Mecklenburg Co., VA Deed Commrs. to Ephraim Gold 1803
Transcribed and submitted by Patricia Henderson-London 13 January 1999
This deed of Indenture made and entered into by and between John Speed, Nathan Northington, Stephen P. Pool and Charles Hamilton commissioners and by virtue of a Decree of the County Court of Mecklenburg of the one part and Ephraim Gold of the other Part.Witnesseth for and in consideration of the sum of eighty five pounds to the aforesaid commissioners secured to be paid, hath this day bargained sold alien and confirmed unto him the said Ephraim Gold his heirs and assigns forever one certain tract or parcel of land containing eighty five acres to the same more or less and adjoins the lands of Henry Townes and others and lying on Dan River. It being the same land mentioned in the aforesaid decree and the same tract of land of which Moore Gold died, seized of which said decree runs in the following words (to wit) Mecklenburg March Quarterly Court 1803 Daniel Gold, Ephraim Gold, Pleasant Gold, Elijah Griffin and Mary His wife, Elisha Griffin and Sarah, his wife. Which said Daniel, Ephraim, Pleasant, Mary & Sarah are brothers and sisters of the whole blood Petitioners against John Gold, Josiah Gold, and Milley Gold by their Guardian Thomas Hailey, which said John, Josiah, and Milley are brothers and sisters of the decedent of the half blood. Ann Hill and Elizabeth Hill infant children of James Hill and Elizabeth his wife, also deceased which said Elizabeth was also sister of the half blood of the said decedent by Thomas Carleton their Guardian. Debts For the sale of eighty-five acres of land more or less whereof the said decedent died seized of the intestate and the distribution of the money arising therefrom On the motion of the Petitioners by their Council and it appearing to the court that the defendants John, Josiah, and Milley by their guardian aforesaid have been duly summoned and that on order of Publication has been duly published as to the debts Ann and Elizabeth by their guardians also aforementioned. It is decreed and ordered that John Speed, Nathan Northington, Joseph Blank, Lewis Stephen Petty Pool and Charles Hamblin or any three of them do sell the aforesaid eight five acres of land more or less of which Decedent Gold died possessed on twelve months credit after advertising the same a reasonable time and that the said commissioners take bond with good security for the purchase money payable to themselves and that they also convey the said lands to the purchaser and make repast thereof to the court in order to a final decree. John Dortch D Cr. To have and to hold the aforesaid tract of land unto him the said Ephraim Gold his heirs and assigns forever and the said Commissioners doth and will forever warrant and defend the title of the same as Commissioners against themselves and their heirs and all others persons claiming by through or under them. In testimony we hereunder set our hands and seals this 16th day of July one thousand eight hundred and three Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of Richard James Joseph Epperson Pleasant Gold At a court held for Mecklenburg County the 10th day of October 1803. This deed was insured by the oaths of Joseph Epperson and Pleasant Gold witnesses thereto and at a court held for the same county the 9th day of April 1804.The said indentures was further proved by the oath of Richard Jones another witness thereto and ordered to be recorded. Teste William Bashervill Cr. Cur === Mecklenburg Co., VA: Robert Seat Relinquishment to sisters Sara and Elizabeth 1784 Submitted by: Patricia H. London Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds 1779-1786 Deed Book 6 Page 389 I, Robert Seat of Halifax County, hereby certify that I give up all claims to a tract Of land that was given to my 2 sisters, Sara and Elizabeth, containing about 383 acres in M (Mecklenburg) on the north side of Buffalo Creek, as I verily believe it was my Father's desire that they possess it forever. Signed July 30.1784-Robert (X his mark) Seat. Witness James Wilkins, John (I his mark) Sizemore, Daniel Gold, Ambrose Grigory, William (+ his mark) Vaughn. "The true intent of the within is to Thomas Hamlin and his heirs and Assigns forever". August 6,1784 Received of Thomas Hamlin, full satisfaction of all debts, bonds, bills or cost from the beginning of the world to this day. Signed: Robert (X his mark) Seat Witness- Daniel Gold, John Tuck, John (I his mark) Sizemore, William (+ his mark) Vaughan. Recorded August 9,1784.