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Bible Records Relating to Mecklenburg County Virginia

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Bible Record
Date Submitted
Barner Family Bible 1739-1902
Benford/Binford Family Bible 1812-1917 5-18-05
Bing Family Bible
Davis Family Bible 1842-1946 2-16-02
Farrar Bibles 1786-1922 8-29-01
James H. & Lettie C. Gregory
Thomas S. Gregory Bible 1785-1861
Keyes Bible 1793-1908 4-30-09
Lee-Gregory Bible 1779-1896
McCargo Bible
McCargo Bible
Daniel Neathery Bible
Robert Norman Perkinson 1891-1915 6-12-00
Ogburn Family Bible 1760-1945 19-sep-06
Pettus Bible 1779-1896
Dabney Phillips Jr. Bible
John C. Phillips Bible
David Thomas Ridout Bible 1820-1945 8-23-01
John Yerby Bible 1896-1957