Glover - Kidd Information

Submitted by Julie Cabitto

Census info:

1850 Gibson Co., TN, Curi Dist. 17, roll 302



Dwell. #





Value-real estate




G. F. Glover
















Dorkie (Tabitha)















Births according to census:

GF: born 1816 (Granderson F. Glover)

Clarkey: 1825 (Granderson’s first wife)

Dorkie: 1842

Tennessee: 1848


Clarkey, Granderson’s first wife died abt 1853, according to family letters. Granderson then married Arimenta in NC, just across the lake from Mecklenburg, VA, and settled in Mecklenburg, VA. Here he is on the next census, with his name wrong, but we know it’s him.


1860 Census: Mecklenburg, VA 98th Regiment Tanner’s Store 28 June



Dwell. #





Value-real estate




George G. Glover








Arimenta Glover














































Births according to census:

George G.: 1816: Should say Granderson Glover

Arimenta: 1832

Mary: 1855

Richard: 1857

Oliver: 1858

Tabitha: 1844

Tennessee: 1848


Julie’s Timeline for Arimenta Kidd

Notes compiled by Julie Cabitto and Anne Kleinman:

(1817-An Arimenta H. Kidd Born 17 Apr 1817 married Major Nathaniel M. Thornton)

1822                        Edward Kidd, Arimenta’s brother is born

Abt 1832                Arimenta born (according to 1860 Census (Meckl.)  Abt 1836 according to marr. bond

22 June 1854          Arimenta Kidd married Granderson F. Glover in Warren Co., NC

record #: 01 090

bondsman:NM Thornton

bond# 000160863

Performed by RB Robinson, Justice of the Peace

1855                                    child Mary is born

1856                                    child Richard is born

1858                        child Oliver is born

1860                                    On 1860 Census with Granderson (or George), her 3 children and Tennessee, and Tabitha in Mecklenburg

1 Aug 1861                 Granderson F. Glover enlists in Knoxville TN, CO A, 4th Battalion, Branners Calvary

1861                           Arimenta’s brother Edward R. Kidd enlists in war:

Kidd, Edward R.: enlisted 6/22/61 Co. B; Mecklenburg; on Richmond hospital roll 8/31/62 and 10/13/62; furloughed 10/20/62; furloughed 10/20/63 through 11/19/63; furloughed 1/1/64 - 4/30/64; admitted to Chimbarazo 6/17/64, age 41 with gunshot wound of right foot received 6/16/64. Furloughed 30 days 6/22/64; farmer.

Feb 1862                Granderson still present and with one horse on muster rolls.

Jun 1862                Aramintha D. (Kidd) Glover gets money from John B. Kidd (her father) see marr. Rec.)

Oct 1862                Aramintha D. (Kidd) Glover gets money from John B. Kidd (her father) see marr. Rec.)


                                (From Anne) also: Parks Bible

31 Mar 1864           Tabitha Dorkie Glover (Arimenta’s stepdaughter and Tennessee Jordan Glover’s only sibling) marries Edward Kidd in Mecklenburg. (Arimenta’s brother) (Further explanation: Arimenta’s stepdaughter becomes her sister-in-law) Edward did serve in the war:

Feb 1862- 1866      Granderson dies. In war? Listed on two daughters’ marr. Certificates as their father, but alive? Mar. bonds just say: “name of father” mother is left blank for both girls.

5 Apr 1866             Tennessee Jordan Glover marries Alvy Newton Dortch in Mecklenburg

20 Jun 1866            Arimenta marries R. R. Caroll and is listed as a widow

1868             Arimenta and Robert Caroll have 1st child listed on 1880 Census: Pete Caroll born 1868.

1871             Arimenta’s child: William W. Caroll born 1871

1875             child: Thomas Caroll born 1875

1880             On Mecklenburg Co., VA Census in South Hill. Lives in between sisters Rebecca Cannon and Mary F. Dugger.



Warren Co., NC

Granderson F. Glover and Arimenta Kidd 22 Jun 1854

Early East TN Mar Vol. 1, Grooms. 976.88V25s Vol-1

G. F. Glover married Emeline Patterson 8/28/1866

(Not ours but watch out so don’t confuse the GF Glovers. He was on 1870 Census in TN with Emeline and their children


Mecklenburg, VA

Reg of Marriage film: 32551 pt 2

Pg 21 line 10

1864: March 31

Edward D. Kidd husband                 age 42 single

Tabitha Glover wife                          age 22 single

Edward place of birth: Mecklenburg Co., VA

                Place of Residence: Mecklenburg Co., VA

Tabitha place of birth: TN

                Place of residence: Mecklenburg, VA

Name of parents:

Edward: John B. and Elizabeth Kidd

Tabitha: Granderson Glover

Person performed the ceremony: Thomas J. Bayler

20 Jun 1866 Mecklenburg, Co., VA

full name: R. R. Caroll and Arimenta D. Glover

groom age: 30

bride age: 30

condition of groom: single

condition of bride: widow

place of birth:

groom: Brunswick Co., VA

bride: Mecklenburg, VA

resident of:

groom: Brunswick Co., VA

bride: Mecklenburg, VA

grooms parents: William J. and Rebecca Carroll

wife’s parents: John and Betsy Kidd

occupation of groom: farmer

married at the residence of William Gray!

Cannon and Darnel Glover 30 Oct 1798

Arimenta’s family

Main sources are John B. Kidd’s will and the Kidd family Bible

John B. Kidd was born 26 Feb 1794 and died Sep/Oct 1862. )Will written in Sep-probated in October)

John married Elizabeth “Betsy” M. Rainey in Mecklenburg, VA 16 Feb 1818. Elizabeth was born 15 May 1794 in Mecklenburg, VA. She died about 1865. She is the daughter of  William Rainey Sr. (2 Nov 1760- before 19 Apr 1847 Mecklenburg, VA) and Edith Wright Morgan (born: 1763 Brunswick Co., VA)

John and Elizabeth’s children were:

1.        Rebecca or Rebekah J. Kidd (name spelled one way on will and the other on family Bible). She was born 10 Dec 1818, Mecklenburg, VA. She married Archie Cannon in Mecklenburg, VA.

2.        Julia Ann Kidd was born 12 Mar 1820, and died 9 Dec 1879 in Mecklenburg, VA. She married Robert Messenburg Thomas who was born about 1825 in Mecklenburg, VA. They were married about 1846.

3.        Edward R. Kidd was born 5 Jul 1822 in Mecklenburg, VA. He married Tabitha “Dorkie” Glover, she was born 1842 in Gibson County Tennessee and her family is in the Smith Co., TN early settler’s book. See timeline above for Confederate info. and relationship explanations.

4.        Bartlett M. Kidd was born 5 Jul 1822 and died before 12 Jun 1862 in Mecklenburg, VA. His children and their guardian are mentioned in John B. Kidd’s will.

5.        James L. Kidd was born 11 Aug 1828 and died 31 Mar 1842 in Mecklenburg, VA.

6.        Elizabeth E. Kidd was born 8 Oct 1830 in Mecklenburg, VA, and married Miles Hall who was born 11 Jan 1823 in Mecklenburg, VA. They had 4 children:

i.                     Mary L. Hall   born: 24 Sep 1857

ii.                   Edward J. Hall  born: 25 Aug 1858

iii.                  Cattie Hall born: 21 Jul 1867

iv.                 Ella Hall born: 24 Jul 1874

7.        Arimenta Dorman Kidd was born 14 Aug 1832 in Mecklenburg, VA. She married Granderson F. Glover 22 June 1854. Her husband Granderson Glover was born 30 April 1816 in Smith Co., TN. He died May-Oct 1862. (Date figured out by that he was present on Muster rolls in May of 1862, but not on his father-in-law’s will probated Oct 1862.) Arimenta and Granderson had


i. Mary Glover born 1855 in Mecklenburg, VA

ii. Richard Field Glover 24 Aug 1856 in Mecklenburg, VA

iii. Oliver P. Glover 10 May 1859 in Mecklenburg, VA

iv. Penelope Christine Anne Glover abt 1860 (found on 1880 Census with Arimenta and listed as Robert Caroll’s step-daughter)

v. Unconfirmed: Betty Glover abt 1861

vi. Pete Caroll born 1868. (Arimenta and Robert)

vii. William W. Caroll born 1871 (Arimenta and Robert)

viii. Thomas Caroll born 1875(Arimenta and Robert)

(Note someone just gave me these 2 children as Arimenta’s and Granderson's, by a descendant of Oliver P. Glover. But I’m looking for verification and wonder if they could be Arimenta and R. R. Caroll’s children. Also still looking for R.R. Caroll, as can only find record of him on the marriage record.)

Arimenta married R. R. Caroll 20 Jun 1866, in Mecklenburg, at William Gray’s home. R. R. Caroll was born 1836 in Brunswick Co., VA. Arimenta’s stepdaughter, Tennessee Jordan Glover had a child Theresa India Dortch who married into the Gray family in Mecklenburg. Theresa and after her death her sister Martha Dortch married Alginon Gray.

8.        Mary F. Kidd was born: 19 Jul 1834 in Mecklenburg, VA. She married a Mr. Dugger who died before 12 Jun 1862.

9.        William F. Kidd was born 15 Nov 1836. in Mecklenburg, VA

10.     Allen B. Kidd was born 7 May 1839 in Mecklenburg, VA

11.     Richard J. Kidd was born 13 Jul 1841 in Mecklenburg, VA


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