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Armistead-Hill-Goode Camp 749, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Announcement: April 14th 2002 at 4:00PM Candlelight Service in honor of Confederate History Month.
Location: Crowder-Hite-Crews Funeral Home in South Hill
The service will also serve as a fund-raiser for the Monument. A $5 donation is requested for the first soldier’s name to read and $2 for each name thereafter. Proceeds are to be placed in the monument fund. The brother camp in Brunswick has been invited, as well as the public. You do not have to make a donation in order to attend.


Meeting Information




          Roster of VMI New Market Cadets
          Mecklenburg born:
              Davis, Andrew Jackson b Mecklenburg
              Redd, Alexander Fletcher b Mecklenburg
              Wimbish, Lewis Williams. b Boydton
War of the Rebellion, Journal Contents (1880 - 1901)
All volumes (60) have been scanned from originals held by the Cornell University Library.

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