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 Submitted by Kathy Turner December 30, 2010


Mecklenburg Co., VA Deed Bk 27, p. 560:


Blackwell to Walker: This Indenture made and entered into by and between Robert Blackwell Jr. of the County of Lunenburg of the one part and Freeman Walker of the County of Mecklenburg of the other part Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred & six dollars lawful money of Virginia to the said Robert Blackwell in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged he hath bargained and sold by these presents doth bargain & sell enfeoff and confirm unto the said Freeman Walker a certain tract of land containing by estimation two hundred and three acres be the same more or less lying and being in the said County of Mecklenburg and bounded on the north by the lands of James Oslin on the west by Mountain Creek on the south by the lands of Henry Willson and on the east by the lands of the said Freeman Walker. To have and to hold the said tract of land unto the only proper use and behoof of him the said Walker his heirs and assigns forever. And the said Robert Blackwell Jr. doth by these presents warrant and forever defend the said land and all other appurtenances thereunto belonging unto him the said Freeman Walker his heirs executors administrators and assigns free from the claim or claims of all other persons whatsoever. In witness whereof the said Robert Blackwell Jr. hath hereto set his hand & seal this 16th day of January 1838.

signed sealed & delivered                                                     Robert Blackwell, Jr. (seal)

in presence of

James H. Gunn

R. H. L. Bailey


Mecklenburg County Clerks Office 21st June 1838.

                        The foregoing Indenture of Bargain and sale was this day received in the Clerks Office aforesaid, and acknowledged by Robert Blackwell to be his act and deed, and pursuant to an act of assembly in such cases made and provided is admitted to record.

                                                                                                            Teste J. J. Daly, D.C.