Excerpts from 1869 Minutes of Concord Baptist Association

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May 30, 2000

Source: Minutes of the Thirty-Eighth Annual Session of the Concord 
Baptist Association held with the Meherrin Church, Lunenburg County, VA 
August 11th, 12th and 13th, 1869.  - transcribed from an 
original - JoLee Gregory Spears, May 2000.

     Note: the Meherrin Church referred to here, constituted in 1865, 
is not the same or at the same location as the old Meherrin Baptist 
Church 1781-1844, Lunenburg County - JoLee.

History of the Concord Baptist Association from its origin in 1833, to 
its present Session in 1869.

The Middle District Association, from which the Concord Association 
originated, was organized in 1784.  This Association then embraced all 
the churches from the Strawberry Association on the west, to the 
Kehukee Association on the east.  From this Association has been formed 
three other district Associations.

     In May 1785, the Middle District Association met at Rice's meeting 
house, in Prince Edward County.
     In May 1786, at Nottoway Church, in Nottoway county.
     In May 1787, at Mossingford, in Charlotte county, at which time 
the churches in the south-western part of the district withdrew and 
formed a separate Association called the Roanoke Association.
     In May 1791, the Middle District Association met at Cedar Creek 
Church, in Lunenburg county.
     In May 1792, at Sandy Creek, in Amelia county.
     About the year 1803, two other Association were formed from the 
Middle District - one called the Appomattox Association, and the other 
the Meherrin Association.
     The Meherrin Association, now known as the Concord Association, 
continued its existence until about the year 1831, when the doctrines 
of Alexander Campbell were introduced into the churches, causing a 
division of sentiment, a separation of the churches, and finally a 
dissolution of the Association.
     In April, 1833, the following churches, which had formerly been 
connected with the Meherrin Association, viz: James' Square, Sandy 
Creek, Blue Stone (now know as Bethel), Concord and Malone's met at 
Concord, and with the assistance of Elders James B. Taylor and John 
Kerr proceeded to organize the Concord Association, Elder John Kerr 
acting as moderator.
     In July 1833, the Concord Association held its first session with 
the church at James' Square.  Elder John Kerr, in absence of Elder Jas. 
B. Taylor, preached the introductory sermon.  Elder Robert T. Daniel 
was chosen Moderator and brother Charles King, Clerk.
     At this session the following churches were added to the 
Association, viz: Clarksville, Cut Banks and Reedy Creek; and in 1834 
Fountain's Creek was also added to its number.
     Of the previous history of the foregoing churches which united 
with the Association at, or about the time of its organization, but 
little is known.  The most, if not all, of the said churches were, 
previous to its dissolution, members of the old Meherrin Association.
     Two of the said churches, viz: Sandy Creek, which for many years 
was under the pastoral care of Elder John B. Smith; and Cut Bank, which 
at the time it united with the Association, was under the pastoral care 
of Elder W. W. Snow, being subsequently for many years without pastors 
and destitute of preaching of the gospel, became extinct.
     It is with pleasure, however, we learn that the congregation 
worshipping at Cut Banks have recently built a good house, and are 
making efforts to have regular ministerial services, and it is hoped 
will soon re-organize and re-unite with the Association.

     Mount Zion, constituted August 26th, 1834, under the pastoral care 
of Elder Gilbert Mason; Gilgal, now known as Liberty, constituted June 
15th 1835, Elder John B. Smith pastor; and Antioch, constituted in 
1835, Elder Gilbert Mason pastor, were each received as members of the 
Association in August, 1835.

     Union, now known as Ebenezer, constituted in 1836, Elder J. B. 
Smith pastor, was received into the Association in August, 1836.

     Mercy Seat, now known as Jonesboro', constituted the 19th 
September 1836, with 11 members, formerly connected with Cedar Creek 
church, Elder John Britton officiating as pastor until February, 1838, 
when Elder J. W. D. Creath assumed the pastoral care of the church, was 
received into the Association in August, 1838.

     Bethlehem, constituted in 1840, Elder Wm. H. Jordan pastor, was 
received in August, 1840.

     Mount Lebanon, constituted in 1842, from members of old Chesnut 
Hill, formerly connected with the Meherrin Association, having secured 
the services of Elder J. W. D. Creath, as their pastor, whose labors 
had been greatly blessed in building up the said church, was received 
into the Association in August, 1842.

     Tussekiah, formerly connected with the Meherrin Association, was 
reorganized in 1843, under the pastoral care of Elder J. W. D. Creath, 
and received into the Association in August, 1843.

     Cool Spring, constituted in 1844 from the members of Mercy Seat, 
dismissed for the purpose of organizing said church, then under the 
pastoral care of Elder J. W. D. Creath, was received into the 
Association in August, 1844.

     Buffalo, formerly connected with the Flat River Association, 
whilst under the pastoral care of Elder A. F. Davidson, united with the 
Association in August, 1852.

     Mount Horeb, constituted in 1860, under the pastoral care of Elder 
A. F. Davidson, was received into the Association in August, 1860.

     Central, constituted in 1860, under the pastoral care of Elder H. 
Crowder, was received in 1861.

     Meherrin, constituted in 1865, under the pastoral care of Elder E. 
S. Taylor, whose labors had been instrumental in building up said 
church, was received into the Association in August, 1866.
Ministers of the Concord Baptist Association, with their Post Office 
Address, 1869:
Ordained Ministers:
T. W. Sydnor, Blacks and Whites, Nottoway County, Va.
T. W. Greer, Christiansville, Mecklenburg County, Va.
A. F. Davidson, Christiansville, Mecklenburg County, Va.
W. O. Bailey, Lawrenceville, Brunswick County, Va.
E. S. Taylor, Keysville, Charlotte County, Va.
R. Burton, Christiansville, Mecklenburg County, Va.
H. Crowder, Sutherland's, Dinwiddie County, Va.
J. C. Bailey, Hicksford, Greensville County, Va.
T. E. Montague, Bethel Hill, N. C.

Licentiate Ministers:
Richard Baptist, Christiansville, Mecklenburg County, Va.

T. W. Sydnor, Moderator, Blacks and White, Nottoway County, Va.
J. G. Powell, Clerk and Treasurer, Forkland, Nottoway County, Va.

Names of delegates enrolled:
     Antioch - J. Y. Richards, J. B. Barnes, Henry J. Barnes.
     Buffalo - W. S. Gordan (absent), Lett. Jones (absent), W. A. Elam 
     Clarksville - E. A. Williams, W. S. Downer.
     Bethlehem - A. F. Davidson, Alex'r Smith.
     Bethel - W. B. Smith, G. T. Gregory.
     Mount Horeb - R. R. Crenshaw, J. T. Crenshaw.
     Liberty - W. C. Terry, Wm. J. Jeffress.
     Mount Zion - A. Maxey, W. L. Eubank, J. E. Eubank, E. J. Gregory.
     Concord - C. Wood, J. H. Phillips, J. R. Walker.
     Ebenezer - No letter or delegate.
     Meherrin - R. L. Shackleton, R. L. Bruce.
     Tussekiah - J. L. Hundley, A. N. Johns, J. C. Cralle.
     Mount Lebanon - No letter or delegate.
     Jonesboro' - R. B. Brydie, J. G. Powell,
     Cool Spring - T. W. Sydnor, T. L. Sydnor.
     Malone's - Turner Sanders.
     James' Square - W. O. Bailey, Sr., W. O. Bailey, Jr.
     Reedy Creek - J. A. Blick (absent), H. S. Parrish (absent).
     Fountain Creek - No letter or delegate.
     Central - No letter or delegate.