P/A  John Elam, Mecklenburg Co., VA to Daniel Elam of Rutherford Co., TN

    Submitted by Annette Wetzel 23 Nov 1998

Mecklenburg County VA Deed Book 14, page 399

John Elam to Daniel Elam Power of Attorney

"Know all men by these presents that I, John Elam of Mecklenburg County,
State of Virginia, do appoint my brother Daniel Elam of Rutherford
County, State of Tennessee,
my lawful attorney to sue for, recover and receive a small parcel of land
(not exceeding 20 acres) for which I entered into a written agreement
with Joel Childress of Rutherford County, State of Tennessee, which
parcel joins a tract of land which I purchased of the said Childress
containing 200 acres. My brother has authority under this power of
attorney to make a sale of the 200 acres plus what he can get from the
said Childress." Dated 13 April 1811, Recorded 20 May 1811.