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George Newton deed submitted by Judy June 20, 2009

From Mecklenburg County Deed Book 1, beginning page 127:
This indenture made the 22d day of August in the Year of our Lord one  thousand seven hundred & sixty five between James Maury Clerk of the  County of Albermarle in the Province of Virginia of the one part &  George Newton of the County of Mecklenburg in the Colony of Virginia  of the other part Witnesseth that the sd James Maury for and in  Consideration of the sum of Thirty eight Pounds Current Money of  Virginia to him this Jas Maury in hand paid before the Ensealing &  delivering of these Presents the Receipt whereof the the said James  Maury doth hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained & sold Aliened,  Enfeoffed Released & Confirmed & by these Presents do grant bargain &  Sell Alien Enfeoff release and Confirm unto the sd George Newton his  heirs & assigns for ever one certain Tract or Parcell of Land Situate,  lying and being in the County of Mecklenburg on both sides little  Buffaloe Creek and bounded as followeth to wit beginning at a white  oak near a branch Thence South 63 Degrees East 164 Poles crossing  grassey Creek Path & little Buffaloe Creek aforesd to a white oak  Thence South 5 Deg West 280 Poles crossing grassey Creek Path & fork  of little Buffaloe aforesaid to a Red oak North Eighty five Deg West  264 poles to pointers, Thence North 23 1/4 Degrees East 356 poles  crossing little Buffaloe four times to the Beginning Containing in the  whole four hundred Acres more or less be the same together with the  Reversion of Reversions remainder of Remainders Rights Issues &  Profits thereof and also all the Estate, Right, Tythe, Interest,  Property Claim & Demand whatsoever of him the said James Maury of in &  to the sd Land and of in & to every part & parcel thereof. To have &  to hold the said Seat Tract or parcel of Land & Premises unto him the  sd George Newton his Heirs & Assigns to the only proper use benefit &  behoof of him the said George Newton his Heirs & Assigns for ever the  said James Maury for himself his Exors & Adm doth covenant & grant to  and with the said George Newton his Heirs & Assigns by these Presents  that he the sd Jas Maury & his Heirs the said Seat Tract or Parcel of  Land & Premises unto the sd George Newton his Heirs & Assigns for ever  shall & will Warrant & forever Defend from all Persons Claiming or to  claim from by or under him, them or any of them In Witness whereof the  sd Jas Maury hath hereunto set his hand & Affixed his Seal the day &  Year first above Written
James Maury (seal)
Signed Sealed & Delivered in Presence of R. Morris Henry Newton George Newton William Newton At a Court held for Mecklenburg County 9th Sept 1765 This Indenture was proved by the Oaths of three of the Witnesses  thereto Subscribed & Admitted to Record
John Tabb