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 Submitted by Kathy Turner December 30, 2010



Mecklenburg Co., VA Deed Bk 18, pp. 111-112:


Toone to Garner: This Indenture made this 21st day of August 1819 between Thomas Toone & Winny his wife of the County of Mecklenburg and State of Virginia of the one part and Samuel Garner of the same County & State of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Thomas Toone for and in consideration of the sum of ninety three pounds fifteen shillings to him in hand paid by the said Samuel Garner the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged has given, granted, bargained & sold aliened enfeoffed and confirmed and doth by these presents give grant bargain sell alien enfeoff and confirm unto him the said Samuel Garner one certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County aforesaid and containing sixty two and one half acres and bounded by the lands of the estate of John Barnes, Francis Hamner? Thomas Toone and James Garner Senr To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land to him the said Samuel Garner and his heirs forever, and the said Thomas Toone doth covenant and agree to and with the said Samuel Garner to warrant & forever defend the title to the said tract or parcel of land against the claims or demands of all persons whatsoever. In Witness whereof the said Thomas Toone & Winny his wife have hereunto put their hands & affixed their seals the day and year above written.

                                                                                    Thos Toone (his mark) (seal)

                                                                                    Winny Toone


Mecklenburg County to wit

                        We Hugh Nelson and William B. Stokes magistrates of the said County do certify that Thomas Toone a party to the within deed hath duly acknowledged the same before us on the 21st day of August 1819 & desired us to certify the same to the Clerk of the County Court of Mecklenburg in order that the same may be recorded. As witness our hands and seals.

                                                                                    Hugh Nelson (L.S.)

                                                                                    Wm. B. Stokes (L.S.)  



Mecklenburg County to wit:

                        We Hugh Nelson and William B. Stokes Justices of the peace in the said County do hereby certify that Winny Toone wife of Thomas parties to the written conveyance to Samuel Garner bearing date on the 21st August 1819 and hereto annexed personally appeared before us in our said County, and being examined by us privily and apart from her husband and having the deed aforesaid fully explained to her, she the said Winny Toone acknowledged the same to be her act and deed and declared that she had willingly signed sealed and delivered the same, and that she wished not to retract it. Given under our hands & seals this 21st August 1819.

                                                                                    Hugh Nelson (L.S.)

                                                                                    Wm. B. Stokes (L.S.)


Mecklenburg Clerks Ofice th 20th day of September 1819

            The within written Indenture was this day received in the Clerks Office aforesaid and pursuant to an act of assembly in that case made, and provided is admitted to record.

                                                                                    Teste, Edward L. Tabb, Cmr.