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The Baskerville Grange

This is a photograph of the Baskerville Grange, dated 1895. It was taken across the street from the property that is now the Dunn General Store (closed), near the railroad tracks in Baskerville. I have identifications from Dick Dunn, but they are hard to follow so if anyone can help identify some of the group, that would be wonderful. - Leslie Coleman

36 41' 20"N, 78 16' 30"W

Back Row: 

1)John Crute 
2)Charlie Hutcheson
3)Herbert Hutcheson 
4)Conway Hutcheson 
5)Charlie Farrar 
6)Dabney Watson 
7)Paul Tunstall 
8)Charlie Bugg 
9)Willie Hutcheson 
10)Willie Farrar
Third Row
1)Willie Lett 2) 3) 4) 5)Joe Gill 6)Jimmy Simmons 7)Isiac Gill

Second Row: 
1)a Cox boy 2)Dennis Winkler 3) 4)

Fourth Row Sitting
1)Watkins Crute 2) 3)Charlie Gordon "5)Charles Curtis 4)Hayne Edmonson" 6)Zack Curtis 7) 8) 9)J. W. Edmonson 10)Jim Cole 11) Mr. Crutchfield 12) Willie Crutchfield 13)John Gill 14)John Lett

Mr. Watkins Crute and wife ran a boarding house in this building and later Sam Land operated a 
store in it.  It served as a meeting place for the "Baskerville Grange."

Later this building burned and Mr. C. R. Dunn bought the land and built the present brick store.