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Submitted 5 Mar 2001 by
Betty J. King 
Background information:  

Allen, Alexander G. to Martha C. Townes
M. B. August 12, 1822, Surety:  William Bedford
Consent:  Joseph Townes, father of Martha
Marriage Records of Mecklenburg Co., VA 

Joseph Townes  to Susanna Cralle
M. B. 16 January 1800
Marriage Records of Lunenburg Co., VA

Leroy P. Allen to Virginia Ann Allen
M. B. February 8, 1845, Surety:  John T. Wooton
Consent:  Martha C. Allen, mother of Virginia
Marriage Records of Mecklenburg Co., VA p 10

Virginia Ann Allen to Wilson N. Bugg
M. B. June 15, 1859
Fluvanna County, Virginia

1850 Census of New Madrid County, Missouri
Family 506:  Chapman, Joe   54 m KY (son-in-law of Mathew Allen - bk's note)
                      A. U. Chapman 29 m Tenn
                      Leroy Allen 46 m Va

New Madrid County, Missouri Probate Records:
LeRoy Allen, William S. Mashy, Box 3, Page 60, 1851

According to the probate of Mathew Allen, died intestate.  Admr., Joseph Chapman
Sec., Wm. W. Hunter, Thos B. Penney & Geo W. Hancock. 12 Mar 1837, left the following 
Heirs: "one heir, Nancy Chapman wife of Joseph Chapman", and Seven minor heirs: minor heirs 
of Joseph Allen, or (are) Sarah Allen, John F. Allen, Maryan Allen and Joseph M. Allen; and 
minor heirs of Wiley Wallace and Polly Wallace, namely, Ruth Wallace, Allen Wallce and 
Albert Wallace per affidavit of Joseph Chapman (88-89) New Madrid County, Missouri
Abstracts of "Administrative Records" Book "A" 1832-1846 (Children of Matthew Allen:
Mary (Polly) Allen, Nancy Allen and Joseph Allen) (Mathew Allen died in Cape Girardeau 
County, City of Jackson, Missouri in 1837)

Matthew Allen to Mary Brawner
M. B. May 8, 1797  Surety:  James Thompson
Marriage Records of Mecklenburg County

Will Book 4, page 138
Mecklenburg County, VA
COLEMAN, Cluverius 
Will dated Sept 14, 1799

Page -2-

Recorded Oct 14, 1799
Witnesses:  David Holmes, John Allen, Mathew Allen

1810 Tax List, Mecklenburg County, Virginia
Lewis Parham's List
March 27, 1810, Mathew Allen, one white, 1 slave, 3 horses

1829 Tax List, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri
Original in 1812
Mathew Allen present claimant land that belongs to John Abernathie
160 acres, Cape Girardeau, Volume 4

1830 Census of Missouri
Allen, John, Cape Girardeau
Allen, Joseph, Cape Girardeau
Allen, Mathew, Cape Girardeau

U.S. Census Records and Cape Girardeau County, Missouri Records
"Slave Holder List and Abbreviated Index"
1828, Joseph Allen 1
1830, Mathew Allen 3

April 27, 1810, Tax List, Mecklenburg County, Virginia
Lewis Parham's List
John Allen, one white, 0 slaves, 0 horses

Mary Watts Will Book 1, page 440
Mecklenburg County, VA
Watts, Mary
Names:  Sister - Elizabeth McHarg (wife of Alexander McHarg - bk's notes)
              Nieces - Mary Watts McHarg, Elizabeth Quintina McHarg (married Mark Alexander
                                                                M. B. January 19, 1797 M. January 26, 1797
                                                                Minister:  John Loyd   Surety:  Robert Baskerville
                                                                Mecklenburg County Marriages)
              Brother - Richard Watts
              Mary Brawner - no relation stated (married Matthew Allen)
              Mentions money due from estate of John Blagg of Henry County, VA
Executors:  Rev. John Cameron and William Hepburn
Witnesses:  Thomas Brame, Karehappuch Frazer (wife of Walter Frazer - bk's notes)
                    Lucy Bugg and William Hepburn
Will dated Aug 31, 1782      Recorded Oct 14, 1782

1850 U. S. Census, Mecklenburg County, VA Reel No. 960 Page 138
10th day of December, 1850 by R. H. Baptist, Jr.

627 627 TOWNES, William 59 m Farmer 112,000 (correct) born VA
627 627 TOWNES, Lucy 58 F born VA (Lucy Rollins Maclin mrd 27 Nov 1817
                                                                  to William Townes, Mecklenburg Co., VA)

Page -3-

627 627 TOWNES, Sally 17 f born VA
627 627 TOWNES, William 15 m born VA


Know all men by these present that we Martha C. Allen and William Townes are held and
Firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia in the sum of Three thousand Dollars 
To pay which we bind ourselves, our heirs & jointly and severally firmly by these present.
Sealed with our seals and dated this 21st day of April 1851.
The Condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Martha C. Allen who
Has this day been appointed by the County Court of Mecklenburg County,
Guardian of Virginia Ann Allen orphan of Leroy P. Allen, Deceased. Now
If the said Martha C. Allen should faithfully discharge her duties of said
Guardian according to Law, then the above obligation to be void otherwise to
Remain in full force and virtue.                         Martha C. Allen (seal)
                                                                            William Townes (seal)

At a County Court held for Mecklenburg County at the Court House thereof on Monday
The 21st day of  April 1851 in the 75th year of the Commonwealth
                                      The Court doth assign Martha C. Allen Guardian of Virginia
Ann Allen orphan of Leroy P. Allen deceased. Entered into and acknowledged a Bond with 
William Townes her security in the penalty of Thirty thousand Dollards conditioned according
To Law which Bond is ordered to be recorded.

State of Virginia
                             Mecklenburg County Court
                                          I Richard B. Baptist clerk of the county court of Mecklenburg
County and State aforesaid do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and perfect
Transcript of the record of  the Guardianship of Martha C. Allen Guardian of Virginia Ann 
Allen orphan of LeRoy P. Allen and is fully and wholly is the same now such among
The records of my office.       In testimony whereof
                                                I hereby set my hand and
                                                Affix my seal of the court
                                                At office this 22nd day
                                                of April 1851 in the 75th
                                                year of the Commonwealth
                                                Rich'd B. Batist

State of Virginia Mecklenburg County towit
                                 I Abram Keen the only presiding
Justice in and for said County do hereby certify
That Richard B. Baptist who has given the precluding certificate as clerk of 
Said court, of the said Mecklenburg in said form, given under my hand
This 22 day of April 1851.          Abm Keen (JP)