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John Cox of Bluestone and John Cox of Finneywood
John Cox of Bluestone Mecklenburg Co., Va.
Will of John Cox, Mecklenburg Co., Va
16 Apr. 1791; 13 Jan. 1794;WB 3:200
Names:   Wife: Lucretia Cox
         Sons: John Cox, Samuel Cox and Thomas Cox
         Daus: Mary Hogan,  Lucretia Gregory,  Sarah Pulliam, Martha Hood
Exec: Sons John, Samuel & Thomas Cox.
Wit: William Hall, Thomas Wilson & Nicholas Mealer Jr.

One apparent son, Bolling Cox, died (27 Feb. 1776; 13 Apr. 1778; WB 1:257) naming brothers:
Thomas and Samuel Cox and sisters: Mary Hall, Lucrecy Cox & Martha Cox.  Est. to brothers
Thomas & Samuel.  Exec: Brother Samuel Cox & Henry Speed.  Wit: Henry Speed, John Cox,
Godfrey Crowder & William Hall.

   It appears from the Bolling Cox will that sister Mary m. 1st a Hall & 2nd a Hogan.  Sister
   Lucretia m. a Gregory between 1776 & 1791.  Brother John & sister Sarah were not

WB 4:224, Meck. Co., recorded 8 Sep 1800 Adm. of John Cox dec'd debit Peter Bailey to the
estate of John Cox dec'd Bluestone per bonds delivered unto sd Bailey security for Samuel Cox
exor for collection &C.  [I do not know how much more could be picked up fr administration of
est.  I had wondered about the identity of husband of Lucretia Gregory; my husband spotted the
Gregory & I copied the following:
   21 Sep. 1797 10 shillings "for sending after Harden Gregory & Jonathan Cox."
   8 June 1797 paid Henry Speed for Harden Gregory & William Hogan per orders from
   Hogan & Gregory per receipt from Speed 62.11.7 dated 26 Apr. 1800;
   Note: Assuming Harden Gregory was husb. of Lucretia Cox, there were two Harden
   Gregorys that I know of.  One was s/o Thomas Gregory (wife Elizabeth) who 1st lv. in
   Halifax Co., Va., then Mecklenburg Co., Va. (no land record), then Chatham Co., NC,
   then Smith Co., Tenn.  Some yrs ago I tried to learn something of this Harden Gregory,
   with no luck.  Seems he lived in the area of Giles Co., Tenn.   The other Harden Gregory
   was s/o Smith Gregory (1st Cen. Halifax Co., Va.) s/o Richard Gregory who 2nd m. d/o
   William Vaughan & moved to Ky.  Smith Gregory (s/o Richard) m. Martha Vaughan d/o
   Samuel Vaughan s/o William Vaughan.  I have nothing on age of Hardin s/o Smith
   Gregory, only that Hardin (listed as the youngest of Smith) m. Sarah Jett.  Family sheet of
   Richard Gregory shows oldest child: Smith Gregory b. ca 1760, d. 8 Mar. 1832; m. Martha
   Vaughan d. 1834.  (Later: Descendants of Richard Gregory line say that Harden was too   young 
to have been the one in the Mecklenburg Co., Va. John Cox record. By route of "rule out"
it seems the Harden of John Cox estate record almost certainly was son of Thomas Gregory of Chatham and son-in-law of John Cox of Bluestone.) * * * * * JoLee Gregory Spears; Raleigh, NC 27620; 10-18-90 1794 [don't have full date] John Cox bequeathed to his beloved wife Lucreasy Cox for natural life one Negro G--- & then to granddaughter Temperance Vaughan...[Meck. DB 8:370] Meck. OB 8:215 9 Dec. 1793 A deed of gift for John Cox to Temperance Vaughan was prov. by oaths of Godfrey Crowder, Samuel Cox & Nicholas Mealer. Possibly dau. Martha Hood named in will was 1st m. to a Vaughan: Meck. Co.; Starling Hood m. Martha Vaughan; M.B. 11 July 1785; sur: George Barnes; cons: Robert Hood, f/o Starling. (Doesn't seem a 2nd mar. of Martha would be to a minor, but could be.) Nothing inferred- Jeremiah Vaughan, nuncup. will [WB 3:123 Meck.] Verbal will made in presence of witnesses - Entire estate left wife, Martha Vaughan, for life. Wit: William Creath; Thomas Stegall; Dorothy Newman. Martha Vaughan, widow and relict of Jeremiah Vaughan dec'd, qualified as administratrix at Court held July 9, 1792. (One Jeremiah Vaughan m. Martha Steagall 21 Sep. 1791, Brunswick Co., Va./Vaughan Newsletter Apr. 1984,p. 9) * * * * * John Cox of Finneywood 1758 19 July, John Cox Jr. m. Francinie Bouldin, spinster; sur: Thomas Bouldin; Lunenburg Co. before Mecklenburg formed. Another Cox to Bouldin in Charlotte Co.: 2 Nov. 1768. Bartels Cox m. Mary Bouldin d/o Thomas Bouldin; sur: Clement Read. As I checked my scattered Charlotte Co. records for a possible connection of the John Cox of Bluestone family to the Abraham Vaughan family of Charlotte, to account for the granddau. Temperance Vaughan, I instead ran into the Bouldins. Charlotte Co. WB 1:334 Will of Thomas Bouldin elder; names son: James Bouldin; dau: Fransena wf of John Cox; son Thomas Bouldin, son William Bouldin; son Joseph Bouldin; chil. of my dau. Marry; sons Wood & Richard Bouldin. Exec: sons Wood & Richard Bouldin; 1 May 1777; wit: James Cunningham; Sarah Collier, Abraham Vaughan; Ann Vaughan; Robert Gilliam, Thomas Cox. Prov. 2 June 1783. Sec: Reverent Thomas Johnston & Joseph Collier./furn. by B.W. Will of John Cox 29 June 1793; 9 June 1794; WB3:215 Names: Wife: Francinia Cox Mother: Mary Cox Sisters: Ann Ship & Mary Smithson Sister: Delicia Chandler, wife of William Chandler Sister: Talitha Browder, wife of Isham Browder. Brothers: Frederick & Bartley Cox. Executrix: Wife Francinia Cox Wit: William Ellis, Thomas Ellis, Ellison Ellis Junr, David Stokes Junr. === Note: Don't know how or if this marriage fits in: Thomas Green m. Francinia Cox; M.B. 22 Mar. 1792; Sur: John Cox Jr.; m. 5 Apr. 1792; min: John Williams; "Thomas Green of Lunenburg Co." This John Cox lived on S. Fork Meherrin River, in Mecklenburg Co., Va. adj. the Joseph Gregory family. The will of his father is recorded in Lunenburg Co., Va.;WB 2:232 Will of John Cox The Elder 15 July 1764;13 Sep. 1764 Names: Wife: Mary Cox Sons: John Cox, Frederick Cox & Bartley Cox Daus: Anne Ship & her dau. Nancy Ship; Delita Chandler & her two children, Rebekah & Keziah Chandler; Mary Smithson & her dau. Keziah Smithson; Edith Minor & her dau. Letitia Minor; and Talletha Cox Granddaus: Mary Cox d/o John Cox; Franky Coleman Cox d/o Frederick Cox. * * * * *
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