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 Submitted by Kathy Turner December 30, 2010


Mecklenburg Co., VA Order Bk 4, pp. 16-17:



Hugh McMackin & Company Pltfs against William, James, and Lewis Toone Defts in Debt:


Thomas Parrott Special bail for Wm Toone and delivers him here in Court to the custody of the Sheriff whereon the [word(s) missing] prays him etc. and the said Defendant in custody not appearing the Severally (summarily?) called on the motion of the Plaintiff by his Attorney It is ordered that judgment be entered for the Plaintiff against the said Deft in custody for the Debt in the Declaration mentioned and costs unless the said Defendant shall appear and plead to You(?) at the next Court and Achilles Jeffries.


Special bail for James and Lewis and thereupon the said Defendants saving to himself (sic) all advantage of exception as well to the Plaintiff Next(?) as to his declaration prays o? of the writing obligatory in the declaration mentioned and leave to imparte until the next Court and then to plead.