The Clarksville Blues May 1861

Submitted 11 Feb 2000 by John Elliot Brewer

Reprinted below is a story which appeared in THE TOBACCO PLANT,  a newspaper published in
Clarksville, under date of May  1861.


    The infantry company after having been in camp in this place for more than a week,
received orders on Monday afternoon to repair to their Rendezvous in the city of Richmond.  They
left Clarksville by the Roanoke Valley Railroad on Thursday morning and doubtless reached
Richmond in the afternoon of the same day.
    Mecklenburg feels proud of them, as she has the right to do.  They are the flower of her
youth and the prime of her manhood.  They go to the post of military duty not without some
preparation for the glorious, yet toilsome arduous labors before them.  Their gallant and skillful
officers have bestowed every attention with a view to familiarize themselves with the arts of war,
and it is our belief that when they enter the encampment at Richmond they will exhibit a degree of
proficiency in all the exercises of a soldier, which wil (sic) surprise as well as delight the superior
Officer of the army.
    More than this, they go to the post of danger with stout hearts and determined spirits,
resolved to drive back the dastard invader from the concecrated soil of Virginia, or to die in the
    As a matter of interest to the public of Mecklenburg we append the names of the officers
and privates of this company:
    Captain – G. W. Finley.
    1st Lieutenant—G. J. Dabbs
    2nd  Lieutenant—W.W. Wood.
    3rd Lieutenant—N. Talley, Jr.
    1st Sergeant—H. W. Carter.
    2nd Sergeant –J.E. Benson
    3rd Sergeant—C.W. Tisdale.
    4th Sergeant—W. H. Yancey.
    5th Sergeant—G. A. Wilkerson.
    1st Corporal—M. A. Barner
    2nd Corporal—V. V. Vaughan.
    3rd Corporal—W. J. Moore.
    4th Corporal—J. L. Haskins
Gautermaster (sic)—W. A. Hester
    Privates==Phile Allcot, B. C. Anderson, B. A. Arnold, J. D. Arnold, W. J. Averett, J.G.
Baptist, D. E. Bacon, S.H. Bardonr, E. Beal, J. L. Binford, J. L. Blanks, E. B. Brewer, J. R. Burch,
R. Burrough, A. Burwell, C. S. Burwell, J. R. Clack, H. Clyborne, J. Daniel, S. Davis, C. H. Dunkley,
F. B. Easley, W. A. Elam, H. E. Elam, P. G. Elam, W. L. Ellington, G. B. Finch, C. Flournoy, D. M.
Garner, J. W. Geoghegan, J. Goode, J. R. Graves, E. T. Greene, R. H. Gregory, E. K. Harris, W. A.
Harris, E. K. Heggesson, J. O. House, C. W. Hudson, F. A. Jeter, J. H. Johnson, S. Lackley, W. J.
Lawson, C. (?) Lewellen, J. T. Lewis, Thomas Lewis, G. K. Ligon, F. I. Lipfort, A. C. Loafman,
H.B(?) Loafman, W. F.

Loafman, W. H. Mcfarlin, G. H. Moore, T. B. Nelson, Joe Newton, W. Newton, C. N. Park, T. A.
Park, B. P. Phillips, Isiah Puryear, R. A. Puryear, Jr., R. S. Powell, J. Y. Ramsey, W. D. Ramsey,
S. T. Reynolds, C. A. Riggins, J. T. Richardson, Archie Saddler, Albert Saddler, R. C. Scott, W. D.
Shelton, M. Sizemore, W. J. A. Smith, J. A. Smith, J. W. Spencer, J. M. Swan, R. H. Taylor, E. A.
Vaughan, C. B. Watkins, W. M. Watkins, E. Wiles, E. A Williams, J. N. Woltz, C. Yancey, R. H.
Yancey, J. L. Yancey, L. G. Yancey.


Note from John Elliott Brewer:
    I have a photocopy of a newspaper article which reprinted the 1861 story.  The date and
name of the publication do not show on my photocopy, which was passed on to me by my great-
aunt, Mattie Pearl Brewer Walston, the youngest child of E. B. Brewer (above), who was my great-
grand father.  The other underlined name, W.J.A. Smith, was E.B. Brewer’s brother-in-law-to be..
E.B. married Virginia Ann (Jennie) Elliott and W. J.A. Smith married her sister Nannie Eugenia
(Lougenia) Elliott in a double-wedding ceremony  in Mecklenburg County VA on 21 December
1869.    Jennie and Lougenia’s brother, Lewis, enlisted in the Clarksville Blues  on 14 October
1864 in Richmond VA.

Here is how I fit into the picture
        John Wyatt Brewer = Ruth H. Atkinson
            Edward Byron Brewer = Virginia Ann Elliott
                John Hamett Brewer = Effie Raven Capps
                    Hamett Elliott Brewer = Jannie Eleanor Jackson
                        John Elliott Brewer

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