Transcribed and submitted by JoLee Spears 25 Feb 1999

Note: These two tracts of land were sold in 1765, one tract to Henry Newton (Meck. DB1:126) and the other to George Newton (Meck. DB1:127).

Lunenburg Co. tracts of land that fell in Mecklenburg.

James Maury (clerk)
16 Aug 1756
40 shillings
400a Lunenburg
Pt Bk 34:101
"On both sides of Little Buffalo Creek"
Beginning at a white oak near a branch thence
South sixty three degrees East one hundred forty four poles crossing Grassy 
Creek Path and Little Buffalo Creek aforesaid to a white oak
South five degrees West two hundred and eighty poles crossing Grassy Creek Path 
and a fork of Little Buffalo f_(see below)_____ to a red oak 
North eighty five degrees West two hundred sixty four poles to pointers thence
North twenty three & a quarter degrees  East three hundred fifty six poles 
crossing Little Buffalo four??teen??
to the beginning
James Maury (Clerk)
16 Aug 1756
40 shillings
400a Lunenburg Co.
Pt Bk 34:103
"On both sides of Little Buffalo Creek, adjoining Thos Priestwood"
Beginning at pointers on Thomas Priestwood's line thence along the same
North sixty three degrees West one hundred thirty six poles crossing the Creek 
to his corner white oak thence 
off the same course continued eighty poles to a large pine thence 
North twenty seven degrees East ninety eight poles to a little red oak
North twenty two degrees West two hundred twenty poles to two little white oaks 
East two hundred thirty five poles crossing the Creek aforesaid to a little 
Hiccory pointer
South three hundred eighty nine poles to the beginning
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=== Submitted by Billie Etling Mecklenburg Co., VA DB 29:277,278 7 Nov 1840;21 Jun 1841 Elam S. Wall & Lucy his wife of Meck To: Hampton Malone of same $281.25 90 acres exclusive of the land appropriated to the use of the Poplar Spring Meeting House and this tract of land is the equal part of the said Elam and Lucy Wall allotted them in the Landes? estate, whereof John Tillotson died seized & possess in the county of Mecklenburg On waters of Buffalo and bounded as follows Beginning at a corner red oak in Charles Summerhills line, thence along his line N73W 44 poles to a red oak in ditto a small __?__ thence along the same N80W 30 poles to a corner pine, thence a new line N89W 130 poles to a new corner pine in David Purkins line, thence due N 31 poles to a corner hickory in John Newtons line, thence along his line N89E 33 1/2 poles to a corner pointers in ditto, thence along the same N4 1/2 E 24? poles to a new corner pointers, thence a new line S74E 205 poles to a new corner pointers on James Griffins and Hezekiah Yanceys corner, thence along Yanceys line S2 1/2W 85 poles to the beginning Signed: Elam S. Wall and Lucy (mark) Wall Ack by Stephen P.Pool and Launcelott G. Wade, who privately examined Lucy who relinquished right of dower. 7 Nov 1840 Rec: 21 June 1841
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