Buena Vista

Baskerville home built in the early 1800's

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Buena Vista was built by William R. Baskerville, Jr. in the early 1800's. It stands on Route #637, 7.5 miles SW of South Hill, Virginia. The above present-day photograph is from the collection of June Banks Evans. 2002

See Section 12 of the 1870 Mecklenburg map for location of the house at that time.

Buena Vista late 1800's
Buena Vista late 1800's
Photos left and right were submitted June 2003 by Melody Leckie, gr-granddaughter of John Gordon Baskerville (1849-1938) born at Buena Vista. Go to Baskerville page for enlargement of photos, photo of Mrs. William Baskerville, and Baskerville family crest. Buena Vista abt 1938
Buena Vista about 1938

"Buena Vista" in 1937

Click on above 1937 thumbnail print to go to Buena Vista at the LVA Virginia Historical Inventory Project. The site includes an inventory map and reports of the construction of the house.