Davis Family Bible
Submitted 2-17-02 by Carolyn Davis

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William T. Davis and Venovia F. Curtis were united by me in Holy Matrimony at Zachariah Curtis on the 29th December 1864. In the presence of a large crowd.
Signed Heartwell Arnold.


Roberta Emma, born June, the 23.1866.
John Thomas, was born October, the 29,1868.
Harriet Rebecca, born August, the 28.1870.
Jasper Jerome, was born May the 5. 1873.
William Walter, born July, the 17. 1876.
Newton Duvall, was born March The 7.1878.
Illa Ogburn was born March. The 27. 1880.
Zachariah Mackdonnell, born Dec. the 9.1881.
Fannie Alomer was born Oct. the 9. 1883.
Erncest Cleveland born Dec. the 22. 1885.

Venovia Flotilla, Daughter of Zachariah and Harriet Curtis was born March 19, 1846.
W. T. Davis was born Sept. 18. 1842.


John T. Davis, to Miss Josie Arnold, Sept. the, 28.1887.
Jeff D. Davis & Roberta Emma Davis was married the 8 of Dec 1889.
Davie M. Hatchell & Hattie R. Davis was married July.3th 1892.
Jasper J. Davis & Martha Gordon was married July. 3th 1892.
J. E. Winn & Fannie Alma Davis married Feb., 5th 1902.
Zach. M. Davis & Emma L. Tackett was married Feb. the 26. 1908.
Earnest C. Davis & Lola Nellson. was married DEC 1910.
J. E. Winn & Venovia Davis was married DEC 10th. 1919.
W. T. Davis & Maggie E. Winn. Was married Oct. 7th. 1896.


William Walter, died April. The 11. 1878.
Illa Ogburn, Died August, the 16, 1881.
My Dear Mama,( Venovia F. Davis) Died 8th of June 1892.
Roberta Emma Davis died Feb, 11, 1894.
John Thomas Davis died June 20th, 1897.
Newton Duvall Davis Died Oct. 25th 1908.
My Dear PaPa, William T. Davis Died 9th April 1914.
My Dear Aunt, (Fannie Alma Wynn) died January 10th 1918.
My Dear Husband J. E. Winn Died Dec. 26 1946. age 73 years 6 months.