Deeds of Matthew Jackson
Mecklenburg Co., VA

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This research was by Craig Kilby in April, 2001

Joseph Crowder to Matthew Jackson
Mecklenburg County, VA Deed Book 3, p. 172-174


Date executed:  8 July 1771
Date recorded:  8 July 1771
Grantor:  Joseph Crowder & Mary his wife, of Mecklenburg, VA
Grantee:  Matthew Jackson, of Amelia County, VA
Consideration:  30 current money of Virginia
Acreage:  216 acres of land

Description:  a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Mecklenburg on 
the south side of Pats Branch containing 216 acres more or less, beginning at a corner white oak 
in Nisom's line thence along the dividing line to a corner pine in Ragdale's line thence along 
Ragsdale's line to Pulliam's line thence along the said line to Crowder's line thence along the 
same to the beginning, being part of a patent granted to Benjamin Whitehead for 416 acres.

Signatures:  Joseph Crowder, Mary Crowder

Witnesses:  None

Proved in court by Joseph Crowder 8 July 1771, Mary his wife relinquishing her dower the same 

Other deeds to Matthew Jackson in Mecklenburg County, VA

DB 5:446.  5 May 1779.  William Johnson to Matthew Jackson, 100 acres on north side of 
Buckhorn Creek, adj. Buckhorn Creek, Joseph Kelly, Burnett's line, Brown's line, Marable's line.  
Rec. 10 May 1779

DB 5:485.  28 May 1779.  Matthew Marable of Mecklenburg to Matthew Jackson of same.  100 
acres sold to said Marable by Ephraim Puckett on 3 June 1773.  See deed from Isaac Beaves to 
Ephraim Puckett for full description.  Land had been sold to Ellis Fowler by deed of trust.  
Witnessed by John Johnston, Isaac Brown, Ellis Fowler. 

DB 5:499.  17 July 1779.  William Johnson to Matthew Jackson, for 100.  116 acres on North 
side of Buckhorn Creek, adj. Jeffries, Burnett, Brown.  Witnessed by Isaac Brown, James Cash, 
Ellis Fowler, Joseph Kelly, Edward Finch, William Hepburn, Benjamin Ferrell.  Rec. 11 OCT 1779.

DB 6:22.  27 JAN 1780.  Isaac Brown to Matthew Jackson, for 2000.  250 acres on South Side 
of Buckhorn Creek, adjacent said Jackson.  Witnessed by Zachariah Johnson, Sally Johnson, 
Thomas Hightowner and Milly Hightower.