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Section 2  204KB Section 1  166KBSection 3  154KB Section 4  152KB Section 5 166KBSection 6  210KBSection 7  224KBSection 8  253KBSection  9  210KBSection 10  237KBSection  11  240KBSection 12  278KBSection 13  184KBSection 14  181KBSection 15  248KBSection 16  238KB 1870 Map of Mecklenburg County Virginia

Scanned from 1973 issue of The Chase City Progress.
The map has been sectioned for clickable enlargements of the sixteen sections.
All sections are clickable.
JoLee Gregory Spears 12-10-99

Link to an interesting article: Confederate Mapping

See also similar map projects for adjoining Lunenburg County
and for Charlotte County

Names in Section 1 & 2 transcribed by JoLee
Names in Section 3-6 & 8-16 transcribed by Ed Waller
Names in Section 7 transcribed by Kevin Lett

The individual sections will not print out satisfactorily for the purpose of joining them together. Some sections had to be enlarged to make them more readable. You may wish to obtain the clearer 1864 Gilmer map of Mecklenburg from the Virginia Historical Society Museum Shop, Richmond, VA

Index was last updated November 4, 2003

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