Historical Churches in Mecklenburg County

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Old ChurchCan anyone identify this old church in Southside Virginia - Lunenburg County?
First to name it correctly (include the county) gets his/her name posted here...

Update: Ronnie Allen Bugg identified the Lunenburg church, which is Mount Zion Baptist Church. It was formed mostly by dissenters from the old Meherrin Baptist Church (1771-1844) . Click here - a recent-day likeness


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Clarksville Baptist Church 1818 Clarksville Bernard C. Rodenhizer
Ebenezer Baptist Church By 1804 Baskerville Quadr. Carolyn Davis-2-23-99
United Methodist Church Built 1888 La Crosse, VA Ann Martin-1 Feb 1999
Others? ? ? ? ?

List of microfilm available for Mecklenburg County Churches
provided by Ward H. Oliver:

Mecklenburg County Church records are available on microfilm through the Family History Centers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon). A film can be rented for $3.50 for two months; it can be extended if necessary. These records typically contain the session minutes, a church history, baptisms, many death dates, some marriages, lists of pastors, officers, and communicants, etc. Often such items as kinship between members and when they left the church and where they went, all valuable information for the geneaogist.

Listed are records available of Mecklenburg County churches, the years covered, and order numbers for the microfilm. Contents vary among the churches.