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Benford (Binford) Family Bible

Submitted by Linda Lawson May 18, 2005

Purchased a Bible at a local auction in Mecklenburg Co., VA

Publish Date of Bible 1856

Includes Apocrypha between Old and New Testaments

Information found between Testaments

Edwin Benford and Martha Drumwright were united in wedlock March 2, 18-5
[**Believe the following 2 statements to be in reference to Edwin and Martha]
(And departed this life De. 4th 1884)
(And departed this life May 7th, 1871)
Thomas W. Walker and Indianna V. Benford were united in wedlock august 20, 1854
William H. Copley and Lucy A. Benford were united in wedlock December 18, 1856
William O. Andrews and Mary L. Binford were united in wedlock the 14th of December 1859

PAGE 2  
Edwin Benford was born February 1, 1812 And departed this life De. 4th 1884

Martha Benford wife of Edwin Binford
             was born November 25, 1812

And departed this life May 7, 1871
Edwin Benford was born November 25, 1812    
Lucy A. Benford was born November 27, 1835 And departed this life March 7, 1910
William R. Benford was born December 27, 1836 And departed this life Sept. 5, 1841
Indiannia V. Benford was born March 11, 1838 And departed this life 28th October 1892
Mary L. Benford was born August 25, 1839  And departed this life August 15, 1917
Rowlin (?) G. B. Benford was born March 11, 1841 And was killed n the battle at Fredericksburg the 13th of December 1862
Mildred Benford was born December 20, 1842  
Martha I. Benford was born October 20, 1844  
Gregory C. Benford was born August 28, 1846 And departed this life December 18, 1920
Thomas E. Benford was born December 10, 1848 And departed this life April 16, 1878
James A. M. Benford was born March 18, 1851  
Antentius A. Benford was born June 16, 1853 And departed this life January 18th 1806
PAGE 3:  
A.W. Hutcheson was born Dec. 10, 1813  
Martha J. Phillips born Aug. 8, 1814  
A.W. Hutcheson died March 30th 1891  
Martha J. Hutcheson died June 13, 1901  
The above persons were married Dec. 13, 1838  
PAGE 4:  
Lavinia I. Binford wife of H. A. Binford was born Dc. 17, 1851  
H. A. Binford was born June 16th 1853 And departed this life Jan. 18th, 1906
And was united in holy wedlock January 31st 1875  
Herbert B. Binford was born June 25, 1876  
Dwight L. Binford was born Dc. 9th, 1877  
Lona P. Binford was born August the 29th, 18  
Tommie E. Binford was born August the 21st, 1881  
Irean H. Binford was born September the 3ed, 1882  
Lawrance Authniel (?) Binford was born Feb 21st, 1885 And departed this life Sep 11th, 1888
Julian P. Binford was born July 13th, 1888