South Fork of Meherrin River Washing Run Washing Run Carpenter's Branch Small roads here not visible on this map Mrs. Gale? Hepburn's Mill Smithson Reynolds J. J. Phillips Oliver's Qtrs Mill Grove Br & Fd (good) Mill Grove Br & Fd Saunders Fd Saunders Fd LUNENBURG COUNTY Saunder's Fd Rocky Mill Good Fd

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Updated June 21, 2008

* represents Update, sometimes using the 1864 J.F.Gilmer map for clarification.


Names transcribed by Ed Waller 2-27-00

______, J. R 


Abbeyville Road 
Algood [above St James Ch]*

Archer (that is Archer Smith)
Armistead Cr.(crosses Clarksville Rd)*
Baptist, Mrs. 
Baptist, Mrs. 
Barton, Wm. 
Bethel Ch.(now on E.side #609) 
Bethlehem Ch.(originally on Couch prop.) 
BS (2)
Burton [below New Hope Ch]*

Burton, Mrs. 
Burwell's [road] 
Butcher's Creek Butler cabin cabins (3) Centenary Ch. Chambers qrs. City/Christian's Road Clarksville Road [in part] Coleman Collier*
Daves, Mrs. 
Davis qrs Dedman (2) Dedman's Grocery Dodson Doggett, Mrs. Emory's FD good Evans, Mrs. FD good (3) FN (2) Gillespie Gillespie, L. Goode (3) Goode, E. Goode's Mill Graves (3) Gregory Gregory, A. Gregory, G. Gregory, J.[under Richards fr 1864 map]* Gregory, L.[below G.Gregory]* Gregory, Mrs. Gregory's Store (see below) Hardy's qrs. Harris Hutcheson [above Chambers qrs]* Keen, F. [E.Keen on 1864]* Lawson (2) Love, W. Middle Bluestone Cr. Moody Moody, R. Morton Moseley's Ferry Road New Hope Ch. New Road
Pettus, Mrs. 
Projected Roanoke Valley R.R. Puryear Puryear, T. Raines Rainey* Rainey, L.* Richards [A Richards Cem.
Rt 695 behind Carroll Allen,
Philbeck Crossroads,(2007) Munsey Cem. v. 1,p173. Maybe:36 46 48;78 34 02] Rittenhouse Roberts Roberts, G. [r.of E.Keen on 1864]* Rogers, J. Roth [W.Rolfe 1864 map]* Ryland Sampson (?) Scotis(?) Shop Sint (?) Smith, A. (below Gregory's Store)* If this is correct for Reveille, coordinates should be: 36° 46' 17"N, 78° 29' 28"W Smith, Archer Smith, Dr. Smith, J.(?)[A.Smith on 1864]* Smith, Mrs. Smithson?[below Spain]* Spain Spain (?) Spanish Grove (not at junction of #47, #684 & #609) St. James Ch. Stearns Thomas Tisdale vac. Wagstaff Walker, Mrs. White, Mrs. wi___s Winn, W.[T.Winn on 1864]* Woodpecker Cr.
"Gregory's Store"
Deeds are being studied [2007] to try to place this. It may be near, or the same as, what is known as "Spring Hill." Chase City and Its Environs, p. 70, shows Spring Hill was built by James Alexander Gregory, son of Robert S. Gregory. It served as a U. S. Post Office in the early 1800s. Ms Lillian Ward says the place burned in 1940's while owned by Judge Edward W Hudgins. The house was replaced. She said the Fred Wards bought the place about 1955. The house of Ms. Lillian Ward is about .2 mile from the main house, which is about .4 mile from #49. The entrance at #49 is about 36° 46' 36"N, 78° 29' 57"W (NAD27). The drive-way labeled Spring Hill Road is not the Spring Hill original site, but a Green place built on part of the old tract, per Lillian Ward.  

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