John C. Phillips Bible

Submitted by David Clark Dorsey



John C. Phillips Bible:                           




John C. Phillips was born 

the 16th day of January 1789 

Sally Ann Phillips his  

wife was born the 9th (7th) day of        

January 1778   


John C. Phillips and his 

wife Married the 6th day of  

June 1816 


William Pettus Phillips 

was born the 11th day of July



Emily Eveline Phillips 

was born the 2nd day of  

August 1819


Elizabeth Harrison

Phillips was born the

15th day of April 1821

Pettus Coleman Phillips

was born the 1st day of July


John Clever Phillips Jr.

was born the 14th day of

October 1825

VA State Library call # 26858,


Martha Henry Phillips
was born the 9th day of
January 1828

Joseph Simmons Phillips
was born the 11 day of May 1830

Sally Ann Phillips
was born the 20th day
of July 1832

Samuel Smith Phillips
was born the 21st of February

Mary Rebecah Phillips
was born the 4th of May



William Pettus

Phillips died the 28th

Day of July 1818 


Joseph Simmons     

Phillips departed    

this life the 9th August 



John Clever Phillips 

was born the 14 of    

October 1825 and died  

the 17 of August 1853    


Samuel Smith Phillips    

was born the 21 of February

1835 and died the 7 of   

September 1861


Sally Ann Phillips  

departed this life 9th of    

June 1864


John C Phillips senr

departed this life     

March 5th 1872                                   




Pettus Phillips sen was
born the 8th day of October


Petus Phillips sen died

the 17th of April 1821

Rebecah Phillips was

Rebecah Phillips died

the 13 day of December 1828

Elizabeth H Phillips
died the 3 day of August


Sally Ann
Phillips Jun died
the 6 day of August

Pettus C Phillips
died the 30 day of

August 1865