The Meherrin Baptist Church 1771-1844

Abstracted by JoLee Gregory Spears

Its members were residents of Lunenburg, Charlotte and Mecklenburg counties.

Most of the names, places and boundaries gleaned by me from microfilm
of the Minutes of the Meherrin Baptist Church 1771-1844, Lunenburg County
Virginia. This was the "OLD CH" shown on the popular 1871 map of Lunenburg
by Jed Hotchkiss. The church was not far from the Mecklenurg county line and
was a short distance from the Charlotte county line. The boundary lines of the
church extended into all three counties. Click here for a peep at a portion
of the 1771 map. - JoLee Gregory Spears Boundary lines of the Meherrin Church December 1772:
"beginning at Roysters Ferry on Roan Oak, thence along that Road to the old
C. House, Thence along the Road to Marables mill on Bluestone thence down
said Bluestone to Reps Osbourns, from thence a strait course to where
Manoch Sullivant kept a Tavern on Kings Road Thence along said Road to
Bonds ferry on Roan Oak."

Boundary lines in November 1773, when some members were dismissed for
constitution of the Gineto in Mecklenburg:
"the Road that crosses Meherrin at Saffolds Bridge by Capt Vaughans, Thence
a straight course to Old Mr. John Speeds, Thence to Fox's Ferry on Roan Oak."

New lines in May 1775, between Meherrin Church and Hawkins Ford "beginning
at the North Meherrin where Blagraves Old road crosses the said River just below
Claiburns old place, from Thence a straight course to Lesters Mill from thence
the Mill path or Road to Johnstons Road. Thence down said Road to a right
hand path that makes to Browns old mill, from Thence a straight course to
William Stones junr on the South Meherrin, thence down said River, on the North
side till they come to the Church line below them, which crosses at Saffolds

Line established Sept. 1809 between Reedy Creek Church and Meherrin Church:
"from R. Boyds Store (or Coxes old place) That it shall run on Waltons Old Road,
till it comes to Ellis's pathway, thence along said path by Wm. Ellis's & so on to
Robertsons Mill on Middle Meherrin Thence up said River to Parsons Old Mill
where it strikes the same Old Road again, Thence along sd Road to the big
Road at Wm. Crenshaws, (formerly a Store kept there by said Crenshaw) thence
the Road leading from that place to Elisha Almonds Thence along the Richmond
Road to the boundary line of Mossingford."

MEHERRIN BAPTIST CHURCH 1771-1844, GLEANED FROM MICROFILM. Abram, free negro Adkins,---, John,& wife Adkinson, Bro Allen's Creek Church Allin, Elder Almond, Hezekiah, & wife Almond, Bro Almond's Elisha Arnold, James Arvin, Sarah Arwin, Sarah Ash Camp Church Atwood, Thos B_____?, Nelly Bacon, Langston Bailey, Agness Bailey, John Bailey, Nancy Bailey, Thomas Baker, Elijah Baker, J.E.E. Baker, Leonard Baker's Seats Banister Church Barn, Olive Barns, Pleasant Bedford, Capt. Bedford's Christian [Robert's] ? Bethel Meetinghouse Bevil, _____?, & wife Bevil, Hannah Blagrave, Elizabeth Blagrave, Henry Blagrave's Old Road Blalock, Ann Blankenship, Holly Blankenship, M. [female] Blankenship, P. [female] Blankenship, Sister Bluestone Meetinghouse Bonds, Brother Bond's ferry on Roan Oak Bonds, Richard Boothe, Patrick, clerk, & wife Boothe, Polly Boswell, John Bowler, Catherine Boyd, Richard's store Bradberry, Jane Bradley, Jane Bradley, John Braim/Brame, J.E.Ro. Braim/Brame, Robert Braim/Brame, Samuel Braim/Brame, W. Braim/Brame, W. Robert Broad River Brown, Brother Brown, Ellin Brown, John Brown, Nancy Brown, Salley Brown, Schrimshaw's Jane Brown, William Brown's Jane Brown's Sall Brown's Old Mill Bruce, Cicily/Sicily Bruce, Martha Bruce, Polley Bruce, Samuel Bruce, Thomas Brunswick Church Buckingham Church Bullard, Chester Bullard, Maple Bullard, W. Bumpass, Diggs Bumpass, Frances Bumpass, Sister Burns, Cecelia/Sicily Burns, Nancy Burns, Olive Burnt Church Burwell, Brother Burwell, Lewis Burwell, Sally Bush, Frances Bush, William, & wife Buster, Josiah Campellism Catawba Cabiness, John Cedar Creek Meetinghouse [Lunenburg] Center, Elizabeth Chamberlin, Mary Chandler, Keziah Charles [Negro] Chavers, Margaret/Peggy Cheaney, Julia Cheaney, Reubin, & wife Cheaney Chappell Childress, Ann Childress, Eliza Childress, Elizabeth Childress, Nancy Claborn, Mary Claiburn's Old Place Clay, Edward, & wife Clay, Magdalene Clay's James ?, Clemmond, P. Clemmons, ______ Clemmons, Sister Clemmons, Ro. Clemmons "or Connor," Susanna Clopton, Revd A.W. Cochram/Cockram, Sarah Coleman's Old Store Collier, Charles Collier, William Colvert, Nelson Comer, Samuel Cook, Betsy Cook, Charles Cook, Chesley Cook, Singleton Cook, Susannah Cooks's ______[a Negro woman] Cool Spring Meetinghouse County Line Meeting House [Halifax] Cox, Bartlett Cox, Elizabeth Cox, John, & wife Cox, Rebeckah Cox's ______[A Negro woman] Cox's Jacob Coxes Old Place Crafton, ______? Craigs,Lewis Meetinghouse [Spotsylvania] Creath, Elder Creath, Wm. Crenshaw, C. Crenshaw, Christian Crenshaw, Daniel Crenshaw, Fisher Crenshaw, Matthew Crenshaw, Nancy Crenshaw, William Crenshaw's Store Crowder, Frederick Crow, William Cully, Christopher Cully, Elizabeth Cully, Fanny Cully, Mary, Mrs. Mary Cully, Nancy Cully, Thomas Cumberland Church Curtis, Chesley Cut Banks Meetinghouse [Dinwiddie] Dabbs, Richard Dailey, Ann Dailey, Francis Dailey, John Dan River Church Davis, Diannah Davis, Lucy formerly Perry Davis, Robert Davis's Scilvia Degraffenried, Elizabeth Degraffenried, Mary Degraffenried, Tucharner Degraffenried's Mill Deupree, J. Deupree, Nancy Deupree, Overton Deupree, William Deupree's Esther [of William] Deupree's Meetinghouse Dobson, Thomas Dossey, William Doves Church Downy, Bro. Duffer, Mary Duffer, Nancey Dunn, ______? Dunn, Betty Dunn's Molley Dutch Meetinghouse, Fork of Deep Creek [Surry Co.NC] Early, Patrick Ebenezer Meetinghouse [Mecklenburg] Edwards, Isaac Edwards, Judah Edwards, Judith Edwards, Urclay Edwards, Ursley Elam, Bro. Elam, Anderson S., & wife Elam, Edney Elam, Joel Elam, Letty Elam, Martha Elam, Samuel C. Elam, Susanna (Susan) Ellington, David Ellington, Elizabeth Ellington, J., & wife Ellington, Josiah, & wife Ellis, E. Ellis, Ellison Ellis, John J. Ellis, Lucretia Ellis, Mary Ellis, Polly Ellis, Priscilla Elllis, Prudence Ellis, Thomas B., clerk, death, store at Double Bridges Ellis, W. [Mr & Mrs] Ellis, William Ellis's Ritter Ellis's Pathway Elmore, Sister Elmore, Lucretia Embro, see Embry Embry, Martha Embry, William Emery's Tobit, Martha Emery's Tobit Erskine, John Estes, Polly Esther, Sister Esther, Sarah Eubank, Sister Eubank, E. Eubank, Elizabeth [formerly Gregory] Eubank, Harriot Eubank, John Eubank, Philip, clerk Eubank, Sarah Eubank, John's Edmund Eubank's Joe Eull, Sarah Evans, Betty Evans, Cicilly Evans, Isabel Evans, Obediah Evans, Stephen Senr Evans, Stephen Junr Ezell, Sarah Fall Creek Church Farmer, John Fears, Bro. Fears, Old Sister Fears, William Fibbs, Olive Fibbs, Sarah Fisher, Elizabeth Flatrock [church] Flourney, Matthis Flyn, Elizabeth Flyn, John Ford, Rubin's Meetinghouse Foster, Moses Foster, Sarah Fountain's Creek [church] Fowler, Elizabeth, wife of Jeptha Fowler, Jepthah Fowlkes, Joseph Fox's Ferry on Roan Oak Freeman, ______? Fullerlove, Anthony Fullerlove, Elizabeth Fullerlove, Mary Fuqua, Elizabeth Fuqua, John, & wife Fuqua's Patt Fuqua's Peter Fuqua's Sarah Gail, Jane Garner, Elder Garret, Jane Garrot, ______? Garrott, Thomas Gayle [see Gail] Geeter, Bro. Genito Creek George, Elizabeth Gibson, Sister Gibson, David Gibson, Dorothy Gillam, Agness Goochland Church Goode's Meetinghouse Grady, Catherine Grady, Jonothan, & wife Green, Tho. Gregory, Bro. Gregory, Betsy Ann [formerly Williams] Gregory, David S. Gregory, Elizabeth (now Eubank) Gregory, John Gregory, John's Adam Gregory, John's Celia Gregory, John's Little Fanny Gregory, John's Big Fanny Gregory, John's James Gregory, John's Ned Gregory, Martha Gregory, Roderick R., clerk Gregory, Roderick R.'s Matt Gregory, Thomas Gregory, Thomas Junr Griffin, Anthony Griffin, Richard Gun, Emily C. Haley, Sister Haley, A. Haley, Anne Haley, Elizabeth Haley, Fanny Haley, Frances Haley, Henry, clerk, & wife Haley, Henry's Dorcus Haley, Henry's Little Dorcus Haley, Henry's Junor Haley, Isaac, & wife Haley, Mary Haley, Nancy Haley, Thomas Haley, Susan Haley, Woodward Haley, Wyatt Haley's Charles Haley's Jane Hall, Nathaniel Hammond, Ambrose, & wife Hammond, Ann Hammond, John Hammond, Sarah Hammond, William Hancock, ______? Hancock, Daniel, death Hancock, Sara Hankins, Manerva Hankins, Sarah Hankins, Susan, Susanna Hankins, William Harris, David Harris, E. Senr. Harris, Jane Harris, Mainy, Mainyard Harris, Micajah Harris, Saml Harrisses Creek Church Hatchet's Margery Hatchett, William Hawkins, Holly Hawkins, Jane Hawkins, John Hawkins, John Junr. Hawkins, Joseph, & wife Hawkins's Ford on N. Maherrin Hay, Rachel Hayley's Schoolhouse Hendrick, B. Herndon, Joseph Hepburn's Old Mill Hickory Run Meetinghouse [Brunswick] Hill, Ann Hill's Cook Hite, Elizabeth Hite, John Hite, Mary Hooper, Marulva Hooper, Mascilva Hooper, Obadiah Hubbard, Bro. Hudgeon, Eliza Hudson, Daniel Hudson, Tabitha Hughs, Frances, & husband Hunt, Sarah Hurt, Bro. Ingram, Elizabeth, Elizabeth F. Ingram, John, & wife, John C. Izard, Michael James's Meetinghouse Jamison, Mr. Jeffries, Ann Jeffries, Sarah Jeffries, Swepson Jenkins, Elder of Hallifax Jennings (see Jinnings) Jesse, Letty Jeter (see Geeter) Jinings, Martitia Johns, Eliza Johns, Joel Johnson, Brother Johnson, Charity, wife of James Johnson, Isaac Johnson, J. Johnson, James, & wife Charity Johnson, Jehu Johnson, John Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Mary Johnson, Nancy (was Burn) Johnson, Rebeckah Johnson, Retten Johnson, Ritter Johnson's Esther Johnson's Dick Johnson's Road Johnston, Nancy Jones, Brother Jones, Martha Jones, Mary Jones, Richard Jones, William & wife Jones's Brister Journey, Elizabeth Keith, Marshall M. Keith, Susan Kerr, John King, George King, John King, Mary King's Road Knight, Elizabeth Knight, Frances Knight, Joseph Knight, Sherwood Knott, Nancy, & husband Knott, Richard Kook (see Cook) Kough, Bro Lee, A. Lee, Anna Lee, Ann Lee, Henderson Lee, J. Jr. Lee, P. [female] Lee, Polly Lee, Samuel Lee, William Lee's Mill Edward Lester, Bro. [many, see Bryan] Lester, Bryan, & wife Lester, Bryan Junr Lester, Bryan W., clerk Lester, Elizabeth F. Lester, Frances H. Lester, Henry Lester, Nancy Lester, R. Lester, Susannah Lester?, Susan Lewis, ______ Lewis Frances Lewis, John Liggon, Sister Ligon, John Lindey, Elizabeth Linzely, Betty Little Owl Creek Locke Elizabeth Lower Meherrin Meeting House in Mecklenburg County Allens Creek Lucas, Charles, & wife Lucas, J. Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Susannah Ludsbury, Sarah Maherrin Church, Surry Co., NC Maherrin Association Main (see Mayne) Malone, Amy Malone, Lucy Malone, Milley Malone, Thomas Jr. meeting held at Malone's Meetinghouse in Mecklenburg Manikin Town, Association held at Manin, Sarah Marable, Mrs Marable,Salley Marables Mill Marshall, John Mason, ______, Mason, _______, (a blind woman) Mason, _______ (preached) Mason, William May, Daniel Mayne, _______ Mayne, Cinthy (see Scinthy) Mayne, S. Mayne, Sarah Mayne, Scinthy McCargo, Allen McCargo, David McConnico, Elder McConnico, Keziah McCullock, R. Mealer, Mattthew Mealer, Matthias Mealer, Sarah Morres (see Morris) Morris, Lucy Morris, Thomas J. Mosely, William Mossingford Church Mountain Creek Church (Pr Edward Co), Muckleroy, John Mullins, Mary Mullins, Sarah Nance, Fanny Nance, Francis Nance, Robert Neal, Cicily Neal, Sicily (see Cicily) Neal's Reubin Nottoway Churchb Nottoway Seats Meetinghouse Old Courthouse Church Orange Church Osbourn, Reps Osborne, William Page, Bro Palmore, Benjamin Palmore, Frances Palmore, Mary Pamplin, Elizabeth Pamplin, John Parins Old Field, Meeting held at Parsons, Elizabeth, marriage to Thomas Parsons Parsons, Joseph Parsons, Rosemond, death Parsons, Thomas, & wife Parsons' Jack Parsons' Old Mill Patterson (see Pattison) Pattison's Chaney Pattison's China Pattison's Peter Pattison's Sarah Perkins, Benjamin Perkinson, Jemema Perkinson, Seth, & wife Perrin, Kesandrew Perrin, Littice Perry, Lucy Pettus, Bro Pettus, Mrs. Pettus, Almira G. Pettus, Fanny Pettus, Franklin Pettus, George Pettus, Harriat Pettus, Nancy Pettus, Overton Pettus, Sarah Pettus, William, & wife, & daughter Pettus, Wyatt Pettus, Captain's slaves, Mary, Primus Petty, Bro Petty, David Petty, George Petty, Hannah Petty, John Petty, Littice Petty, William, & wife Pewit, Betsey Ann Pewit, Blackwell Pewit, Elizabeth Philadelphia Baptist Ass'n Picket, Reubin Poindexter, George Poindexter, Sarah Pollard, Henry Porter, Andrew Pound, Ann Puckett, Page Puckett, Rebeckah Pully, Rushe Pully, Thomas, & wife Ragsdale, Alice Ragsdale, Francis Ragsdale, Martha Ralph, Elizabeth Ralph, William Ramsey, Francis Rawlins, Elizabeth Read, James Read, Thomas Redford, William Reedy Creek Church Republican Meetinghouse (Hopkins Co. KY) Reynolds, Bro Richards, William Richmond Road Rivers, Old Sister Rivers, Bro. Rivers, Ann Rivers, Elizabeth Rivers, Martha Rivers, Sister P. Rivers, William Roanoak Association Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Elizabeth J. Roberts, Erasmus F. Roberts, George Roberts, Joseph, & wife Roberts, Joseph H. Roberts, Mary Roberts, Rebeckah Roberts, Theodorick, clerk Roberts, William Roberts, William T. Robertson, C. Robertson, Slave belonging to Colo.'s estate,Nepton Robertson, James Robertson, Mitchel Robertson, Mary A.L.C. Robertson, Winney Robertson's George Robertson's Mill Rogers, Susanna Royster's Ferry Rubin Fords Meetinghouse Russell, Hannah Russell, Henry Russell, Jeffrey Russell, John Senr Russell, Mary Russell, William Saffolds Bridge Sammons, Catherine Sammons, Elizabeth Sammons, J. Sammons, James Sammons, John Sammons, Sarah Sammons, William Sammons', Jane Sandy Creek Meetinghouse Sansom, Dorothy Sansom, Micajah Saunders, Sister Saunders, Ann Eliza Saunders, Mary Saunders, Robert Saunders, Robert Junr Saunders, Robert Senr Saunders, Susan Saunders, Susanna Saunders', Adam Saunders', Jim [Robert's] Scott, John G., & wife Melinda Scott, Melinda, Shelburn, Elder Shelburn, Ann Shelburn, James Shelburn, Mary Shelburn, Silas Shelburn, Thomas, & wife Shreeve, David, & wife Shreeve, Nancy Sibley, Robert Smith, John B. Smith, Wm. Smithson, Keziah Smithson, Major Smithson, Nancy Smithson, Sarah Smithson, Sarah Senr Smithson, Sarah Junr Snead, John Snead's Minder Soward, Mary Sparks, Elizabeth Speed, Old Mr. John Spraggins, Keziah Springfield Meetinghouse in Lunenburg Stanton River Church Staples, Elizabeth Stembridge, John Stephenson (or Stepherson), Polly Stokes, Lucretia Stokes, Sarah Stone, William Stone, William Junr Story, Ruth Sullivant, Manoch (where kept a tavern) Sullivant, Patty Sussex Church Swinny, Betsey Swinny, Mary Tatum's Juno Taylor, Susan Terry, Lucy Tessekiah Meetinghouse, Lunenburg Thomas, John (of Richmond) Tompkins, Bro. Thompson, Sister Thompson, Bro. Thompson, Sister Thompson, Bro. Thompson, David, & wife Thompson, Fanny Thompson, Frances Thompson, John Thompson, Martha Thompson, Robert, & wife Thompson, S. Thompson, Samuel Thompson, Salley (see Sarah) Thompson, Sarah Thompson, William, & wife Thompson's Alice Thompson's Fanny Thompson's Phillis Thompson's Meetinghouse (Louisa County) Thornton, Sarah Thornton, William, & wife, clerk Tinsley, David [evangelist] Tories Towler, Albert (see Fowler) Tucker, James Tune, Eliza Turner's Meetinghouse Vass, Thomas Vass's Meetinghouse Vaughan, Capt (of boundary lines) Vaughan, Craddock Vaughan, Mary Vaughan, Polly Vaughan, Stephen, & wife Walden, Frances Walker, Barbary Walker, Jeremiah Walker, Sister Walker, W. Walker's Frank Wall, Ann Wallace, Bro. Wallace, A. Wallace, Benjamin Wallace, Hugh, & wife Wallace, Lydda Wallace, Mary Wallace, Mary A.B. Wallace, Nancy wife of Hugh Wallace, Prudence Wallace, Sarah Wallace, Sara H. Wallace, William, & wife, & son's death Walthall, Bro Walton, Bro Walton, Ann Walton, Barbary Walton, Edward Walton, Frances Walton, Sherwood, & wife Walton, Susanna Walton, W.? Robert, & wife Walton's Amy (Sherwood's) Walton's Edward (Mrs. Walton's) Walton's Harry Walton's Meetinghouse, Association held at Walton's Old Road Ward, Mrs. Ward, Martha Ward, Wyllie Warrin, ______? Watkins, James Watkins, Martha Watson, Jane Watson, Jesse Watson, Joseph Watson, Joseph A., & wife Watson's Tom (Jesse's) Weatherford, Sister Weatherford, John Weatherford, Mary Weatherford, Nancy Weatherford, Polley Weatherford, Salley Weatherford, William Weatherford's Jenny Weatherford's Jigg Weatherford's Nancy Westbrook, Amanda Westbrook, Salley White, Mrs. White, C. White, Frances White, Mary White, Susanna White, William Whitehead, Bro Whitehead, Benjamin Whitehead, Elizabeth Whitehead, Joseph Whitehead's Arbour, Meeting at Whitler, Ann Whitler, Avery Whittmore, Martha Williams, Brob Williams, Barbarry Williams, Betsy Ann (see Betsy Ann Gregory) Williams, Dick Williams, Edward Williams, Edwin Williams, Frances Williams, Henrietta Williams, Henry Williams, Henry Junr Williams, J. Williams, John, clerk, ordained a minister death Williams, Joseph, & wife Williams, Mary Williams, Matthew J., clerk Meherrin Meetinghouse, Surry Co., NC Williams, Nancy Williams, Sam Williams, Sarah Williams, Susan Williams, Susanna Williams', Charles (Joseph's) Williams', Hannah (Joseph's) (Nancy's) Williams', Lydia (Nancy's) Williams', Sall (Ro.H.'s) Williams', Old Sarah Williams', Sam death of John's Sam Williams' Meetinghouse (Meherrin) Williamson, Ann Williamson, Ro. Willson, Jas. Wilson, Ann Wilson's Meetinghouse, Witton's Molly Wood, Fanny ? Wood, Frances (to Tenn ) Wood, Johnson Wood, Margaret Wood, Sarah Wood, Sister Wood, T. Wood, Thomas Wood's Bartlett (Mrs.Polly's) Wood's Sharper (W.'s), Wooldridge, Sarah Wooldridge, William Winn, Elder Witton's Molly Wooton, Mary Wylie, Mrs. Yarbrough, Joseph


Abstracted by JoLee Spears

© All rights reserved. JoLee Spears 1 November 1996

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