Bing Family Bible Record

Submitted 9 Jan 2000 by Carolyn Davis
Friday, November 12, 1999

Transcription of the Bing Family Bible taken on November 11,1999 at the home of Charles E. 
Bing,owner of the above Bible.

Beginning page:

Holy Matrimony celebrated between 
William G. Bing of Mecklenburg County and Eliz.C.Thompson of Mecklenburg County
18 of June 1867 at 3 PM.
The Rev.Ira D. Crenshaw officiating.
Witnesses-Samuel H. Eubank and Julia F. Sculthorpe
(no place for the event given)

Next Pages:

Married 26 February 1896 Miss A.V. Bing and T.H.Sneed by Rev.W.B.Haslip

Married Miss M.G.Drumright and O.D.Bing 26 October by Rev.W.B.Haslip

Married John Hilliard Bing and Mary Elizabeth Dunn Curtis 4 February 1904 at Zion Parsonage 
by Rev.----------.

George Bing,son of W.G. Bing and E.C.Bing born March 17,1868

Orlando D.Bing,son of the same ,born September 17,1870

William C. Bing,son of the same,born June 27,1872

Alta V. Bing,daughter of the same,born April 26,1875

Johnnie H. Bing,son of the same,born February 22,1878

Lelia V. Bing,daughter of the same;born August 18,1880

James E.Bing,son of the same,born October----,1882

Thomas H. Bing,son of the same,2 September 1884

Henry Ulisis Bing,son of the same,born December 8,1886

Mattie Sue Bing born 10 June 1903-died 16 August.Little daughter of Orlando and Sue Bing.

George Bing died 3 August 1884 in the 79 th year of his age.

George Bing died 30 November 1886

Mrs M.V. Curtis 39 years of age,June 14(no year)

Mrs.A.V. Sneed 22 years of age died August 14(no year)

Sue Velia Sneed died 28 years of age(no year)

Mr.G.D.Bing died 28 years of age(no year)

Mr.Thomas Bing died Janurary 29,1945

Mr.Lander Bing died (Orlando?) died April 24,1947

Mr. Willie C.Bing died June 23,1951

Mr.John H. Bing died June 30,1958

Mr.James E. Bing died July 12,1958

Mrs.Lelia Newman died October 10,1965

Miss Mary Bing,daughter of John H. Bing died November--1979

End of Bible 


On a seperate sheet of stationery was hand written these notations tucked in the Bible.Author unknown 
but a more modern script.

Alto Bing-Apr.26,1875-Aug.14,age 22

John H. Bing-Jan.22,1878-June 30,1958

Lelia V. Bing-Aug.18,1880-Oct.10,1965

James E. Bing-Oct.7-1882-July 4,1958

Thomas H. Bing-Sept.21,1884-Jan.29,1945

Henry Ulisis Bing-Dec.8,1886-Jan.25,1907

Newspaper clippings tucked in Bible:

This was a small clipping that had been cut from the paper and there is no date and nothing to indicate 
the name of the paper.It seemed very old and other un related clippings are from a Boydton newspaper but 
no name of the paper.All the clippings seemed to be of the same age and print.

Died of ASTHMA at the residence of her husband, Chas.A.Curtis,Esq. near Stony Cross last Tuesday 
evening, Mrs. Martha V. Curtis after an illness of many months. The deceased leaves her husband and 
children to mourn her demise and who have the sympathy of the entire community in their heavy 

UNION LEVEL-Janie Bing Robertson,age 84 died Dec.6,1992.Widow of Robert Day Robertson.

Another handwritten note:

George D. Bing born Mar.17,1868 died Nov.30,1886

Orlando Bing born Feb.17,1870 died Apr.24,1947

William C. Bing bornJan.27,1872 died June 23,1951