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Alexander Elam, son of Joel Elam of Mecklenburg County, is believed to

have been born in Lunenburg County (later Mecklenburg County) VA in 1762.

He married Janey Norment March 17, 1785. The marriage bond, dated March

14, 1785, lists Thomas Norment as Surety. (Page 43, "Marriage Records

1765-1810 Mecklenburg County Virginia," Collected and Compiled by

Katherine B. Elliott, South Hill, VA, privately printed, 1963)  Janey

Norment, believed to have been born in  1764, was the daughter of William

and Mary Norment. (Will of Mary Norment, Mecklenburg County Will Book 9,

Page 448)  The  following are believed to be the names and possible birth

dates of the children of Alexander and Janey Norment ElamMary

Richardson, ca. 1786;  William B., ca. 1788;  Elizabeth, ca. 1789;

Chandler Norment, ca. 1790;  Charlotte, ca. 1794; Joel E., ca. 1795;

Abner, ca. 1796; Alexander, Jr, ca. 1797; and Thomas, ca. 1798.

Alexander Elam died before April 10, 1800, the date his estate appraisal

was returned, listing Jane Elam, Executor. (Mecklenburg County Will Book

4, Page 180)  The estate was sold by William Baskerville, Sheriff, on

November 12, 1813. Purchasers included Joel Elam, James Barnes, Thomas

Norment and William Richards.(Mecklenburg County Will Book 8, Page 63)

The final accounting, Jane Elam, Administrator, was completed November

18, 1813 and filed October 17, 1814. (Mecklenburg County Will Book 8,

Page 82)

It is not known why Alexander Elam, married in 1785, deeded his estate to

his brother, Edward in 1789.  In the "Virginia Genealogist," Volume 20,

page 206, Alexander Elam's name appears on a "List of Insolvents, 1788,

Mecklenburg County," which list states that his property consists of "one

negro, Charlotte County."

Deed Book 6, Page 49, Charlotte County, Virginia

Elam From Elam

"Know all men by these presents that I. Alexander Elam of the County of

Mecklenburg for divers good Causes and Considerations me thereunto

moving, but more Especially for the love and affection which I have & do

bare toward my Brother Edward Elam of the County of Charlotte, hath

given, and granted and by these presents doth give, grant and Confirm to

him the said Edward Elam and to his heirs and assigns forever, all my

Estate whereof I am now posses'd Consisting of the following Articles To

wit, one Negroe Man cald and known by the name of Bob, also one Feather

Bed & Furniture, one Brass kettle, one Iron pot rack, and Sundry ____,

one Iron pot, one brass Skimmer, also Sundry other small & _____ Articles

not necessary here to Innumerate, all which said Goods and Chattels as

above describ'd I give & confirm to him the said Edward Elam and to his

heirs & assigns for ever, and the same I do hereby Warrant and forever

defend against the Claim and Demand of all and every person & persons

Whatsoever. In Witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and Seal this

28th day of February 1789.

Alexander ( x his mark) Elam S.S.

Witness Mack Goode, Ja. Watkins, Martin Elam, Brackett Barnes, John Elam

At a Court held for Charlotte County the 6th day of April 1789 This Deed

of Gift was proved in Court by the Oath of Mack Goode, James Watkins and

John Elam, to be the act and Deed of the said Alexander Elam and Ordered

to be Recorded.

Teste Thomas Read, CC

Truly Recorded Thomas Read, CC"

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Following document is filed in the Revolutionary War Land Bounty Records of the Virginia State Library and Archives, Richmond, VA

To His Excellency the Governor of Virginia -

The memorial of William Elam of Fayette County and State of Illinois one of the heirs at law of Alexander Elam deceased respectfully represents That Alexander Elam the ancestor of your memorialist was a soldier of the Revolution and served as such in the manner and during the time stated in the annexed affidavit of Edward Elam the brother of the deceased and uncle of your memorialist.  Your memorialist is unable to enter into detail as to the service of said Alexander Elam as the said Alexander died when your memorialist was quite young.  Your memorialist will recollect to have heard said Alexander (your memorialists father) speak of his service in the Revolutionary War at various times and recount various scenes connected with said service but on account of your memorialists tender age at the time he cannot state the particulars as recounted to him by his said father.

And your memorialist would further represent unto your Excellency that he has no documentary evidence by which he can establish the service of his said father, the time he entered the service, the length of time he served or the mode and manner of his discharge & that no such documentary is now in existence within the knowledge of your memorialist. your memorialist would therefore in consideration of the premises pray your Excellency to grant to him such relief as by the laws of Virginia is awarded in like cases and your memorialist as in duty bound &c.

Wm. Elam

State of Illinois, Fayette County [?Sct]

William Elam of the County and State aforesaid being duly sworn says that the facts set forth in the foregoing memorial and annexed affidavit are true according to this deponents best knowledge and belief.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the Circuit Court of said County this 22nd day of April A.D. 1837.

Jas. W. Berry, Clk.


Reference"Virginia Soldiers of 1776, Compiled from Documents on File in the Virginia Land Office, Together with Material found in the Archives Department of the Virginia State Library, and other Reliable Sources," Compiled and Edited by Louis A. Burgess, Volume I, Richmond Press, Inc., Richmond, Va. 1927. Reprinted1973 The Reprint Company, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Page 182

Alexander Elam, Private.

Exec. Dept. Apl. 14, 1838.  The heirs of Alex Elam are allowed L. B. for his services as a private in the State Line for three years. David Campbell, Gov.

Warrant 8723 for 100 acres issued to William Elam, Mary Richardson Grigg, Elizabeth, Joel, and Alexander Elam, Jr. and Thomas Elam, heirs at law of Alexander Elam, dec'd. Recorded Book 3, p. 474, Va. L. Off.

At a county Commissioner's court held for the Town of Vandalia, Fayette Co. 3 June, 1839, satisfactory proof was evinced that William Elam, Mary Richardson Elam (now Grigg), Eizabeth Elam, Joel, Alexander, Jr., and Thomas Elam are the legal heirs of Alexander Elam, dec'd.; that the said Alex. Elam died sometime within the year 1799, in Mecklenburg Co., Va. and was a Rev. soldier. Certified by James Berry, Clerk of court, Vandalia.

Mecklenburg Co. Va.  Certified that there is no record of will of Alex Elam in this office.  Teste, Richard Baptist, Clerk. The above mentioned heirs, residents of Bond and Fayette Counties, Ill. appointed Robert Nicholas of Richmond, Va. their Attorney. June 1st, 1839.

Exec. Dept. Apl. 14, 1838.  The heirs of Alexander Elam are allowed L.B. for his services as a Soldier in the State line. David Campbell, Gov.

Warrant 8723 for 100 acres issued 13 Sept., 1839. Recorded Book 3, page 473.