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Notes of Kent Elam 18 Sep 2000

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Some time back I put this list together for another researcher. I will post
it here and ask JoLee to include it at the new "People of Color" link at
the Mecklenburg County webpage. (Note: This may not be an all inclusive list.)

I descend from John Elam (1806 - 1874) of Mecklenburg co. VA, later of
Iredell co. NC. John had an older brother Daniel of Mecklenburg co. In
Daniel's will (1863), the following slaves are mentioned:

Sonder or (Souder)
Peggy and her child Richard
Fanny and her two children Giles and Emily

The above slaves were left to his wife Elizabeth. In his estate inventory,
the following slaves are mentioned. (I believe that the similiar names from
this list and the above list are the same individuals)

1 boy William
1 boy Henry or Harry
1 man Horace
1 man Armistead
1 man Sonder or (Souder)
1 man Sam
1 boy Giles
1 boy Jimmy
1 girl Emily
1 girl Fanny
1 woman Harriet and 4 children
1 woman Matilda and 3 children
1 woman Catherine and 1 child
1 woman Peggy
1 boy Richard

John Elam had another brother, Andrew G. Elam, also of Mecklenburg co. In
his estate inventory (1843) the following slaves are mentioned:

Fanny and her child George

Andrew's son Thomas R. Elam was killed in the Civil War (1862). In his
estate inventory, his wife Harriet received the following slaves:

1 man George
1 boy Silas
1 woman Fanny

I believe Fanny and George to be from his father Andrew's estate.

If I go back farther. John's father, Peter Elam (1790's), of Mecklenburg
county had at least two slaves by the names of Claiborne and Gilbert.

Peter's father Joel Elam (1790's) had Jeremiah or Jerry and later he had
Abraham, Boldy, Thurmond(?), Lucy, Lott.

Peter's brother Alexander Elam (1790's) had Jane, Jenny, Grace, Bob, Jerry,
Jim, John, Will.

Peter's other brother James Elam (1790's) had Stepney, Jack, Amos, Judy,
Aggy, Hannah, Jude, Phebe, Nan, Philip, Pat, Gilbert, China, Liberty.

It does not seem to me that all of these individuals were owned at the same
time. These names were gleaned by me from the personal property tax lists
from Mecklenburg co. that covered many tax years.

In Mecklenburg county from 1797 to 1799 was a Barkley Elam (he later moved
to Halifax co.). He had the following slaves, Harry, Crit, Amy and Mick.

There was an older John Elam whom I believe to be from Charlotte co. who
lived in Mecklenburg co. from about 1801 to around 1830 (when he moved back
to Charlotte co.). It is possible that he may be a cousin to the above
Elams in my line. He owned the following slaves, Jack, Candice, Mary,
Moriah, Jenny, Bob.

I hope this helps someone.

Kent Elam

All rights reserved. JoLee Spears 6 Sep 2000

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