANDER, James, 18                    p.126          22nd Reg
ALEXANDER, James T., 18                 p.50b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Mark, 58                     p.50b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Mark, 8                      p.50b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Mark Jr, 24                  p.51b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Nathl., 52                   p.93           98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Nathl., 19                   p.93           98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Rebecca, 6                   p.50b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Robert, 11                   p.50b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Robert, 14                   p.126          22nd Reg
ALEXANDER, Sally P., 39                 p.50b          98th Reg
ALEXANDER, Sarah C., 50                 p.93           98th Reg
ALGOOD, David, 45                       p.129          22nd Reg
ALGOOD, Edward, 46                      p.117          22nd Reg
ALGOOD, Edward, 10                      p.117          22nd Reg
ALGOOD, Eliza, 35                       p.117          22nd Reg
ALGOOD, John, 13                        p.104          22nd Reg
ALGOOD, John, 8                         p.117          22nd Reg
ALGOOD, Louisa, 12                      p.117          22nd Reg
ALGOOD, Mary, 21                        p.117          22nd Reg
ALGOOD, Panthiel, 34                    p.129          22nd Reg
ALGOOD, Samuel, 16                      p.117          22nd Reg
ALLEN, Alice, 5                         p.141b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Ann, 38                          p.128b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Catharine, 30                    p.141b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Catharine Mrs., 70               p.102          22nd Reg
ALLEN, Charles T, 28                    p.109b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, David, 46                        p.141b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Elizabeth, 34                    p.103b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Homer, 12                        p.103b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Jane, 6                          p.141b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Jenny, 2                         p.103b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, John, 3                          p.141b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Jonathan, 40                     p.103b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Jonathan, 9                      p.103b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Lockey, 23                       p.109b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Mary, 8                          p.141b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Mary, 10                         p.103b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Mary, 1                          p.109b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, Sarah, 7                         p.103b         22nd Reg
ALLEN, William, 12                      p.141b         22nd Reg
ALLGOOD, Betsy, 28                      p.91b          98th Reg
ALLGOOD, Creed, 28                      p.64b          98th Reg
ALLGOOD, George, 4                      p.64b          98th Reg
ALLGOOD, Jame, 7                        p.91b          98th Reg
ALLGOOD, Jas., 35                       p.91b          98th Reg
ALLGOOD, Martha, 25                     p.64b          98th Reg
ALLGOOD, Martha, 5                      p.64b          98th Reg
ALLGOOD, Patrick, 2                     p.64b          98th Reg
ALLGOOD, Saml., 10                      p.91b          98th Reg
ALLGOOD, William, 8                     p.64b          98th Reg
ALMAND, David, 18                       p.95b          22nd Reg
ALMAND, Mathew, 23                      p.95b          22nd Reg
ALMAND, Rebecca, 45                     p.95b          22nd Reg
ALMAND, Sarah, 20                       p.95b          22nd Reg
AMOS, Elizabeth, 5                      p.132b         22nd Reg
AMOS, Matilda, 21                       p.132b         22nd Reg
AMOS, William, 4                        p.132b         22nd Reg
ANDERSON, Benjamin C, 26                p.128          22nd Reg
ANDERSON, Edna, 30                      p.113b         22nd Reg
ANDERSON, Elizabeth, 10                 p.113b         22nd Reg
ANDERSON, Ellen, 20                     p.128b         22nd Reg
ANDERSON, Isabella, 5                   p.113b         22nd Reg
ANDERSON, John M, 35                    p.113b         22nd Reg
ANDERSON, Joseph, 18                    p.128b         22nd Reg
ANDERSON, Oliver, 3                     p.113b         22nd Reg
ANDERSON, Thomas, 7                     p.113b         22nd Reg
ANDREWS, Allen T., 44                   p.80           98th Reg
ANDREWS, Amy, 38                        p.82b          98th Reg
ANDREWS, Gilberta, 4                    p.80           98th Reg
ANDREWS, Indiana, 7                     p.80           98th Reg
ANDREWS, Julia, 41                      p.134          22nd Reg
ANDREWS, Martha J., 22                  p.80           98th Reg
ANDREWS, Robert, 52                     p.134          22nd Reg
ANDREWS, Varney, 9                      p.80           98th Reg
ANDREWS, Virginia, 10                   p.80           98th Reg
ANDREWS, Virginia, 21                   p.134          22nd Reg
ANDREWS, Wm:, 12                        p.80           98th Reg
APPLE, Alfred, 37                       p.121          22nd Reg
APPLE, Havius, 12                       p.121          22nd Reg
APPLE, Jane, 40                         p.121          22nd Reg
APPLE, Lewis, 6                         p.121          22nd Reg
APPLE, William, 1                       p.121          22nd Reg
APPLEWHITE, John, 2/12                  p.98b          22nd Reg
APPLEWHITE, John E., 35                 p.98b          22nd Reg
APPLEWHITE, Lucy, 28                    p.98b          22nd Reg
ARNOLD, Amanda, 24                      p.83           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Benja:, 13                      p.53           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Elizabeth C., 50                p.83           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Elvira A., 17                   p.53           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Hartwell, 42                    p.53           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Isabella, 9                     p.53           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Jas. Jas., 16                   p.83           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Jno. J., 47                     p.83           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Jos., 11                        p.53           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Maria, 19                       p.83           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Martha, 1                       p.53           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Mary, 30                        p.57           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Mary M., 43                     p.53           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Peterson, 7                     p.53           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Sarah, 10                       p.83           98th Reg
ARNOLD, Thos., 15                       p.53           98th Reg
ARRINGTON, Adaline, 11                  p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, America, 10                  p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Amy, 40                      p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Ann, 16                      p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Armstead, 17                 p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Charles, 4                   p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Eliza, 21                    p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Elizabeth, 48                p.142b         22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Fanny, 2                     p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Harriett, 18                 p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Harwell, 24                  p.146b         22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Issac, 19                    p.146b         22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, James, 6                     p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Jane, 22                     p.146b         22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, John, 46                     p.142b         22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, John, 5                      p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Lucy, 14                     p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Martha, 9                    p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, Stephen, 38                  p.143          22nd Reg
ARRINGTON, William, 7                   p.143          22nd Reg
ARVIN, Ann E., 14                       p. 95          22nd Reg
ARVIN, Victoria L., 12                  p. 95          22nd Reg
ATKERSON, John, 20                      p.126b         22nd Reg
ATKERSON, Solomon, 70                   p.104          22nd Reg
ATKINS, Abner, 33                       p.116          22nd Reg
ATKINS, Jane, 21                        p.116          22nd Reg
ATKINS, Jas. J., 36                     p.93           98th Reg
ATKINS, Lucy, 25                        p.116          22nd Reg
ATKINS, Robert, 14                      p.93           98th Reg
ATKINS, Ruchel, 23                      p.116          22nd Reg
ATKINS, Saml., 3                        p.93           98th Reg
ATKINS, Sarah, 65                       p.116          22nd Reg
ATKINS, Sarah, 19                       p.116          22nd Reg
ATKINS, Seluda W., 38                   p.93           98th Reg
ATKINS, Thomas, 71                      p.116          22nd Reg
ATKINS, Wm:, 11                         p.93           98th Reg
ATKINSON, Betty, 5                      p.105          22nd Reg
ATKINSON, Duncan, 7                     p.105          22nd Reg
ATKINSON, George, 3                     p.105          22nd Reg
ATKINSON, James, 9                      p.105          22nd Reg
ATKINSON, Jesse, 33                     p.105          22nd Reg
ATKINSON, Joseph, 18                    p.127          22nd Reg
ATKINSON, Martha, 31                    p.105          22nd Reg
ATKINSON, Mary, 1                       p.105          22nd Reg
ATKINSON, Thomas P, 16                  p.127          22nd Reg
AVERETT, Brown, 65                      p.141b         22nd Reg
AVERETT, Caroline, 20                   p.123B         22nd Reg
AVERETT, Dolly, 54                      p.123B         22nd Reg
AVERETT, Elizabeth, 50                  p.141b         22nd Reg
AVERETT, Elizabeth, 22                  p.141b         22nd Reg
AVERETT, George W R, 25                 p.141b         22nd Reg
AVERETT, James Y., 19                   p.102          22nd Reg
AVERETT, Jamima, 31                     p.123B         22nd Reg
AVERETT, Richard, 21                    p.141b         22nd Reg
AVERETT, Richard H, 29                  p.106b         22nd Reg
AVERETT, Susan, 32                      p.141b         22nd Reg
AVERETT, William, 19                    p.123B         22nd Reg
AVERETT, Wyatt, 56                      p.123B         22nd Reg
AVERY, Leaner, 75                       p.142b         22nd Reg
AVERY, Matthew, 67                      p.142b         22nd Reg

BACON, Drury, 29                        p. 95          22nd Reg
BACON, Josephas, 10                     p.142b         22nd Reg
BACON, Lydduall, 56                     p.142b         22nd Reg
BACON, Mary, 52                         p.142b         22nd Reg
BACON, Mary, 12                         p.142b         22nd Reg
BACON, Robert, 23                       p.98           22nd Reg
BACON, Thomas, 14                       p.142b         22nd Reg
BACON, Virginia, 22                     p.142b         22nd Reg
BACON, William, 30                      p. 95          22nd Reg
BACY, Betsey, 35                        p.60b          98th Reg
BACY, John, 55                          p.60b          98th Reg
BACY, Patsy, 35                         p.60b          98th Reg
BAGWELL, Lucinda, 48                    p.93           98th Reg
BAILY, Opia, 45                         p.125          22nd Reg
BAILY, Thomas, 46                       p.125          22nd Reg
BAIRD, Charles W., 73                   p.51b          98th Reg
BAIRD, William, 22                      p.101          22nd Reg
BAKER, Benjamin, 19                     p.60           98th Reg
BAKER, Juda, 60                         p.60           98th Reg
BAKER, Richard, 33                      p.60           98th Reg
BALTRUP, Ann A, 35                      p.90b          98th Reg
BALTRUP, Anna, 5                        p.90b          98th Reg
BALTRUP, Jesse, 10                      p.90b          98th Reg
BALTRUP, Mary, 8                        p.90b          98th Reg
BALTRUP, Thomas, 6                      p.90b          98th Reg
BALTRUP, William, 12                    p.90b          98th Reg
BANKS, Harper, 10                       p.143          22nd Reg
BANKS, Jane, 12                         p.143          22nd Reg
BANKS, John, 8                          p.143          22nd Reg
BANKS, Joseph, 52                       p.143          22nd Reg
BANKS, Lydduall, 13                     p.143          22nd Reg
BANKS, Rebecca, 40                      p.143          22nd Reg
BANKS, Richard, 3                       p.143          22nd Reg
BANKS, Theophilus, 17                   p.143          22nd Reg
BANNER, Elizabeth, 37                   p.61b          98th Reg
BANNER, Jane, 26                        p.61b          98th Reg
BANNER, Jno. F., 50                     p.61b          98th Reg
BANNER, John, 23                        p.61b          98th Reg
BANNER, Martha, 19                      p.61b          98th Reg
BANNER, William, 14                     p.61b          98th Reg
BAPTIST, Amanda, 23                     p.119          22nd Reg
BAPTIST, Edward, 13                     p.119          22nd Reg
BAPTIST, Elizabeth, 63                  p.119          22nd Reg
BAPTIST, John, 15                       p.119          22nd Reg
BAPTIST, Mary L., 30                    p.93b          98th Reg
BAPTIST, Mary M., 5                     p.93b          98th Reg
BAPTIST, N. W., 4                       p.93b          98th Reg
BAPTIST, Richard H, 23                  p.119          22nd Reg
BAPTIST, Richard H, 52                  p.119          22nd Reg
BAPTIST, Richd. B., 38                  p.93b          98th Reg
BAPTIST, Sally, 50                      p.119          22nd Reg
BAPTIST, Thomas, 21                     p.119          22nd Reg
BAPTIST, William, 66                    p.119          22nd Reg
BARBEE, Frederick, 22                   p.134b         22nd Reg
BARKER, Ben, 65                         p.60           98th Reg
BARLOW, Caroline, 16                    p.73           98th Reg
BARLOW, Elizabeth, 43                   p.73           98th Reg
BARNAIRD, John R, 23                    p.101          22nd Reg
BARNES, Frances J., 33                  p.99b          22nd Reg
BARNES, Francis, 20                     p.133b         22nd Reg
BARNES, Jane, 35                        p.89           98th Reg
BARNES, John J, 28                      p.131b         22nd Reg
BARNES, Jony, 12                        p.89           98th Reg
BARNES, Martha, 67                      p.131b         22nd Reg
BARNES, Mary, 16                        p.89           98th Reg
BARNES, Sophia, 6                       p.89           98th Reg
BARNETT, Avy, 35                        p.58b          98th Reg
BARNETT, Caroline, 6                    p.107          22nd Reg
BARNETT, Clarissa, 60                   p.76           98th Reg
BARNETT, Dicy, 26                       p.107          22nd Reg
BARNETT, Eliza, 28                      p.76           98th Reg
BARNETT, German, 65                     p.58b          98th Reg
BARNETT, Josaph, 3                      p.76           98th Reg
BARNETT, Mary, 17                       p.76           98th Reg
BARNETT, Pennington, 55                 p.76           98th Reg
BARNETT, Sally, 1                       p.76           98th Reg
BARNETT, Susan, 39                      p.76           98th Reg
BARNETT, Wilche, 48                     p.76           98th Reg
BARRON, Burwell B, 31                   p.116b         22nd Reg
BARWAID, William S, 26                  p.128          22nd Reg
BASKERVILL, Alice, 16                   p.63b          98th Reg
BASKERVILL, Lucy, 46                    p.63b          98th Reg
BASKERVILL, Robert, 23                  p.52           98th Reg
BASKERVILL, Sally, 63                   p.52           98th Reg
BASKERVILL, Virginia, 20                p.52           98th Reg
BASKERVILL, Wm R Col, 52                p.52           98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Alice, 8/12                p.56b          98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Amy, 25                    p.92           98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Betsy, 8                   p.92           98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Bettie, 8                  p.56b          98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Charles, 29                p.56b          98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Charles, 4                 p.56b          98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, George, 6                  p.128          22nd Reg
BASKERVILLE, James, 6                   p.92           98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, John, 4/12                 p.128          22nd Reg
BASKERVILLE, John W, 27                 p.128          22nd Reg
BASKERVILLE, Margaret, 26               p.56b          98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Maria, 50                  p.93           98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Maria, 13                  p.93           98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Mary, 6                    p.56b          98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Peter, 2                   p.92           98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Sally, 24                  p.128          22nd Reg
BASKERVILLE, Sarah, 2                   p.56b          98th Reg
BASKERVILLE, Wesley, 3                  p.128          22nd Reg
BASKEWELL, Ben., 46                     p.53b          98th Reg
BASKEWELL, Jane, 42                     p.53b          98th Reg
BASKEWELL, Tom, 12                      p.53b          98th Reg
BASKEWILL, Charles, 5                   p.52b          98th Reg
BASKEWILL, David, 7                     p.52b          98th Reg
BASKEWILL, Elizabeth, 9                 p.52b          98th Reg
BASKEWILL, Henry, 3/12                  p.52b          98th Reg
BASKEWILL, Lucy, 2                      p.52b          98th Reg
BASKEWILL, S. R., 26                    p.52b          98th Reg
BASKEWILL, Wm Jr, 34                    p.52b          98th Reg
BASS, Ann, 57                           p.55b          98th Reg
BASS, Benjaman, 58                      p.55b          98th Reg
BASS, Emily, 27                         p.54           98th Reg
BASS, Sally, 6                          p.54           98th Reg
BASS, Sally Ann, 20                     p.55b          98th Reg
BASS, Sam, 50                           p.54           98th Reg
BASS, Wm, 8                             p.54           98th Reg
BATES, Betsey, 50                       p.67b          98th Reg
BATES, Frederick, 19                    p.67b          98th Reg
BATES, Jno., 2                          p.65b          98th Reg
BATES, Phillis, 30                      p.65b          98th Reg
BATHWRIGHT, William, 21                 p.128b         22nd Reg
BAXTER, Joseph, 18                      p.127b         22nd Reg
BAYOND, Araminta, 21                    p.62b          98th Reg
BAYOND, Bersheby, 45                    p.62b          98th Reg
BAYOND, Caroline, 14                    p.62b          98th Reg
BAYOND, James, 50                       p.62b          98th Reg
BAYOND, Rebecca, 17                     p.62b          98th Reg
BAYOND, William, 10                     p.62b          98th Reg
BEASLEY, William F, 27                  p.128b         22nd Reg
BECKWITH, William, 3                    p.76           98th Reg
BELCHER, Amy, 46                        p.99           22nd Reg
BELCHER, Burwell B, 54                  p.99           22nd Reg
BELCHER, James, 11                      p.99           22nd Reg
BELCHER, John, 12                       p.99           22nd Reg
BELCHER, Nancy, 7                       p.99           22nd Reg
BELCHER, Susanna, 10                    p.99           22nd Reg
BENNETT, Cintha, 32                     p.57           98th Reg
BENNETT, Elizabeth, 12                  p.63b          98th Reg
BENNETT, Fanny, 35                      p.57           98th Reg
BENNETT, George, 17                     p.63b          98th Reg
BENNETT, Indiana, 9                     p.63b          98th Reg
BENNETT, Jane, 12                       p.61           98th Reg
BENNETT, Joseph, 53                     p.63b          98th Reg
BENNETT, Julia, 44                      p.63b          98th Reg
BENNETT, Lucy, 15                       p.63b          98th Reg
BENNETT, Nancy, 74                      p.57           98th Reg
BENNETT, Silas, 10                      p.63b          98th Reg
BENNETT, Thomas, 4                      p.63b          98th Reg
BENNETT, William, 19                    p.63b          98th Reg
BENOGER, Tilgath, 5                     p.89b          98th Reg
BENTON, Emma, 21                        p.60           98th Reg
BENTON, Howard, 20                      p.60           98th Reg
BENTON, James, 22                       p.60           98th Reg
BENTON, Jones, 65                       p.60           98th Reg
BENTON, Lucas, 14                       p.60           98th Reg
BENTON, Massenburg, 18                  p.53b          98th Reg
BENTON, Milly, 55                       p.60           98th Reg
BENTON, Rich, 22                        p.53b          98th Reg
BENTON, Sally, 25                       p.60           98th Reg
BENTON, Tom, 12                         p.60           98th Reg
BERRY, Henry B, 33                      p.134b         22nd Reg
BERRY, James, 11                        p.134b         22nd Reg
BERRY, Jane, 35                         p.134b         22nd Reg
BEVIL, Amanda, 12                       p.118b         22nd Reg
BEVIL, Charles, 8                       p.118b         22nd Reg
BEVIL, Edward, 10                       p.118b         22nd Reg
BEVIL, James, 16                        p.118b         22nd Reg
BEVIL, Lucy, 5                          p.118b         22nd Reg
BEVIL, Martha, 40                       p.118b         22nd Reg
BEVIL, Mary, 20                         p.118b         22nd Reg
BEVIL, William, 40                      p.118b         22nd Reg
BIASSE, Henry, 7                        p.55b          98th Reg
BIASSE, John, 11                        p.55b          98th Reg
BIASSE, Maberta, 2                      p.55b          98th Reg
BIASSE, Martha, 28                      p.55b          98th Reg
BIASSE, Thos., 5                        p.55b          98th Reg
BIASSE, Virginia, 4                     p.55b          98th Reg
BIASSE, Wm. H., 42                      p.55b          98th Reg
BIGGER, David, 30                       p. 95          22nd Reg
BIGGER, John, 70                        p.124b         22nd Reg
BIGGER, Mary, 22                        p. 95          22nd Reg
BIGGER, Sally, 62                       p.124b         22nd Reg
BINFORD, Asberry, 35                    p.77b          98th Reg
BINFORD, Eliza, 32                      p.77b          98th Reg
BINFORD, Green, 3                       p.77b          98th Reg
BINFORD, Isaac, 31                      p.70b          98th Reg
BINFORD, James, 11                      p.77b          98th Reg
BINFORD, Martha, 31                     p.70b          98th Reg
BINFORD, Martha, 7                      p.77b          98th Reg
BINFORD, Mary, 8                        p.77b          98th Reg
BINFORD, William, 5                     p.77b          98th Reg
BING, Ardelia, 11                       p.85b          98th Reg
BING, Elizabeth, 22                     p.77b          98th Reg
BING, Elizabeth, 60                     p.86b          98th Reg
BING, George, 45                        p.85b          98th Reg
BING, John, 62                          p.77b          98th Reg
BING, Julia, 5                          p.85b          98th Reg
BING, Martha, 62                        p.77b          98th Reg
BING, Mary A., 42                       p.85b          98th Reg
BING, Sarah, 17                         p.86b          98th Reg
BING, Wm:, 2                            p.85b          98th Reg
BIRD, John, 30                          p.71b          98th Reg
BIRDSONG, Harriett, 8                   p.55           98th Reg
BIRDSONG, Jno. R., 6                    p.55           98th Reg
BIRDSONG, Josephine, 10                 p.55           98th Reg
BIRDSONG, Nancy, 44                     p.55           98th Reg
BIRDSONG, Sarah, 13                     p.55           98th Reg
BIRKS, Betsey, 23                       p.73b          98th Reg
BIRKS, Carlos, 9                        p.74           98th Reg
BIRKS, Charles, 17                      p.74           98th Reg
BIRKS, George, 15                       p.74           98th Reg
BIRKS, Joseph, 18                       p.74           98th Reg
BIRKS, Lucy, 49                         p.73b          98th Reg
BIRKS, Mary A., 26                      p.73b          98th Reg
BIRKS, Rosalin, 7                       p.74           98th Reg
BIRKS, Virginia, 11                     p.74           98th Reg
BLACKWELL, John D, 25                   p.127          22nd Reg
BLAKE, Dela Ann, 10                     p.81           98th Reg
BLAKE, E., 40                           p.65           98th Reg
BLAKE, Ebenzer, 40                      p.81           98th Reg
BLAKE, John, 12                         p.81b          98th Reg
BLAKE, Nancy, 38                        p.81           98th Reg
BLAKE, Rachael, 3                       p.81b          98th Reg
BLAND, Mary, 30                         p.133          22nd Reg
BLAND, William H, 38                    p.133          22nd Reg
BLANKS, James M, 32                     p.133b         22nd Reg
BLANKS, Julia, 21                       p.133b         22nd Reg
BLANKS, Tabby Mrs., 61                  p.106          22nd Reg
BLANTON, Alexander, 38                  p.58           98th Reg
BLANTON, Green, 62                      p.92           98th Reg
BLANTON, Nancy, 30                      p.58           98th Reg
BLANTON, Parthea, 2                     p.58           98th Reg
BLANTON, Sydnor, 5                      p.58           98th Reg
BLANTON, Victoria, 8                    p.58           98th Reg
BOMAR, Charles B, 35                    p.138          22nd Reg
BOMAR, Mariah, 2                        p.138b         22nd Reg
BOMAR, Nancy, 6                         p.138          22nd Reg
BOMAR, Sarah, 28                        p.138          22nd Reg
BOOKER, James, 8                        p.114b         22nd Reg
BOOKER, John, 6                         p.114b         22nd Reg
BOOKER, Mary, 43                        p.114b         22nd Reg
BOOKER, Samuel C, 44                    p.114b         22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Ann, 3                         p.130          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Betsy, 40                      p.124b         22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Francis, 20                    p.95b          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Hannah, 24                     p.95b          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, James, 40                      p.96           22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Jane, 3                        p.96           22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Joseph, 63                     p.95b          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Joseph Jr., 27                 p.95b          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Laurcany, 50                   p.108          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Marietta, 5                    p.96           22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Martha, 22                     p.130          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Mary, 22                       p.95b          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Susan, 61                      p.95b          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Susan, 6                       p.124b         22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Thomas, 25                     p.130          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, William, 7/12                  p.96           22nd Reg
BOSWELL, William, 1                     p.130          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, William C, 23                  p.123          22nd Reg
BOSWELL, Wm:, 8                         p.79           98th Reg
BOWEN, Alexander, 4/12                  p.77           98th Reg
BOWEN, Alfred, 45                       p.123B         22nd Reg
BOWEN, Archer, 8                        p.77           98th Reg
BOWEN, Catharine, 30                    p.69           98th Reg
BOWEN, Catherine, 70                    p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Eliza T., 44                     p.70b          98th Reg
BOWEN, Elizabeth, 30                    p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Elizabeth, 9                     p.123B         22nd Reg
BOWEN, Elly, 2                          p.123B         22nd Reg
BOWEN, Henry, 40                        p.70b          98th Reg
BOWEN, Hillery, 40                      p.72           98th Reg
BOWEN, Isaac B., 42                     p.77           98th Reg
BOWEN, Isaiah, 2                        p.77           98th Reg
BOWEN, Jeff, 70                         p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Jinney, 65                       p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, John, 10                         p.77           98th Reg
BOWEN, John J., 40                      p.72           98th Reg
BOWEN, John P, 36                       p.72           98th Reg
BOWEN, Jonathan, 11                     p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Layfayette, 3                    p.77           98th Reg
BOWEN, Levi, 8                          p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Maria, 5                         p.77           98th Reg
BOWEN, Marshall, 14                     p.136b         22nd Reg
BOWEN, Mary, 35                         p.72           98th Reg
BOWEN, Mary A., 7                       p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Massina, 4                       p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Mauel, 70                        p.83           98th Reg
BOWEN, Mssenburg, 2                     p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Nancy, 16                        p.123B         22nd Reg
BOWEN, Oscar, 8                         p.123B         22nd Reg
BOWEN, Parthenia, 10                    p.123B         22nd Reg
BOWEN, Permelia, 10                     p.123B         22nd Reg
BOWEN, Richard, 10                      p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Sarah, 5                         p.123B         22nd Reg
BOWEN, Tabitha, 32                      p.77           98th Reg
BOWEN, Thos., 13                        p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Tiney, 75                        p.72           98th Reg
BOWEN, Wesley, 40                       p.71           98th Reg
BOWEN, Wm., 22                          p.69           98th Reg
BOWERS, Alex., 47                       p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, Arabella, 9                     p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, Elizabeth A., 42                p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, Francis, 15                     p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, Giles, 18                       p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, James, 51                       p.117          22nd Reg
BOWERS, James H., 22                    p.85b          98th Reg
BOWERS, Jane, 11                        p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, John, 2                         p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, Mary, 12                        p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, Paschal H., 39                  p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, Sanford, 17                     p.117          22nd Reg
BOWERS, Sarah, 5                        p.85           98th Reg
BOWERS, Wm:, 45                         p.85           98th Reg
BOYD, A. G., 33                         p.54b          98th Reg
BOYD, Alfred, 38                        p.93           98th Reg
BOYD, Delia, 20                         p.88b          98th Reg
BOYD, Elizabeth, 32                     p.93           98th Reg
BOYD, Elizabeth, 14                     p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Frank, 8                          p.65           98th Reg
BOYD, Howell, 4                         p.65           98th Reg
BOYD, Isabella, 19                      p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Isabella H., 2                    p.65           98th Reg
BOYD, Jno B., 9                         p.93           98th Reg
BOYD, John G, 26                        p.128          22nd Reg
BOYD, Josephine, 12                     p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Lucy, 44                          p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Lucy, 17                          p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Mariah, 11                        p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Martha, 21                        p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Mary, 6                           p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Matilda, 63                       p.88b          98th Reg
BOYD, Mrs. J. H., 28                    p.65           98th Reg
BOYD, Permelia, 24                      p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Richard, 50                       p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Richard, 15                       p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Robert, 8                         p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Robt., 11                         p.65           98th Reg
BOYD, Tabby, 4                          p.130b         22nd Reg
BOYD, Thos. H., 11                      p.93           98th Reg
BOYD, Virginia A., 19                   p.54b          98th Reg
BOYD, Whitfield, 6/12                   p.93           98th Reg
BOYD, William T., 13                    p.93           98th Reg
BOYD, Wm. T., 6                         p.65           98th Reg
BRACEY, Adolphus, 4                     p.56           98th Reg
BRACEY, Altamont, 9                     p.56           98th Reg
BRACEY, Angelina, 35                    p.56           98th Reg
BRACEY, Hugh D., 19                     p.56           98th Reg
BRACEY, Leonidas, 11/12                 p.56           98th Reg
BRACEY, Olivia, 15                      p.56           98th Reg
BRACEY, Paschal, 45                     p.56           98th Reg
BRACEY, Viola, 5                        p.56           98th Reg
BRACEY, Virginia, 12                    p.56           98th Reg
BRACY, Andrew, 17                       p.67b          98th Reg
BRACY, Hugh, 21                         p.126b         22nd Reg
BRACY, Jno., 16                         p.67b          98th Reg
BRACY, Mary, 42                         p.67b          98th Reg
BRACY, Sam l, 1                         p.68           98th Reg
BRACY, Sarah, 9                         p.67b          98th Reg
BRACY, Thomas H., 49                    p.67b          98th Reg
BRACY, Thos., 4                         p.68           98th Reg
BRACY, Winfield, 12                     p.67b          98th Reg
BRACY, Wm., 19                          p.67b          98th Reg
BRACY, Wm: H., 21                       p.82b          98th Reg
BRAGG, Egen, 10                         p.84b          98th Reg
BRAGG, Isaac P., 45                     p.84b          98th Reg
BRAGG, Jno., 4                          p.84b          98th Reg
BRAGG, Laura, 6                         p.84b          98th Reg
BRAGG, Mary, 33                         p.84b          98th Reg
BRAME, Clark, 4                         p.131          22nd Reg
BRAME, David, 25                        p.88b          98th Reg
BRAME, Eliza, 24                        p.88b          98th Reg
BRAME, Eliza, 35                        p.122b         22nd Reg
BRAME, Elizabeth, 47                    p. 95          22nd Reg
BRAME, Elizabeth, 15                    p.122b         22nd Reg
BRAME, Ellen, 20                        p.141          22nd Reg
BRAME, Hannah, 65                       p.141          22nd Reg
BRAME, Harriett, 17                     p.122b         22nd Reg
BRAME, James, 6                         p.130b         22nd Reg
BRAME, John, 50                         p. 95          22nd Reg
BRAME, John, 12                         p. 95          22nd Reg
BRAME, John, 35                         p.121b         22nd Reg
BRAME, John, 2                          p.131          22nd Reg
BRAME, John L, 40                       p.123          22nd Reg
BRAME, Joseph, 74                       p.141          22nd Reg
BRAME, Louisa, 30                       p.130b         22nd Reg
BRAME, Lucy, 33                         p.121b         22nd Reg
BRAME, Lucy S., 50                      p.88b          98th Reg
BRAME, Martha, 22                       p.88b          98th Reg
BRAME, Martha, 60                       p.125b         22nd Reg
BRAME, Mary, 21                         p.88b          98th Reg
BRAME, Nancy, 17                        p.120b         22nd Reg
BRAME, Peter, 19                        p.88b          98th Reg
BRAME, Robert, 20                       p. 95          22nd Reg
BRAME, Sarah, 14                        p. 95          22nd Reg
BRAME, Thom, 35                         p.130b         22nd Reg
BRAME, Tygnal, 19                       p. 95          22nd Reg
BRAME, William, 75                      p.121b         22nd Reg
BRAME, William, 20                      p.127b         22nd Reg
BRANCH, Susan, 17                       p.113b         22nd Reg
BRANDOM, Archer, 45                     p.128b         22nd Reg
BRANDOM, Enis, 21                       p.117          22nd Reg
BRANDOM, Osco, 28                       p.117          22nd Reg
BRANDOM, Peter, 20                      p.104b         22nd Reg
BRANDOM, Shadrac, 15                    p.104          22nd Reg
BRANDOM, Susan, 18                      p.104b         22nd Reg
BRANDON, Betsey, 60                     p.86           98th Reg
BRANDON, Edward, 17                     p.67b          98th Reg
BRANDON, Eliza, 13                      p.67           98th Reg
BRANDON, George, 10                     p.67           98th Reg
BRANDON, Henry, 8                       p.67           98th Reg
BRANDON, James, 12                      p.64           98th Reg
BRANDON, Louisa, 1                      p.64b          98th Reg
BRANDON, Martha, 7                      p.64b          98th Reg
BRANDON, Martha, 55                     p.67b          98th Reg
BRANDON, Mary, 3                        p.64b          98th Reg
BRANDON, Milly, 5                       p.64b          98th Reg
BRANDON, Mineford, 15                   p.67           98th Reg
BRANDON, Mineford, 40                   p.67b          98th Reg
BRANDON, Ned, 75                        p.86           98th Reg
BRANDON, Peggy, 34                      p.64           98th Reg
BRANDON, Penelope, 30                   p.67           98th Reg
BRANDON, Polly, 37                      p.64           98th Reg
BRANDON, Sally, 25                      p.67           98th Reg
BRANDON, Tempe, 27                      p.67           98th Reg
BRANDON, Tom, 43                        p.64           98th Reg
BRANDON, Tom, 9                         p.64b          98th Reg
BRANDON, Watkins, 35                    p.64           98th Reg
BRANDON, Wilkins, 6                     p.67           98th Reg
BRANDON, Wyatt, 32                      p.66b          98th Reg
BRAQG, Manus, 8                         p.84b          98th Reg
BREWER, Cornelius, 16                   p.122b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Edward, 11                      p.115b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Edward, 5                       p.115b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Edward B., 55                   p.122b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Elizabeth, 24                   p.122b         22nd Reg
BREWER, John W, 30                      p.115b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Lauretta, 9                     p.115b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Martha, 10                      p.115b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Nancy, 28                       p.115b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Robert, 3                       p.115b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Silas, 22                       p.122b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Thaunton, 8                     p.115b         22nd Reg
BREWER, Wiley, 5                        p.115b         22nd Reg
BRIDLE, Charles, 39                     p.95b          22nd Reg
BRIDLE, Francis, 16                     p.95b          22nd Reg
BRIDLE, Labeala, 18                     p.95b          22nd Reg
BRIDLE, Lucy, 3                         p.95b          22nd Reg
BRIDLE, Mariah, 5                       p.95b          22nd Reg
BRIDLE, Martha, 13                      p.95b          22nd Reg
BRIDLE, Mary, 8                         p.95b          22nd Reg
BRIDLE, Susan, 30                       p.95b          22nd Reg
BROOKS, Ann, 14                         p.89           98th Reg
BROOKS, Benjamin, 8                     p.89           98th Reg
BROOKS, Betsey, 9                       p.89           98th Reg
BROOKS, Eliza, 15                       p.58b          98th Reg
BROOKS, Frances, 35                     p.123          22nd Reg
BROOKS, Frances, 19                     p.123          22nd Reg
BROOKS, George, 14                      p.128b         22nd Reg
BROOKS, Geroge, 12                      p.89           98th Reg
BROOKS, John, 7                         p.123          22nd Reg
BROOKS, John R, 20                      p.133b         22nd Reg
BROOKS, John T, 20                      p.98b          22nd Reg
BROOKS, John W, 45                      p.123          22nd Reg
BROOKS, Lila, 7                         p.89           98th Reg
BROOKS, Margarette, 9                   p.123          22nd Reg
BROOKS, Martha, 12                      p.123          22nd Reg
BROOKS, Mary, 10                        p.123          22nd Reg
BROOKS, Peter, 11                       p.89           98th Reg
BROOKS, Sarah A, 37                     p.130          22nd Reg
BROOKS, Thos T., 45                     p.89           98th Reg
BROOKS, William, 17                     p.123          22nd Reg
BROWDER, Frances B, 17                  p.143b         22nd Reg
BROWDER, Martha, 10                     p.143b         22nd Reg
BROWDER, Nancy, 65                      p.97           22nd Reg
BROWDER, Nancy W, 29                    p.97           22nd Reg
BROWDER, Neu, 3                         p.143b         22nd Reg
BROWDER, Quincy, 9                      p.143b         22nd Reg
BROWDER, Thomas, 22                     p.97           22nd Reg
BROWDER, Thomas, 7                      p.143b         22nd Reg
BROWDER, William, 70                    p.97           22nd Reg
BROWN, Betsey, 20                       p.56           98th Reg
BROWN, Burwell, 72                      p.93b          98th Reg
BROWN, Cephas, 38                       p.56           98th Reg
BROWN, Jno. J., 32                      p.83b          98th Reg
BROWN, John, 6                          p.56           98th Reg
BROWN, Lavinia, 10                      p.83b          98th Reg
BROWN, Mary, 4                          p.56           98th Reg
BROWN, Mary, 65                         p.94           98th Reg
BROWN, Sarah A., 30                     p.83b          98th Reg
BROWN, Virginia, 2                      p.56           98th Reg
BRUCE, Virginia, 40                     p.119b         22nd Reg
BRUMMELL, Lucy, 25                      p.129b         22nd Reg
BRUMMELL, Robert, 68                    p.119b         22nd Reg
BRUMMELL, Sally, 35                     p.123          22nd Reg
BRYSON, Robt., 30                       p.93           98th Reg
BUCHETT, Ann, 26                        p.145b         22nd Reg
BUCHETT, James P, 32                    p.145b         22nd Reg
BUGG, Amanda, 22                        p.72b          98th Reg
BUGG, Ann C., 47                        p.72           98th Reg
BUGG, David, 17                         p.50           98th Reg
BUGG, Eliza, 45                         p.146b         22nd Reg
BUGG, Frances, 36                       p.127          22nd Reg
BUGG, Henry, 8                          p.146b         22nd Reg
BUGG, Jacob, 35                         p.50           98th Reg
BUGG, James, 22                         p.70           98th Reg
BUGG, James, 1                          p.72b          98th Reg
BUGG, James, 12                         p.127          22nd Reg
BUGG, John, 14                          p.127          22nd Reg
BUGG, John, 12                          p.146b         22nd Reg
BUGG, John J., 54                       p.72           98th Reg
BUGG, Martha, 26                        p.50           98th Reg
BUGG, Mary, 17                          p.50           98th Reg
BUGG, Mary, 10                          p.127          22nd Reg
BUGG, Mary, 10                          p.146b         22nd Reg
BUGG, Mary A., 22                       p.70           98th Reg
BUGG, Rebecca, 58                       p.50           98th Reg
BUGG, Rebecca, 3/12                     p.70           98th Reg
BUGG, Richard D., 33                    p.50           98th Reg
BUGG, Robert, 21                        p.72b          98th Reg
BUGG, Virginia, 2                       p.72b          98th Reg
BUGG, Watkins, 17                       p.72b          98th Reg
BUGG, William, 16                       p.127          22nd Reg
BUGG, William, 15                       p.146b         22nd Reg
BUGG, William S., 27                    p.72b          98th Reg
BUGG, Wm., 2                            p.70           98th Reg
BURNETT, Ann E., 19                     p.49           98th Reg
BURNETT, Ewin H., 17                    p.49           98th Reg
BURNETT, Harriett, 8                    p.49b          98th Reg
BURNETT, Harriett, 45                   p.49b          98th Reg
BURNETT, Henry, 14                      p.49           98th Reg
BURNETT,, 25                    p.66           98th Reg
BURNETT, Joseph, 2                      p.49b          98th Reg
BURNETT, Lillia, 13                     p.49b          98th Reg
BURNETT, Louisa, 22                     p.66           98th Reg
BURNETT, Mark, 46                       p.49           98th Reg
BURNETT, Mary, 49                       p.66           98th Reg
BURNETT, Mary, 7                        p.66           98th Reg
BURNETT, Pleasant, 65                   p.64b          98th Reg
BURNETT, Robert, 1                      p.49b          98th Reg
BURNETT, Sarah, 55                      p.49b          98th Reg
BURNETT, Sophia, 40                     p.49           98th Reg
BURNETT, Susan, 21                      p.49           98th Reg
BURNETT, Thomas, 6                      p.49b          98th Reg
BURNETT, William, 48                    p.64b          98th Reg
BURTON, Allen, 48                       p.119          22nd Reg
BURTON, Ann, 15                         p.142          22nd Reg
BURTON, Baulgoodridge, 13               p.115          22nd Reg
BURTON, Charles, 9                      p.119          22nd Reg
BURTON, George, 3                       p.119          22nd Reg
BURTON, Giles, 6                        p.115          22nd Reg
BURTON, Henry, 9                        p.142          22nd Reg
BURTON, Hillery G, 44                   p.115          22nd Reg
BURTON, Hillory, 11                     p.115          22nd Reg
BURTON, Indiana, 23                     p.142          22nd Reg
BURTON, Isabella, 8                     p.115          22nd Reg
BURTON, John, 8                         p.119          22nd Reg
BURTON, John, 50                        p.129b         22nd Reg
BURTON, Margarett, 23                   p.133          22nd Reg
BURTON, Martha, 6                       p.119          22nd Reg
BURTON, Mary, 44                        p.115          22nd Reg
BURTON, Mary, 7/12                      p.115          22nd Reg
BURTON, Mary, 30                        p.119          22nd Reg
BURTON, Mary, 1                         p.133          22nd Reg
BURTON, Mary H, 50                      p.120b         22nd Reg
BURTON, Peter, 53                       p.142          22nd Reg
BURTON, Petronella, 46                  p.142          22nd Reg
BURTON, Petronella, 1                   p.142          22nd Reg
BURTON, Richard, 6/12                   p.119          22nd Reg
BURTON, Richd, 20                       p.53           98th Reg
BURTON, Robert, 30                      p.133          22nd Reg
BURTON, Sarah, 2                        p.115          22nd Reg
BURTON, Sarah, 11                       p.142          22nd Reg
BURTON, Susan, 12                       p.119          22nd Reg
BURTON, Thompson, 18                    p.142          22nd Reg
BURTON, Virginia, 10                    p.119          22nd Reg
BURTON, William G, 28                   p.142          22nd Reg
BURWELL, Armstead, 8                    p.114b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Benjamin S., 30                p.101          22nd Reg
BURWELL, Charles, 8                     p.114b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Christiana, 7                  p.125          22nd Reg
BURWELL, Frances, 1                     p. 95          22nd Reg
BURWELL, John, 13                       p.114b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, John, 3                        p.125          22nd Reg
BURWELL, John A, 35                     p.114b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, John S.S.R., 36                p.124b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Lizziaanna, 6                  p.114b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Lucy, *                        p.114b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Lucy, 1                        p.114b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Mariah, 13                     p. 95          22nd Reg
BURWELL, Mary, 11                       p. 95          22nd Reg
BURWELL, Parthea, 29                    p.124b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Payton R., 57                  p. 95          22nd Reg
BURWELL, Richard, 8                     p.124b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Sally, 9                       p.124b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Sally E, 65                    p.124b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, Selina, 27                     p. 95          22nd Reg
BURWELL, Thomas, 16                     p.114b         22nd Reg
BURWELL, William A, 23                  p.125          22nd Reg
BUTCHER, Martha, 75                     p.139          22nd Reg
BUTCHER, Ned, 60                        p.54           98th Reg
BUTCHER, Sellar, 35                     p.54           98th Reg
BUTCHER, Winny, 14                      p.54           98th Reg
BUTLER, Armstead, 40                    p.110b         22nd Reg
BUTLER, Francis C, 68                   p.140b         22nd Reg
BUTLER, Francis Sr, 75                  p.110b         22nd Reg
BUTLER, James Y., 29                    p.124          22nd Reg
BUTLER, John, 16                        p.126b         22nd Reg
BUTLER, Joseph, 60                      p.117          22nd Reg
BUTLER, Joseph W, 26                    p.140b         22nd Reg
BUTLER, Leonidas, 10/12                 p.140b         22nd Reg
BUTLER, Martha, 35                      p.101b         22nd Reg
BUTLER, Martha, 21                      p.140b         22nd Reg
BUTT, Thomas B, 28                      p.101          22nd Reg
BUTTERWORTH, Elizabeth, 25              p.71b          98th Reg
BUTTERWORTH, James, 6                   p.71b          98th Reg
BUTTERWORTH, John, 1                    p.71b          98th Reg
BUTTERWORTH, Joseph, 4                  p.71b          98th Reg
BUTTERWORTH, Telemachus, 25             p.71b          98th Reg
BUTTS, Areauna S, 10                    p.119          22nd Reg
BUTTS, Richard E, 5                     p.119          22nd Reg
BUTTS, Virginia L, 22                   p.119          22nd Reg

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