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Ancestral Chart - Gregory and Others
Compiled by:
Mrs. Elizabeth ("Liz")Gregory Inge
Madison Heights, VA 
Submitted 19 Apr 1999
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William Linwood Inge Sr. (husband of Mrs Liz Inge) died Friday, March 7, 2008, 
Roanoke Times/jgs
Andrew Gregory, Sr. (b. ca. 1742) and wife Frances S. Gregory lived and owned 
land in Mecklenburg Co. during the Revolutionary War. In Feb.
1786 he was appointed surveyor of the road', to replace Thomas Pettus. By 1812 he 
owned 1539 acres of land 12 miles west of Boyd Town on
Kittle Creek. In 1819 much of this land had been deeded to his sons. He died in 
June 1822 and left a will recorded in Will Book 9, P. 295,
27 Oct. 1817/15 July 1822. All five sons listed in his will, left wills in 
Mecklenburg Co. Frances S. Gregory died August 26, 1824.
1) Susanna Gregory married Peter Elam, 
son of Joel Elam, Aug. 8, 1795.
2) James Gregory married 1st Mary Montague, Mar. 17, 1790 Granville Co., N. C. 
2nd marriage in Mecklenburg Co. to Sarah Doggett, Oct. 1, 1801.
3) Frances Gregory married William Callis Dec 13, 1790
4) Sarah (Sally) Gregory married Thomas Couch his 2nd wife Nov. 26, 1801 in 
Mecklenburg Co., bondsman Archibald Smith. They resided in Lunenburg Co.
5) Elizabeth Gregory married James Stembridge Dec. 31, 1801
 He was born ca. 1776 and the son of John, Jr. and Florence (Flora) Stembridge.
6) Pheby Gregory married William Moody March 1, 1825
7) Elijah G. Gregory married Nancy Moody, June 8, 1801. She was the daughter of 
Auther Moody, Sr. and Mary Marshall Moody.
8) Thomas Silas Gregory (b. July 8, 1775) married 1st Polly Anne Barnes Nov. 25, 
1813 in Charlotte Co., Va. 2nd marriage to Rebecca S. Doggett Nov. 28, 1827.
9) John S. Gregory married Frances Coleman - no children
10) Robert S. Gregory married Letty Couch Aug. 26, 1809 
11) Silas M. Gregory (b. ca. 1790) 
Children of Andrew Gregory and Frances:
1) Susanna Gregory married Peter Elam Aug. 8, 1795. He was the
son of Joel Elam.
1. Andrew Elam married Matilda Puryear daughter of Thomas B. and Martha (Patsy) 
Harris Puryear.
2. Daniel Elam
3. Frances Elam
4. Phebe Elam
5. Nancy Elam married Benjamine Royster Nov. 19, 1838, Surety, Silas M. Gregory. 
Minister John B. Smith.
6. John Elam
2) James Gregory married 1st Mary Montague (b. ca. 1763 in N. C.) in Granville 
Co., N. C. Mar. 17, 1790, surety Young Montague. She was the
daughter of Latane Montague. She died Aug. 24,, 1800 in Mecklenburg Co., Va. 2nd 
marriage to Sarah Doggett Oct. 1, 1801 in Mecklenburg Co.
James died about 1805. Court records
for Oct. 1813 in Mecklenburg Co. shows that Elijah Gregory was
guardian of Latney Gregory and Sarah Gregory. Daniel S. Gregory
was guardian of Andrew and Polly Gregory orphans of James Gregory
Children by Mary Montague:
1. Latane Montague Gregory (b. Sept. 1, 1793) married Susan S. Jeffries Dec. 16, 
1839' in Mecklenburg Co. Latney was married previously, as
a death notice in the Richmond Enquirer, July 25, 1825 gives notice of the on 
June 30, in Mecklenburg of his son, John Swepson Gregory in
the 2nd year of his age. Mother of the child not named.
2. Andrew Gregory (b. Aug. 12, 1795)
3. Martha (Patsy) Gregory (b. July 10, 1790 in Granville
 Co. N. C.) married Stephen Roberts (b. 1783) Aug. 30,
 1810 in Mecklenburg Co., Va. He was the son of Thomas
 and Johanna Hatchell Roberts, Jr. She died ca. 1845
 and he died ca. June 1852 and are buried in Hardin Co.
 (1) Mary A. Roberts (b. 1811) in Mecklenburg Co. m.
 James Russell
 (2) Elizabeth G. Roberts (b. Mar. 8, 1813) in Meck.
 Co. Married Enoch Hiram Autry. Died Feb. 26, 1884
 in Alcorn Co., Miss.
 (3) Richard Henry Roberts (b. Apr. 21, 1815) in Meck.
 Co. married Judieth E. Thompson Dec. 14, 1837 in Hardin
 Co. Tenn. Died March 4, 1874 in Counce, Hardin Co. Tenn
 (4) James Thomas Roberts (b. Mar. 29, 1817) in Meck. Co.
 Married Sarah Emaline Canfield Sept. 20, 1840 in Tish
 Co., Ms. Died Nov. 24, 1851 in Counce, Hardin Co., Tenn
 (5) Martha L. Roberts (b. Aug. 7, 1851) in Meck Co.
 Married William R. Barnett. She died Nov. 22, 1851 in
 Hardin Co., Tenn.
 (6) David Alexander Roberts (b. 1821) in Mecklenburg Co.
 Married Susan E. Stubblefield and he died April 6, 1862
 in Battle of Shiloh, Hardin Co. Tenn
4. Frances Gregory (b. July 14, 1792) married Jesse Barnett
She died before 1850 in Hardin Co. Tenn.
5. Sarah (Sally) Gregory (b. Jan. 29, 1798) in Lunenburg Co
Married Major Robertson Dec. 21. 1818 in Mecklenburg Co.
She died Jan. 1850 in Hardin Co. Tenn.
6. Polly Young (Mary Young) Gregory (b. Aug. 24, 1800) in
Lunenburg Co. and Joseph Norwood May 28, 1840 in Meck.
 Co. She died May 16, 1887 in Mecklenburg Co.
7. Nancy Gregory was the daughter by Sarah Doggett. She
 married Bird L. Dodson Feb. 22, 1826.
3) Frances Gregory married William Callis Dec. 13, 1790. She
died before her father.
1. Daniel Callis
2. Henry Callis
3. Elijah Callis
4. James Callis
5. William Callis
  6. Elizabeth Callis
4) Sarah (Sally) Gregory married Thomas Couch (his 2nd wife)
in Mecklenburg Co. Nov. 26, 1801, bondsman Archibald Smith.
1. Elinor Couch married Christopher Anderson in Lunenburg Co.
Jan. 11, 1830
2. Phebe Couch (b. ca. 1809) married in Lunenburg Co. Dec. 7,
1826 to James McAlister
3. Jane Couch (b. ca. 1811) married William J. Harding and
resided in Lunenburg Co.
4. William Thomas Couch (b. ca. 1813) married in Charlotte Co.
to Lucy A. Watkins, daughter of Thomas Watkins. He died of
consumption Jan. 6, 1868.
5) Elizabeth Gregory married James Stembridge Dec. 31, 1801.
He was born ca. 1776 and the son of John, Jr. and Florence
(Flora) Stembridge.
3. John G. Stembridge was born in 1812 and married Anne W. Royster
Dec. 18, 1837, Minister John B. Smith.
6) Pheby Gregory married William Moody March 1, 1825, Minister,
William Richards; Sur: Silas M. Gregory. He was the son of
Mary Marshall and Arthur Moody, Sr.
1. Martha Ann Moody Married John B. Williams
2. William Marshall Moody
3. Richard Henry Moody
4. Mary E. Moody married Richard 0. Gillispie son of Alexander Gillispie
7) Elijah G. Gregory, born Oct. 20, 1776, married Nancy Moody
(b. Feb. 26, 1778) on June 8, 1801 and was the daughter of Arthur
Moody, Sr. and Mary Marshall Moody. Elijah Gregory died March 5,
1848 and Nancy Moody Gregory died Dec. 19, 1851, they are buried
in a cemetery close to the back of their home. The will of Elijah
Gregory is recorded in Will Book 16, P. 473, March 1848. Six
children were listed in his will.
I along with my Mother, my brother Harold, Howard Gregory, and
wife Linda and their son, Micheal and daughter, Kimberly visited
this home June 1, 1996 and found the graves and the old home
falling apart. We were fascinated with the massive twin chim-
neys. Above the second floor of one chimney, 1801, was imprinted
in the beautiful old hand made brick. That was the year Elijah
and Nancy Gregory were married.  
The basement had a ground level door at one end of the house
which we entered. There was a fireplace on either end of the
basement with a brick floor and several large basement windows.
This had originally been used as the kitchen and dining area. On
the main floor were two large rooms with a large fireplace at the
end of each room. There was an unusual design feature of the
house, in that, each upstairs bedroom had its own circular stair
case from the room below and there was no door between these two
upstairs rooms and a fireplace in only one upstairs room.
There had been a front porch and there was a back porch leading
to a pantry, a kitchen had been added to the first floor and was
built on a rock foundation of about 18 inches thick. We all felt
very sad that our heritage is slowly being lost.
1. Mary A. Gregory
2. Frances S. Gregory married Marshall M. Moore
3. Theba M. Gregory married ______ Moore
4. Eliza Ann Gregory married Asa Moore
5. William Gregory
6. James H. Gregory (b. Sept. 22, 1808) married 1st - Letty C.
Puryear (b. Jan. 20, 1808) Dec. 14, 1832 2nd - Martha A. Puryear
(b. Aug. 25, 1817) Aug. 10, 1844 or 1845 in Granville Co. N. C.
They were the daughters of Thomas B. and Martha (Patsy) Harris Puryear.
James H. Gregory died Dec. 30, 1891. 
Children by 1st wife Letty C. Puryear: 
(1) William Henry Gregory (b. Sept 12, 1833) died Apr. 10,
1920 and buried at Bethel Baptist Church. 
(2) Martha Anne Gregory (b. Sept. 6, 1835) 
(3) Elijah Thomas Gregory (b. June 27, 1839)
died Aug. 3, 1922. On June 1, 1996 we visited his preserved and
remodeled home and was impressed with the beautiful rock chimney
at one end of the house. 
1. Nannie Gregory married James Benjamine Stembridge Aug. 16, 1887, 
and was his 2nd marriage.
1- Silas Wilkie Stembridge (Barshia) (b. Apr.
19, 1894) married Bessie Lee Moore (b. Sept.
21, 1900). He died Aug. 10, 1954 and she
died June 9, 1970 and they are buried at
Bethel Baptist Church.
(1. Robert Stembridge married Frances Trent and lives in Chase City.
(2. Silas L. Stembridge, born in 1928 married Darlene Mull. He was a
retired mechanic and welder for Westinghouse and a Navy veteran of
World War 11. He died Sept. 10, 1994 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery,
Chase City. 
1. Paige Stembridge married Mike Nipper and live
in Chase City. 
2. Victor R. Stembridge and wife Mindy live in Richmond.
(3. Charlie Thomas Stembridge (b. Mar. 3, 1930) married Joyce Bogle.
He died Nov. 18, 1967.
(4. Bryan Stembridge, born in 1937, married Barbara Jones and lives
in Chase City.
(5. Nanilee Stembridge married Haymaker and lives in Richmond
(6. Valarie Stembridge married Rickman and lives in Chase City.
2- Charlie S. (Bud) Stembridge (b. Sept. 28,1890) died June 28, 1973 and is buried at
Bethel Baptist Church.
3- Finnis Baptist Stembridge (b. Mar. 30, 1901)
 married Cora Mae Gregory daughter of John
 Thomas and Fanny Letitia Gregory. He was a
 retired tobacco farmer. He died Mar. 26,
 1996 and is buried at Bethel Baptist Church.
(1. Marion Stembridge (b. 1922) married James Reuben Thorpe,
he died 1975. 
1. Randell S. Thorpe (b. Mar. 22, 1955) He died
Aug. 18, 1979. 
(2. Fines Aubrey (Bobby) Stembridge (b. July 23, 1928)
married Kathryn Amos. 
1. Michael Aubrey Stembridge (b. Feb. 15, 1954)
2. Kathy Dianne Stembridge 
(3. Nancy Stembridge married Alpheus Montgomery
(Nick) Hightower, Sr. He was the owner of Wholesale Parts Inc. in Chase City
and died Sept. 10, 1994 at the age of 67. He is buried at Bethel Baptist Church,
Chase City, Va. 
1. Alpheus Montgomery (Monty) Hightower, Jr. 
(4. Carolyn Stembridge married Jones 
(5. John Walter Stembridge (b. Dec. 17, 1936 married
Rose Marie Powell, no children.
2. Lettie Gregory (b. Feb. 1872) married James Benjamine Stembridge Jan. 11, 
1911. This was his 3rd marriage. She died Dec. 6, 1951 and is
buried at Bethel Baptist Church. He is buried in the Royster-Stembridge Family 
Cemetery on the farm of J. D. Mullins near Bethel Baptist
1- Ethel Stembridge married 1st William Bogle and 2nd to Jerry 
Harrison Seamans. 
(1. Doris Bogle (b. ca. 1933)
married Wade. She died May 3, 1979 and is buried at Woodland Cemetery, Chase 
City, Va. 
(2. Helen M. Bogle (b. Mar. 6, 1941) died Feb. 26,
1946 and is buried at Bluestone Baptist Church Cemetery, Clarksville, Va
(3. Louise Seamans married Williford
(4. Ruth Faye Seamans
(5. Jerry Harrison Seamans, Jr.
(6. Eddie L. Seamans
(7. Phillip L. Seamans
2- Clarence Stembridge (b. Apr. 2, 1914)
 married Elva Stembridge. No Children. He
 is buried at Bethel Baptist Church.
 3. Charlie L. Gregory (b. Jan 21, 1869) married
 Lelia Mustain. He died Mar. 14, 1943. No
(4) Mary Caroline Gregory (b. Mar. 28, 1842) m. Samuel
T. Reynolds Dec. 25, 1862. She died Mar. 19, 1909.
Children by 2nd wife Martha A. Puryear and James H. Gregory: 
(5) James Richard Gregory (b. Feb. 6, 1848) married
Isabella (Belle) S. Brame (b. 1851) daughter of David W. and Lucy Ann Puryear 
Brame, Dec. 24, 1873. He died Dec. 27, 1918. 
1.      Rosa Klem Gregory 
2. Walter T. Gregory (b. Oct. 14, 1874) married Mary Elizabeth 
   Brame (b. June 21, 1885). She died Nov. 18, 1943 and he
   died Feb. 24, 1950. They are buried at Rehobeth United Methodist Church, 
   Boydton, Va. 
1- Ruth Gregory (b. Dec. 5, 1917) married
Henry Wilson Lambert, she died Feb. 8, 1979. He died Jan. 23, 1886 [1986?/jgs]
and is buried at Boydton United Methodist Church.
2- William T. Gregory
(b. Oct. 18, 1902) Died July 17, 1981, unmarried. 
3- Helen Gregory (b. May 4, 
1906) married _____ Hightower, died Oct. 22, 1980 and is buried at
Reboot United Methodist Church. 
4- Lucille Gregory married Leroy D. Coleman 
died Dec. 3, 1981, is buried in Woodland Cemetery, Chase
City, Va. 
(1. Thomas Coleman married Lucille Wilson daughter of Willie 
Lee and Elizabeth Reese Wilson. After his death Lucille
married Pendleton and lives in Lynchburg 
(1) Danny Coleman lives in Raleigh, NC
 1. Elizabeth Coleman
 2. Chuck Coleman
(2. Helen Coleman married _____ Vaughan
5- Lucy Mae Gregory married _____ Thompson
6- Katherine Gregory married _____ Nicholson
7- Westley Garland Gregory, Sr. married (Nita)
Phenita E. Wilson (b. Mar. 12, 1909) and
she died Nov. 5, 1961. He was born in 1910
and he died Aug. 27, 1978. They are buried
at Bethel Baptist Church.
 (1. Wesley Garland Gregory, Jr.
 (2. Rica Gregory married Chavious Hutchins
 She died Apr, 13, 1990.
 (1) Clarence Hutchins
 (2) Lynn Hutchins
 (3) Janice Hutchins married _____ Hawkins
3. W. Edward Gregory son of James Richard and
 Isabella (Belle) Brame Gregory (b. Jan. 22,
 1877) married Katie Lawson Nov. 29, 1899. She
 was born Oct. 22, 1874 and died Apr. 15, 1911.
 He died Feb. 24, 1950 and they are buried at
 New Hope Baptist Church, Skipwith, Va.
 1- Roy Gregory (b. Jan. 14, 1903) married
 Mattie Wilson. He died May 23, 1951 and is
 buried at New Hope Baptist Church.
 (1. Mary Alice Gregory married Welton Jones
 (2. Catherine Gregory married Jake Clarence
 McPeters. He died Oct. 18, 1994 and is
 buried in Woodland Cemetery, Chase City.
 (1) Kent McPeters
 (2) Gary McPeters married Patricia
2- Herbert Gregory (b. Dec. 13, 1906) married
 Emma Lee Harris. He died June 7, 1949 and
 is buried at New Hope Baptist Church.
 (1. Eddie Harris Gregory married and has 2
3- Carrie Gregory (b. Aug. 29, 1909) married
 Clarence Edward Crowder (b. Dec. 11, 1908).
 He died Mar. 2, 1963 and she died July 14,
 1991 and are buried at New Hope Baptist
 (1. Lewis Edward Crowder married Ruby _____
 (1) Linda Crowder Nunn
 (2) Christine Crowder Phillips
1. Brian Arthur Phillips
2. Corie Elizabeth Phillips
4. James David Gregory married Bessie Winkler Sept. 1, 1907.
5. John Francis Gregory (b. 1889) in Mecklenburg Co. was married 3 times. He 
lived in Altavista and retired from the Lane Co. and died
March 17, 1967 at the age of 77. 1st marriage Mary Dunn 2nd marriage Nannie Gray 
3rd Marriage Helen Leigh Chandler 
Children by Mary Dunn:
(1. Grayson Gregory 
(1)        Mason Gregory
(2)        Grayson Gregory
(3)        Shirley Gregory
(4)        John D. Gregory lives in South Hill 
Children by Nannie Gray: 
(1. Kenneth Gregory (b. June 12, 1917) married Earl Jones Feb. 7, 1942 she died Feb. 
      14, 1996. They had no children. 
3rd wife Helen Leigh Chandler (b. Feb. 12, 1889 in Chanticleer, near Finchley, Va.)He died
March 17, 1967 in Altavista, Va. and she died March 4, 1963 in Lynchburg, Va.
Children by Helen Chandler: 
(1. Gwendolyn Frances Gregory (b. Mar. 27, 1929 in 
Lynchburg, Va.) Married Paige Harvey Clanton (b. December 27,
1924 in South Hill, Va.)
(1) Susan Paige Clanton (b. Nov. 3, 1953) Johnson City, Tn. lst 
marriage Monty Ott Mathias (b. June 8, 1952 in Harrisonburg, Va.
2nd Husband - Gregory Alan Simpson (b. June 10, 1954 in Wheeling, WV) 
1. Kaitlin Paige Simpson (b. Oct. 2 1989 in Bowling Green, Oh.)
(2) Ashby Paige Clanton (b. Apr. 26, 1956 in Johnson City, Tn.) married Connie 
Miller (b. Mar. 25, 1957 in Rolla, Missouri. 
1.                 Laura Paige Clanton (b. Aug. 27, 1988 in Johnson City, Tn.) 
2. Nicholas Ashby Clanton (b. June 23 1994 in Johnson City, Tn.)
6. Anna Gregory married Mack Redman, she died Jan 17, 1919.
7. Peter Weston Gregory (b. June 26, 1880) married Maude Sallie Stembridge (b. 
Feb. 6, 1881) Nov. 1, 1905 in Mecklenburg Co. She was the
daughter of James Benjamine and Elizabeth (Betty) A. Forlines Stembridge. He 
died Apr. 18, 1947 and she died June 12, 1959. They are buried
at New Hope Baptist Church, Skipwith, Va 
1- David Hiram Gregory (b. Aug. 30, 1906) married Janie Alice Shook (b. Mar. 24, 
1911 near Taylorsville, N. C.) March 2, 1929 She was the daughter of Calvin Monroe 
and Susan Genela Huffman Shook of Keysville, Va.
but went by the name of Stembridge having been raised by William H. and Elizabeth 
Lanyon Stembridge. He died May 1, 1985 and is buried at New Hope Baptist Church, 
Skipwith, Va. She died January 14, 1998. She was always a very caring and giving 
person, so in 1993 signed papers to give her body to Medical College of Virginia 
for research. When she found out she had a rare lung disease about two
years before she died she said "Maybe I can help find a cause and a cure." A 
memorial stone is at New Hope Baptist Church. 
(1. Maude Elizabeth Gregory (b. Jan. 4, 1930 married William Linwood Inge (b. Feb. 
16 1926)[William Linwood Inge Sr, d. Friday, March 7, 2008, Roanoke Times/jgs]

Aug. 22, 1948. He was the son of Ollie Linwood and Bessie Mae Smith Inge. 
They have lived in Lynchburg, Va. since 1948 and was the owner, retired, of 
Lynchburg Toms Sales Co. Elizabeth was off-manager and after they sold the 
business she went to work as an accountant for their CPA until her retirement in 
1994. Both still enjoy part time jobs, gardening and their children and grandsons. 
Both are active in their Church and civic organizations and clubs. 
(1) William Linwood Inge, Jr. (b. Nov. 16, 1949) Divorced and no children. He
lives in Amherst Co. and is an Investigator for Amherst County Sheriff's 
(2) Elizabeth Anne Inge (b. Jan. 12, 1953) married Joseph Harris Coleman III, 
(b. Mar. 10, 1953) July 23, 1971. He is the son of Alfred Clifton and Hazel 
Vaughan Coleman. Anne is a homemaker and Joe is Vice President of Coleman-Adams 
Construction Co. Inc. He is now one of the 4th generation of Coleman'building 
contractors. They now have.2 sons preparing for a career as building contractors. 
1. Brandon Daniel Bryant-Coleman (b. May 8, 1973) Legal Guardian.
He is the son of Danny K. and Virginia Coleman Bryant, she deceased Sept. 23, 
2. William Joseph Coleman (b. Apr. 14, 1981) in
Virginia Baptist Hospital at 6:38 P. M. He weighted 9 lbs. 1 oz. and was 22 
inches long. 
3. Clifton Matthew Coleman (b. June 25, 1982) in
Virginia Baptist Hospital at 5:45 A. M. He weighted 9 lbs. 12 oz. and was 22 
inches long.
(2. Dorothy Mae Gregory (b. Sept. 9, 1931) married Harold Austin Crowder May 24, 
1952 in Mecklenburg Co. Va. They live in Colonial Heights,
Va. He is retired from American Tobacco Co. and she from the Federal Government.
(3. Shirlee Anne Gregory (b. Dec. 24, 1935) married Marshall Ray Reamey Oct. 10, 
1954, divorced. Married Dr. Robert B. Seligman. They live
in Richmond, Va. and are both retired from Phillip Morris Tobacco Co. 
(1) Marshall Ray Reamey, Jr. born Oct. 7, 1955. Unmarried.
(2) Kristina Lynn (Tina) Reamey born Jan 4, 1961. Married to David Hanon Jr. and 
have no children.
(4. David Harold Gregory (b. May 12, 1937) married Betty Wilkerson Jan. 29, 
1972. Divorced. Married Peggy. He owns a farm that was part of
the original Andrew Gregory, Sr. estate in the 1700's. He purchased this farm 
from John Edward Gregory who lived in Lynchburg but was
raised on the farm and inherited it from his mother at her death. Harold is 
employed by the Commonwealth Of Va. 
Children by Betty Wilkerson Newcomb: 
(1) Donna Carroll Gregory born April 8, 1973. She is newspaper reporter 
in South Hill, Va.
2- Hallie Elizabeth Gregory (b. Aug. 4, 1910) married Archer (Jake) Wilson, 
she died Apr. 11, 1936 and is buried at Friendship Baptist  Church, Chase City, Va.
 (1. S. W. Wilson
 (2. Everlene Wilson married Westley Lane
 (3. Delma Wilson
3- Clara Bell Gregory (b. May 28, 1908) married 1st - Andrew A. Garner, he died 
1974. 2nd - Lewis Toone She died May 4, 1992 and is buried
at New Baptist Church. 
(1. Edward A. Garner (b. June 12, 1932) married 
Clara Hudson 
(1) Robert Edward Garner (b. Sept 7, 1954)
(2) Cindy Lane Garner 
(2. Barbara Louise Garner (b. May 29, 1934) married 
Creston Griffin 
(1) Donna Kay Griffin (b. Dec. 12,
1956) Died 
(2) Wanda Lynn Griffin (July 13, 1962) 
(3) John Dale Griffin (b. Feb. 7, 1969) 
(3. Larry Bailey Garner (b. Mar. 27, 1953) married Irene Watson and no children.
4- Lillie Forlines Gregory (b. July 20, 1912) married Willie McGee 
(1. Joyce Lee McGee (b. Nov. 5, 1938) married Harold Tucker
Wilkerson. She was killed on Rt. 360 as she pulled out from her restaurant at 
6:20 on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 23, 1992. She is buried at
Ontario Christian Church. 
(1)     Dorothy Wilkerson Ramsey, Keysville 
(2) Wanda Y Wilkerson, Keysville 
(3) Vivian Wilkerson Neale, Richmond 
(2. Carl McGee of Buffalo Junction
5- Lelia Maude Gregory (b. Apr. 14, 1914) died July 4, 1915.
6- Ardell Virginia Gregory (Oct. 22, 1916) married Clyde Lacks. They lived in 
Rocky Mount, Virginia. She died Sept. 30, 1995 and she died
Nov. 18, 1995 and are buried in Franklin Memorial Park. 
(1. Sherman Gregory Lacks (b. Aug. 10, 1941) married Patricia (Peggy) Ann
Young, daughter of Clarence and Bessie Young, June 29, 1963. They live in Rocky 
Mount, Va. 
(1)          Michael Gregory Lacks born Oct. 18, 1964. He was killed in automobile 
accident in Rocky Mount, Va. Mar. 28, 1987.
7- James Weston Gregory (b.,July 2, 1919) married Thelma Toone, no children. He 
died Apr. 30, 1993 and is buried at Bethel Baptist Church.
8- Albert Lee Gregory (b. Nov. 4, 1921) married
 Rebecca Golston.
 (1. Ronnie Gregory
 (2. Ricky Gregory
9- Earnest Carlton Gregory (b. Mar. 2, 1927) died Mar. 10, 1927. 
Continued-James H. Gregory and 2nd wife Martha A. Puryear. 
(6) Reuben Puryear Gregory (b. Sept. 20, 1855) married Addie F. Sneed Dec. 25, 1878. 
He died Jan. 10, 1892 
(7) Letty C. Gregory (b. July 21,
1857) married Ludwell E. Gregory (b. Aug. 15, 1854) Dec. 22, 1880. Letty died 
Feb. 3, 1939 and Ludwell died Jan. 13, 1938. Ludwell was the
son of Andrew B. Gregory (to be covered later). 
since deceased. This Bible is now owned by Mary Alice
Gregory Jones in Richmond. 
James H. Gregory was born Sept. 22nd 1808 
Letty C. Gregory was born Jan 20th 1809 
Martha A. Gregory was born Aug. 25, 1817 
(Note: Letty C. Gregory was Letty C. Puryear 1st wife of 
James H. Gregory. Martha A. Gregory was Martha A. Puryear 2nd
wife of James H. Gregory. They were sisters and daughters of Thomas B. and 
Martha Harris Puryear.) 
William Henry Gregory was born September 12th 1833 
Martha Ann Gregory was born Sept. 6, 1935 
Elijah Thomas Gregory was born June 27, 1839 
Mary Caroline Gregory was born March 28, 1842 
(Note: 4 children of James H. and Letty C. Puryear Gregory listed above.) 
James Richard Gregory was born Feb. 6, 1848 
Reuben Puryear Gregory was born Sept. 20th 1855 
Letty C. Gregory was born July 21st 1837
(Note: The 3 children listed above are of James H. and Martha A. Puryear 
Mattie E. Reynolds was born May 14, 1866 
Nannie N. Gregory was born December 23rd 1866 
Walter T. Gregory was born Oct. 14, 1874 
Lucy A. Reynolds was born Jan 24th 1875 
Willie E. Gregory was born Jan 20th 1877 
Lucy A. Gregory was born Dec. 29th 1879 
Mattie S. Gregory was born Oct. - 1879 
Charlie W. Gregory was born Aug. 8th 1881
Pattie G. Gregory was born August 13th 1881 
Thomas A. Gregory was born Jan 8th 1887 
Reuben L. Gregory was born April 7th 1889 
James H. Gregory and Letty C. Gregory were married Dec. 18, 1832 
James H. Gregory and Martha A. Gregory were married Aug. 10, 1844 
(Note:  1st marriage took place in Mecklenburg Co. and 2nd marriage took place in 
Granville Co., N. C. James H. and Martha A. Puryear Gregory are
the G. G. Grandparents of Elizabeth G. Inge.) 
Samuel T. Reynolds and Mary C. Gregory were married Dec. 25, 1862 
James R. Gregory and Belle S. Brame were married Dec. 25, 1873 
(Note: Married in Mecklenburg Co. and G. 
Grandparents of Elizabeth G. Inge.) 
Reubin P. Gregory and Addie T. Sneed were married Dec. 25, 1878 
Ludwell E. Gregory and Lettie C. Gregory were married Dec. 22, 1880 
James B. Stembridge and Nannie H. Gregory were married Aug. 16, 1887 
(Note: 1st marriage - James B. married Betty A. Forelines Jan. 12, 1876 
G. Grandparents of Elizabeth G. Inge 
2nd marriage - James B. married Nannie H. Gregory 
3rd marriage - James B. married Lettie Gregory Jan. 11, 1911.) 
Tommie A. Gregory and Annie E. Stembridge Jones were married Oct. 28, 1909
Andrew B. Gregory died Sept. 29, 1892 
James H. Gregory died Dec. 30, 1891 
Reubin P. Gregory died Jan 10, 1892 
Miss Caroline E. Puryear died Jan. 24, 1907 
Mrs. Sallie 0. Forlines died May 20, 1907 
(Note: Sallie 0. Forlines, was Sallie 0. Puryear and wife of Hiram
Forlines and sister of Caroline E. Puryear, Letty C. Gregory and Martha A. 
Gregory. She was G. G. Grandmother of Elizabeth G. Inge.) 
Mr. John Royster died Jan 25, 1908 
Mr. James B. Gregory died Mar. 13, 1908 
Jessies Little Baby died March 7, 1908 
Mrs. Mary C. Reynolds died Mar. 19, 1909 
Mrs. Martha A. Reynolds died Sept. 20, 1909 
Mr. J. T. Gregory died Aug. 5, 1915 
Mr. James R. Gregory died Dec. 27, 1918
(Note: G. Grandfather of Elizabeth G. Inge) 
Mrs. Sue Gregory died Nov. 15, 1915 
Mrs. Sue Smith died June 6, 1915 
little Lila Gregory died July 5, 1915
Mrs. Anna L. Redmon died Jan 17, 1919
Mr. James B. Stembridge died April 25, 1919
(Note: G. Grandfather of Elizabeth G. Inge.)
(Note: Any information in parenthesis has been added by
 Contributor, Elizabeth Gregory Inge, and not copied
 from the Gregory Bible.)
8) Thomas Silas Gregory (b. July 8, 1775) married Polly Anne
Barnes (b. May 10, 1791) Nov. 25, 1813 and 2nd marriage to Rebecca S. Dogget 
Nov. 28, 1827. Thomas S. Gregory died June 17,1858
Children by Polly Anne Barnes:
1. Corneluis Daniel Gregory (b. July 31, 1816) married Lettie McCargo. 
(1) Ada Gregory (b. Apr. 28, 1878) married Andrew J.
Brewer (b. Mar. 15, 1868). She died Apr. 25, 1941 and he died May 10, 1941, they 
are buried at New Hope Baptist Church. 
1- Merton Brewer married Roxie Inge. 
(2) Dallas Merton Gregory (b. May, 4, 1882) married 
Geneva Thomasson (b. July 31, 1883) he died May 11, 1969 and
she died Mar. 26, 1961. They are buried at New Hope Baptist Church, Skipwith, 
1- Raymond Gregory unmarried, buried at New Hope 
2- Carl Thomasson Gregory married Louise Gillispie He was retired farmer 
and the 3rd child, and died Mar. 29, 1996 at age of 88 and
buried at New Hope Baptist Church. 
(1.        Helen Gregory married Edwin A. Gooch, Jr. he died Dec. 12, 1991 
after retiring from the Navy and a Civil Service Job and is buried 
in Norfolk, Virginia. He was 64 years old. 
(1) Edwin A. Gooch, III of Dinwiddie 
(2) Thomas 0. Gooch 
(3) Tonia Gooch of Norfolk 
(2. Dorothy Gregory married _____ Morrison 
(3. Carl Owen "Sonny" Gregory of Norfolk 
3- Dallas M. Gregory 
4- Harold G. Gregory married Dorothy M. Weatherford He died June 15, 
1983 and is buried in Maury Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.
(1. David W. Gregory
(2. Ronald G. Gregory
(3. Linda G. Gregory married _____ Kernell
(4. Cynthia G. Gregory
5- Maude Gregory married Ben Lee Umstead
 (1. Della Umstead
 (2. Ben Lee Umstead
6- Lily Gregory, unmarried, taught school in Portsmouth, Virginia until she retired.
7- Iva Gregory married Clarence Lee Riddle. She was retired registered nurse, 
having graduated from Watts Hospital of Nursing, Durham, N. C. in 1933.
She died Jan. 5, 1994 and is buried at New Hope Baptist Church. 
(1. Barbara Riddle Coleman
(1) Raymond L. Coleman of Chase City
 1. Stephanie Anne Coleman
 2. Christopher Lee Coleman
(2. Alice Riddle married Wesley E. Morrow
(3. Anne Riddle married Frank D. Seay
(1) Jeffrey D. Seay of Chase City
8- Gladys Gregory married _____ Algood lives in
 South Hill, Virginia.
 (1. Walter Sculptor
 (2. Wayne Schulthorpe
 (3. Nora Jane Schulthorpe
9- Emeron M. Gregory (b. Aug. 24, 1912) married
Ester Fulp. He died Apr. 23, 1961 and is buried
at New Hope Baptist Church.
(1. Larry Gregory
(2. Charles Gregory was killed
10- James Gregory (b. Sept. 24, 1917) married Lois
 Johnson. He died May 1, 1982 and is buried at
 New Hope Baptist Church.
(1. Burlin Allen Gregory (b. June 27, 1936)
 married Sandra Scott
(1) Burlin Allen Gregory, Jr. (b. Sept. 23,
 1957) married Janet Wilson
1. Burlin Allen Gregory, III (b. Sept.
24, 1990)
 2. Scott Gregory (b. Apr. 5,?
(2) Deborah Kay Gregory (b. Nov. 21, 1958)
 married Donnie Newcomb
 1. Faye Johnson Gregory
(3) Lila Gregory (b. Feb. 29, 1960) married
 Dr. Girsh Purohit and lives in Farmville
(4) James Dallas Gregory (b. May 18, 1961)
 married Pattie Jones
 1. Cecelia Gregory born Apr. 1991
(5) Diane Marie Gregory
(2. Dallas Gregory (Sambo) (b. Jan. 19, 1939)
 married Shirley Toone
(1) Kevin Martin Gregory (b. Feb. 1, 1963)
married Donna Mason Jan 6, 1990.
1. Katlin Marie Gregory
2. Ryan Martin Gregory
 (2) Charles Bradley Gregory (b. Feb. 26, 1965
(3. Robert Gregory (b. Sept 12, 1942) married  Marilyn Young
1. Nancy Renee Gregory (Oct. 27, 1962) married Lynn Hayes
2. Michelle Gregory
11- Tyree Gregory married Louise Coleman
 (1. William Tyree Gregory
Children of Thomas Silas Gregory and Polly Ann Barnes continued:
2. Martha Frances Gregory (b. March 29, 1818) married _____ Cheatham
3. Robert Silas Gregory (b. June 10, 1819) died March 2. 1833
4. John Ludwell Gregory (b. Nov. 27, 1820) died November 23, 1822
5. Andrew B. Gregory (b. May 17, 1822) CSA, Co. A. 1 Va married Martha Ann 
Smith. He died Sept. 29, 1892. 
(1) Nannie Gregory (b. Jan. 27, 1862) died May 14, 1946 
Married Joshua W. Spain (b. Aug. 31, 1850) died Apr. 24, 1908.
They are buried at New Hope Baptist Church, Skipwith, Va. 
1- Frazier G. Spain (b. July 2, 1887) died Feb. 12, 
1951. Married Tressie Garner (b. May 23, 1896) She died July
16, 1973 and both are buried at New Hope Baptist Church, 
they had no children. 
(2) Mary Ann (Polly) Gregory (b. June 27, 1844) married
Edward Marshall Moody (b. May 21, 1844) Jan. 3, 1868. She died Jan. 13, 1911 and 
he died Sept. 13, 1915, they are buried at New Hope
Baptist Church. He was a veteran of the CSA. 
1- John Emmett Moody (b. June 12, 1869) in Mecklenburg Co. Married Bertha Janet
Alford. He died Jan. 10, 1936 and she died July 14, 1950. They are buried at 
Rocky Spring Baptist Church, Townsville, N. C. (Moody Family
information furnished to me by Mrs. Willie Owen). 
1.     James Thomas Moody (b. Dec. 24, 1894) 
2. Emmett Marshall Moody (b. May 19, 1896) 
3. John Griffen Moody (b. June 1, 1897) 
4. Andrew Jackson Moody (b. May 24, 1900) 
5. Eddie Hamilton Moody (b. June 15, 1902) 
6. Mary Ethel Moody (b. May 14, 1904) married Willie Owen (b. Apr. 20, 1903). He died 
Apr. 13, 1974 and is buried at New Hope Baptist Church. They
bought their farm at Skipwith Va. and moved there Dec. 1940. 
(1. Janet Marie Owen (b. Feb. 20, 1926) in Townsville, N. C. (Vance
Co.) married Charles Flounoy Jones and live at Buffalo Junction, Va.
(2. Buelah Hunter Owen (b. Feb. 29, in
 Townsville, N. C., married Larry Lee
 Simmons and live at Aberdeen, N. C.
(3. Dwight Moody Owen born Jan 14, 1930 in Townsville, N. C. Married Mary Joyce 
and live at Skipwith, Va.
(4. Robbie Frazier Owen born July 17, 1931 in Mecklenburg Co., married Sarah 
Cantrell and live at Wakefield, Va.
(5. Peggy Joyce Owen, born Oct. 26, 1936 in Mecklenburg Co., married Phillip W. 
Unger and live in Lancaster, Pa.
7. Bertha Beatrice Moody (b. Dec. 1, 1907)
8. Samuel Alexander Moody (b. Apr. 13, 1909)
9. Wilbert Dwight Moody (b. May 27, 1911) 
10. Charlie Frazier Moody (b. Mar. 12, 1913) 
11. Sara Elizabeth Moody (b. June 10, 1915) 
12. Helen Love Moody (b. Dec. 30, 1916) 
13. Frances Virginia Moody (b. Apr. 11, 1919)
2- Martha Susan Moody (b. Oct. 28, 1870) married Charlie Hershman. Died Apr. 28, 
1948 and is buried in Wilmington, N. C.
3- Lucy Virginia Moody (b. June 24, 1872) married Walter Harris and is buried at 
Rocky Spring Baptist Church, Townsville, N. C.
4- Essie Idella Moody (b. May 19, 1875) married William T. Harris (b. June 27, 
1873) He died Apr. 21, 1937 and she died June 28, 1962. They
are buried in Woodland Cemetery, Chase City, Va.
5- Mary Frances Moody (b. Apr. 29, 1877) married
 1st - Gideon J. Jeter (b. Nov. 13, 1870) in
 Illinois and died in Oxford, N. C. Aug. 31, 1907.
 He is buried in Woodland Cemetery, Chase City, Va.
 2nd - marriage W. Loranze Moore
 She died Jan 25, 1919 and is buried in Woodland
 Cemetery, Chase City, Va.
6- Edward Moody (b. Apr. 19, 1879) died Oct. 12, 1882
7- Annie Margaret Moody (b. Apr. 12, 1881) 1st marriage 
Claude Green, died 6 weeks after marriage.
 2nd marriage Johnny Collins. All buried in Lynchburg, Va.
 1. Isabell
 2. William
 3. Baby
8- Pearlie Honey Dew Moody (b. Sept. 18, 1888) married James William Dunman and 
lived in Chase City Virginia.
(3) John Gregory, son of Andrew Gregory
1- Lynn Gregory
2- Melvin Gregory
(4) Rebecca (Becky)Gregory married Buck Collins
1- Albert Collins
2- Henry Collins
3- John Collins
(5) William Francis Gregory married Margaret Anne Bevil (Annie) Nov. 30, 1881. 
Children: 1 son 
1- John Edward Gregory married Louise
Calhoune Hatter in 1902. They lived in Lynchburg, Virginia and are buried in the 
Presbyterian Cemetery on Grace Street. 
1. Anne (Annie) Margaret Gregory (b. Sept. 20, 1904) married Wayland Brown. They lived 
in Rome, Ga. and is buried there. They had a son and daughter. 
2. Edna Gregory (b. Dec. 24, 1908) married Raymond T. Bell May-17, 
1926-. She retired as a nurse and he retired from the
Lynchburg Bus Co. She died July 30, 1997 and they are both buried in the Fort 
Hill Memorial Park, Lynchburg, Virginia 
Children: 1 son 
(1. Raymond T. Bell, Jr. married Dorothy Jane Napier, she died of cancer.
Children: 1 daughter
1. Kathy Lynn Bell (b. June 4, 1964) married Westley Carson Saunders Mar. 4,
 1977. They live in Lynchburg.
 Children: 1 daughter
 1. Priscilla Jayne Saunders born March 7, 1981 in Lynchburg, Va.
       2. Wesley Thomas Saunders
(6) Ludwell E. Gregory (b. Aug. 15, 1854) married Letty C. Gregory (b. July 21, 
1857) daughter of James H. Letty C. Puryear Gregory. On
Nov. 20, 1895 purchased from Jane E. Royster, James B. Stembridge and Nannie E. 
Stembridge 182 acres for $700. This land was known as the Benjamine Royster tract. 
He died Jan. 13, 1938 and she died Feb. 3, 1939 and they are buried at New Hope 
Baptist Church, Skipwith, Va. 
1- Thomas A. Gregory (b. Jan. 8, 1887) 
married Annie Stembridge Jones Oct. 28, 1909. She was the
daughter of James Benjamine and Betty Forlines Stembridge. 
(1. Willie H. Gregory born Aug. 21, 1920, he was unmarried and retired
as a tobacco farmer. He died Jan. 10, 1995 and is buried at Bethel Baptist 
(2. Edward T. Gregory born Sept. 23, 1910, he was unmarried. 
2- Dabney H. Gregory (b. Apr. 19, 1895) married Eva V. Jefferson (b. 
June 18, 1910) Apr. 10, 1937. He died Sept. 4, 1949 and is
buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Va. 
(1. G. Howard Gregory (b. Nov. 14, 1943) married
Linda C. O'Brien (b. Apr. 9, 1951) Nov. 22, 1975. They live in Appomattox where 
he is Captain and Division Commander of the Va. State
Police Third Division (15 counties) and she is a homemaker. 
(1) Michael Howard Gregory (b. July 20, 1982) 
(2) Kimberly Lynn Gregory (b. Aug. 5, 1987)
3- Ruben L. Gregory (b. Apr. 7, 1889) married Ester L. Malett (b. Mar. 20, 1897) 
Jan. 11, 1920. He died Sept. 11, 1955 and she died Nov. 6,
1976. They are buried at New Hope Baptist Church. 
Children: 1 son 
(1.     Milton L. Gregory (b. Sept. 29, 1922). He lived and died 
in Richmond, Va.
4- Katie E. Gregory (b. Sept. 28, 1897) was unmarried. Died Apr. 12, 1977 and is 
buried at New Hope Baptist Church, Skipwith, Va.
5- Pattie G. Gregory (b. Aug. 13, 1881) was unmarried. 'Died Jan. 29, 1956 and 
is buried at New Hope Baptist Church, Skipwith, Va.
Children by Thomas Silas Gregory and 2nd marriage Rebecca S. Doggett:
6. Lucy A. Gregory (b. Sept. 8, 1828)
7. George T. Gregory (b. Jan 13, 1830) died June 8, 1914, CSA and buried at New 
Hope Baptist Church, Skipwith, Va.
8. William Lee Gregory (b. May 31, 1832)
9. James Bennett Gregory (b. Nov. 6, 1833 in Charlotte Co)
 Married Anne Smith. Eni. 7-20-61 Co. A in Mecklenburg
 present 7/8 10-31-61; conscripted 8-16-64 Co. G. 9th Va.
 Cav. Died Mar. 13, 1908 and is buried at New Hope Bap.
 Church. CSA marker says "Another Confederate soldier of
 undaunted courage has answered the last roll call and
 passed over the river."
 (1) Ernest T. Gregory became a minister
9) John S. Gregory married Frances Coleman Jan. 6, 1836, surety
to the bond was John G. Coleman. No children
10) Robert S. Gregory married Letty Couch, daughter of John
Couch on Aug. 26, 1809.
1. Elizabeth C. Gregory married Alexander Smith [Elizabeth C. Gregory Smith & 
Alexander Smith (1805-1886)are buried in now destroyed Smith Family Cemetery at
"Reveille." Dates for Elizabeth C. are 14 July 1810 - 2 July 1846 - Cemetery &
Tombstone Records of Mecklenburg Co, Va., v2;Moore - jgs]
2. James A. Gregory
3. John E. Gregory
4. William D. Gregory (b. 1817) died Dec. 6, 1857 and is buried in the Gregory 
Family Cemetery at the plantation home "Plainview" now renamed "Reveille" built 
in 1842. [Actually the graves of William D. Gregory & Robert T. Gregory were
located Rt 92 W. of Chase City at the Bynum Place. The two tombstones were moved
in October 2007 to Virgilina, VA in Halifax County (Betty Rose) / - jgs]
5. Robert T. Gregory (b. Aug. 7, 1820) died Sept. 27, 1856 and buried in the 
Gregory Family Cemetery
6. Thomas Gregory
7. Mary F. Gregory married _____ Crafton
8. Julia M. Gregory married _____ Floyd
11) Silas M. Gregory (b. ca. 1790), died in Mecklenburg Co., VA 1862, married 
Julia _____ (probably Julia Couch/jgs). (No apparent children, his will named relatives/jgs)