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8 September 2000

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    Your submissions are welcomed - any Mecklenburg County records you have gathered in your research.

    They do not have to be of your own family. The tad of info you submit may be the very thing that will match with another's info. "What goes around, comes around"!

JoLee Gregory Spears, coordinator

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December 1, 2014

Records Specific to Mecklenburg County

See Mecklenburg Your Section and Archives for other county records submitted.

Post 1865

Type of Record Record Submitted by Date
Web site African Americans - enslaved and free from Mecklenburg VA
- including African-American Baskerville family from Mecklenburg
- and Wilson, Watkins family from Mecklenburg
Denise Oliver-Velez 28 Feb 2004
Farm Journal Josephus Gregory Farm Journal - SW Lunenburg near Mecklenburg & Charlotte lines JoLee Gregory Spears 30 Aug 2001
Finneywood School (possibly)      

Pre 1865

Type of Record Record Names in Alphabetical Order Records of: Date
Article Nash Family This article includes names of Negroes in the estate and will of William Naish 1796/1797. There is a follow-up of censuses and records in Mecklenburg and of some of the family as they settled in Ohio. Gerald Morgan 30 Dec 2008
Book The Harness Makers
1787 - Aggy, Annaca, Barbara, Bob, Ceter, Chany, Chole, Daphany, Dick 2, Gabriel, Hampton, Jane, Jenny, Jim, Judy ,Kate, Kizy, Lucy 2, Nan, Nancy, Nanny, Nate, Ned 2, Pat, Peter, Phib, Pompy, Pren, Sal, Sam, Sary, Silvy, Tom and Will.

1806 - Aggy, Archer, Beck, Cate, Celia, Conner, Geb, Hampton, Jenny, Kizie, Lucy, Mary, Nan, Ned 2, Nelson, Peter, Pren, Ritter, Thurs and Will.

1788 - Crowder Slaves who were taken across the state line into Rockingham, County by Bartholomew Crowder #2 were: Charles, Fillis 2, Grace, Frank, Willey, Sal, Dick 2, Hampton, and Hannah. This land lay over the State line but the slaves were registered in NC.
Patricia Crowder-Yaw 16 Aug 2003
Family Records new Mark Alexander Family Gives births and deaths of numerous slaves Kim
May 2014
Family Record Lambert Family Eton Lambert and his wife Angeline Monica Thomas Mar 2010
Family Record Smith Family Charles and Milly Smith Monica Thomas Mar 2010 update
Family Record Sturdivant Family Luke and Mary Sturdivant Monica Thomas Mar 2010 update
Bible Bible of Bryant Lester Charity; Freeman; Garg; Greenhall; Louis; Lucinda; Marg; Molly; Viny Harry Johnson 21 Mar 2001
Bible William T. Z. Finch Bible Record at LVA : Link invalid 30-mar-08 Slaves named in bible of William T. Z. Finch, Mecklenburg Co., VA:
Catherine d/o Dicy; David; Dicy; Emily d/o Frankey; Frankey; Hannah d/o Franky; Henry; Jerry; Lizzie; Lovelace; Lovelace s/o Nancy; Lucy Ann d/o Dicy; Martha Lewis; Mary Agnes; Nancy; Randolph; Richard s/o Nancy; Shadrack s/o Dicy; Shedrach; Others 2nd page hard to read
Abstracted by JoLee Spears 17 Mar 2001
Will & Inv. of Slaves Pleasant Burnett 1852/1858

Male Inv. of Slaves: Big Peter $1200 Minerva $1000; John 1050; Lucy 1000; Ralph (Ross?); 900 Emily 1000; Gilbert 1000; Prudence 800; Isaac 1100; Martha Jane 900; Robert 1000; Mary Jane 950;Granderson 1100; Necy 750; Orange 850; Clarisy 850;
Jordan 850; Angelina 450; Harkles (Hercules?); 450 Linda 350; George 200; Pheba Ann (Phoebe) 750; David 200; Eliza child 250; Rivers 600; Jinny 450; Douglas 500; Sylva 100; Little Dave 350; Lucinda 100; James 150; Little Peter 850; Henry 400; Old man Tom 000; Little John 200

Submitted by Deborah Clark 01 Dec-2014
Will Swepson Jeffries 1803 Note: See the will, a number of these were to be later free.
man Billy; Cain; Carey? and her children; Chloe; girl Fanny; woman Jain; Lewis; Lilla; Lott; Lyyda; girl Mille; Mima; girl Sally; Sina woman Tiller; Tom and his wife Juno; Waguse?; child that Tiller is now pregnant with.
Kathy Awbrey 10 Oct 2000
Will John Jeffries 1792 Annica; Charles; Cloe; Dashey; Dick; Frank; George; Harry; Isaac; Jack/Jock; Jane; Judy; Letty; Marie; Moll; Sarah; Tom; Waggoner; York? Kathy Awbrey 10 Oct 2000
Est. Inventory Andrew G. Elam 1843 Fanny and her child George Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Notes Alexander Elam 1790's Bob; Grace; Jane; Jenny; Jerry; Jim; John; Will Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Notes Barkley Elam moved to Halifax Amy; Crit; Harry; Mick Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Will Daniel Elam 1863 Armistead; Fanny and her two children Giles and Emily; Horrace; Peggy and her child Richard; Sam; Sonder or Souder Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Est. Inventory Daniel Elam 1863 man Armistead; woman Catherine and 1 child; girl Emily; girl Fanny; boy Giles; woman Harriet and 4 children; boy Henry or Harry; man Horace; boy Jimmy; woman Matilda and 3 children; woman Peggy; boy Richard; man Sam; man Sonder or Souder; boy William Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Notes James Elam 1790's Aggy; Amos; China; Gilbert; Hannah; Jack; Jude; Judy; Liberty; Nan; Pat; Phebe; Philip; Stepney Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Notes Joel Elam 1790's Jeremiah or Jerry; and later: Abraham; Boldy; Lott; Lucy; Thurmond(?) Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Notes John Elam Bob; Candice; Jack; Jenny; Mary; Moriah Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Notes Peter Elam 1790's Claiborne; Gilbert Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Inventory Reps J. Elam 1847 Agness, America, Anabelle, Cuffe, Cumby, Daniel, Dick, Fanny, Guilford, Harrison, Haniberstron, Isaac, John,, Henry, Loveless, Margaret, Martha, Matilda, Mumford, Nancy, Patrick, Peggy, Prudence, Sally, Thursey, William Alice Ellingsberg 26 Dec 2000
Est. Inventory Thomas R. Elam 1862 woman Fanny; man George; boy Silas Kent Elam, Jr. 18 Sep 2000
Will Lester, Bryan 1856/58 Aaron; Anderson; Carey; Green; Milly JoLee Gregory Spears 8 Sep 2000

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