South Fork of Meherrin River Washing Run Washing Run Carpenter's Branch Small roads here not visible on this map Mrs. Gale? Hepburn's Mill Smithson Reynolds J. J. Phillips Oliver's Qtrs Mill Grove Br & Fd (good) Mill Grove Br & Fd Saunders Fd Saunders Fd LUNENBURG COUNTY Saunder's Fd Rocky Mill Good Fd

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Names transcribed by Kevin Lett 3-14-00

Allens Creek 
barn (2)
G. Bing (George Bing - 1870 Census, p. 294) 
     Click for photo of Bing farm submitted by Kevin Lett. W. Bowen br good (bridge across Laytons and/or Let Alone Creek) br good (bridge across Thomsons Creek) bs (2) Buckhorn Creek Buckhorn Road W. Burton (see map #6) cabin (4) cabin (see map #6) cabins (2) Chappell Mrs. Cole (Ann Eliza Beal Cole, widow of Edward Thomas Cole -
1870 Census, p. 288) Coleman Cook Cox Road Crab Creek Crenshaw Cross D. Crowder (David H. Crowder - 1870 Census, p. 294) Mrs. Crowder Mrs. Cumby (Martha Curtis Cumby, widow of Thomas Cumbia
     - 1870 Census, p. 293) M. Dance Davidson Drumwright Dry Creek Easter Church Ebenezer Church El Bethel Church Evans W. Evans fd bad (ford across Laytons Creek) fd good (ford across Allens Creek) fd good (ford across Dry Creek) P. Ferguson (see map #11) fn (2) Mrs. Gale Mrs. Garner Greensboro Gregorys Store J. Gwathney Hatcher B. D. Hatcher Hawkins G. Hays J. Hays (James Hays, Jr. - 1870 Census, p. 292) Hightorn J. Holmes Mrs. Holmes (Susan F. Holmes - 1870 Census, p. 294) Hutcheson (2)


H. Johnson 
Mrs. Johnson 
T. Jones 
J. R. or J. B. Lane 
Laytons Creek 
Mrs. Leaker 
Let Alone Creek 
Dr. Lett (Dr. Peter Edward Lett - 1870 Census, p. 293) 
     Click for photo of Lett farm, submitted by Kevin Lett. J. Lett (Jane C. Lett, nee Lett, widow of Joseph A. Lett, Sr.
     - 1870 Census, p. 294) Long Branch J. Macasey Miles Creek (see map #8) Miller Minge Moss C. Nanny C. Ogborn Dr. Oliver E. Patillo J. Powell H. Puryear P. Puryear qrs (2) B. Ramey Mrs. Reace Ryland (see map #6) Saffolds Road B. Sally Sculthorp sh Sprugens RS (cannot determine) J. Simmons W. Simmons B. Smith J. Stone Stony Cross Stony Cross Road store Tabbs Road tannery Thomas Thomson Thomson (in the dark portion, verified by the 1864 Gilmer map) Thomsons Creek G. Tower (I think this should be Bowers) Tunstall Union Level vac (2) J. Walker S. Wells Whitermore (in the dark portion, verified by the 1864 Gilmer map) Winn Zion Chur nbsp;

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