Miscellaneous Land Records & Other Conveyances
Mecklenburg County Virginia

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Benjamin Whitehead advertised sale of mills 1777, image
Added 27 Jun 2006

Mecklenburg Index to Deeds - name GREGORY
Bigger Commrs. to Ephraim Gold Deed, 1784
Robert Blackwell Jr to Freeman Walker 1838  
Zachariah Bugg trustee deed to John J. Barnes 1854  
Burwell Mill, formerly Moore's Mill, formerly Gregory's Mill  
Rachel Carter to John Mayes, 1778/1779 Added 12 Nov 1999 Edmund F. P. Pool to Daniel Elam 1853
William Clements to Jas Bilbo 1780  
Obediah Coleman Deeds of Gift to his Children Added 12 Sep 2008  
Daniel Elam to Nathaniel B. Nelson 1839 Mary Peete to Elizabeth Ezell deed Added 5 Jan 2004
John Elam to Daniel Elam - P/A, 1811 Merideth Poythress to William Cleaton Bill of Sale, 1786
John G. Elam to Colored Baptist Church at Lombardy Grove
Added 5 Jan 2004
Pritchett Deeds Added 21 May 2001
Evans, Richards, Etc to Thomas Toone 1818  
William Evans to Edward Hogan agreement 1778  
Ezell Deeds and Annotations Added 24 Aug 2001 George Royster to Daniel Elam 1839
Thomas Gayle land notes  
Edward Goode dec'd, plats of land in Charlotte and Mecklenburg counties 1824, Charlotte Co. Chancery Records, LVA  
Henry Green to Buffalo Baptist Church Deed, 1825   Robert Seat Relinq. to Sisters, 1784
Gregory - Coleman Marriage Contract Henry Stephens to Moore Gold Deed, 1801
Deed map of NW Mecklenburg at the South Meherrin River showing lands of Joseph Gregory, son John Gregory, Doct John Bigger, Saunders, etc. Links to land summaries.  
Hatchell Deeds Added 17 May 2001 David Stokes to Francina Cox Deed, 1794
Edward Hogan, Ede to Frederick Macklin 1779  
Matthew Jackson Deeds Added 14 May 2001 Vaughan Land Tax - Misc.
Johnson Deeds Added 1 June 2001  Elam S. Wall & wife Lucy to Hampton Malone, 1841,  Click for Image
Edward Jones Land Notes  

Marable Deeds Added 31May 2002

Waller Deeds, Misc
Hugh McMackin vs Wm, James, Lewis Toone 1773  

James Maury Land Patents (2), 1756 Click for Image.
In 1765 these two tracts were sold to Henry Newton and to George Newton

Mary Yancy heirs to Rosa Scott, 1902
William L. Moore to Thomas R. Elam 1858  
Robert Munford to Samuel Wooton 1781  
Robert Munford to Samuel Wooton 1781 (b)  
Anderson and Sally OVERBY to Daniel ELAM 1835  
Clark Royster to John Lewis 1834  
Roysters to Frederick Lewis 1835  
Roysters to John Lewis Jr 1824  
Richd Russell, Richd Puryear to Lewis Toone 1824  
Richd Russell, Richd Puryear to Lewis Toon 1824 (b)  
Benj Sampson to Lewis Toone Jr 1777  
Toone, Evans, Hogan in assault cases  
Andrew J. Toone, Sarah to Richard Russell 1856  
Edward Hogan Toone, Jane to Jno S. Feild 1855  
Edward H. Toone Deed of Trust 1866  
Edward H. Toone Account 1864-1872  
Elizabeth Toone et al to Samuel W. Pattillo  
Lewis Toone, Elizabeth to Thomas Pritchett order  
Lewis Toone, Elizabeth to Thomas Pritchett 1779 deed  
Lewis L. Toone to Joseph L. Wootton, Wm R. Toone 1866  
Lewis Toone, Lewis Toone Jr to Hugh MacMiken debt 1773  
Lewis Toone to John Y. Richards 1850  
Lewis Toone to Matthew Marable 1773  
Lewis Toone to Wm Richards 1821  
Lewis Toone to Wm Richards 1826  
Thomas Toone to Richard Russell  
Thomas Toone, Winny to Richd Russell 1828  
Thomas Toone, Winny to Samuel Garner 1819  
William Toone's Heirs to Samuel W. Pattillo 1824  
Mary A. Vaughan widow of Thos. Vaughan to
Edward H. Toone
Garner Tucker to John Bevill 1780 (Sarah Toon wit.)  
Miles Wilson to James Wilson 1814  

Deeds of land near and east west of Chase City:

Old Notes We Hate To Toss page from my old South Fork of Meherrin web site.


George Newton on Little Buffalo Creek submitted by Judy 20-jun-09

Robert Newton Land Division submitted by Judy Ryden August 2010

Miscellaneous Deeds Buffalo Creek Area abstracted by Jo Lee Spears

  • James MAURY to George Newton 1765
  • William VAUGHAN to John VAUGHAN 1765
  • Richard GREEN to William VAUGHAN 1769
  • William VAUGHAN to Peter VAUGHAN 1778
  • William VAUGHAN to William ARVIN 1778
  • Smith GREGORY to Alexander OVERBEY 1787
  • John CAMERON to Peter OVERBEY 1799
  • Alexander OVERBEY to Peter OVERBEY 1801
  • Ambrose GREGORY to Daniel SIZEMORE 1804
  • John VAUGHAN to Peter VAUGHAN 1804
  • Peter OVERBEY to David CHANDLER 1804
  • David CHANDLER to Anderson MOORE 1804
  • Ambrose GREGORY to John SPEED 1811
  • Ambrose GREGORY to Spencer C. VAUGHAN 1815
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