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 Submitted by Kathy Turner December 30, 2010

Mecklenburg Co., VA Deed Bk 37, p. 262:


Lewis L. Toone to Jos. L. Wootton, Tr.: This Deed made this 4th day of August 1866 between Lewis L. Toone of the first part and Joseph L. Wootton hereby appointed Trustee of the second part, Witnesseth, that the said Lewis L. Toone doth grant unto the said Wootton the following property, to wit, the tract of land on which he now resides, with all its appurtenances, containing about two hundred and sixty acres, and all his household and kitchen furniture. In Trust to secure a debt due to Wm R. Toone of twelve hundred and fifty dollars by hand dated 1st day of May 1866 bearing interest from date. And it is agreed by the parties hereto that said Lewis L. Toone shall have the use, possession, and enjoyment of the property hereby conveyed until the sale thereof, and it is further agreed by the parties that whenever the collection of payments of debts generally in Virginia can be ? by process of the Courts thereof, then the said Trustee upon the request of Wm. R. Toone may sell the property aforesaid at auction, the land on one and two years credit, and the other property for cash, and out of the proceeds of sale, after paying the costs of executing this deed including 5 per cent commissions to the Trustee, he shall then pay and discharge the debt aforesaid, and the balance if any pay to Lewis L. Toone or his order. Witness the following signatures & seals.

                                                                                                Lewis L. Toone (seal)

                                                                                                Joseph L. Wootton (seal)


In the Clerk's office of Mecklenburg county Court, August 4, 1866,

The foregoing Deed of Trust was this day acknowledged in the Clerk's office aforesaid by Lewis L. Toone and Jos. L. Wootton to be their act and deed, and with Internal Revenue Stamps of the value of $1.22 (?) affixed thereto, and duly cancelled is admitted to record.

                                                                                                Teste R. F. Clack, Clk.