Long ago Places in Mecklenburg County
Including defunct villages, crossroads, post offices, etc.

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We hope you will be able to find that elusive defunct or changed locality name within these pages. With your participation, we will be presenting a list of places, schools, townships, crossroads, etc. names that may have changed their names or no longer exist. Naturally this page will always be under construction.

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Old Place Name
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Current Name Earliest Known Date Locator Contributor
Alexander's Ferry
Alexander's Ferry Road 1741 S. side Roanoke R. JH Alexander
Cattail Creek
Cattail Creek 1765 or earlier South of S.Fork Meherrin R. J. Marshall Neathery
Cox's Cart Path
Non-existent 1775 - earliest known Near South Fork of the Meherrin River J. Marshall Neathery
Dry Creek
Dry Creek 1765 or earlier Headwaters on old Thomas Nethery lands near Scotts Crossroads J. Marshall Neathery
Finneywood Finneywood ? South of S. Fork Meherrin R. Misc.
Mill Grove Defunct 1819 County line bet.Chase City & Lunenburg CH E. Jack Gregory
Scott's Crossroads
Scott's Crossroads 1840 or earlier Three miles east of Chase City at Va. 47 and Scotts Crossroads Road J. Marshall Neathery
Shiney Rock
(link added 7-6-02)
Shiney Rock Community Mid 1800s or earlier Area south of Clarksville, Virginia and  west of  U. S. Highway 15,  just north of  the Granville County, North Carolina area known as the Grassy Creek Community. Around Union Chapel Baptist Church. J. Marshall Neathery
Taylor's Ferry Non-existent Prior to 1776 At Roanoke River, about five miles southwest of Boydton, Va. and some five miles northeast of Townville, N.C. Near Tarry lands. J. Marshall Neathery
White House I & White House II
White House Community Early 1800s Intersection of State Routes 602 & 735, in the Buffalo Creek area. JoLee Spears
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Alexander's Ferry (and Alexander's Ferry Road) was located from 1741 until at least 1836 apx. 2 1/4 miles (as the crow flies) north-northeast by northeast of Kerr dam, on the south side of the Roanoke River. There is still a road located there which points north and stops apx. 1/2 mile south of the riverbank, called Alexander's Ferry Road. It is on no map I can find. JH Alexander

Cattail Creek - Headwaters begin on the old THOMAS NETHERY Lands (now Breezy Crest Farm owned by Mrs. Virgina Newton) in Mecklenburg County,  one-half mile north of  Va. Highway 47 and three miles northeast of the town of Chase City.  This watercourse runs north through the old Nethery lands to the  South Fork of the Meherrin River (at the Lunenburg County line). J. Marshall Neathery, June 1999
Cox's Cart Path - Beginning at Col. John Cox's place near South Fork of the Meherrin River, travelling southeastwardly across the lands of Edward Neal, Thomas Nethery, Sr., Samuel Pettus, and others, connecting with the road to Boydton.  NOTE:  Not to be confused with Cox's Old Road that began in Mecklenburg and travelled northeastwardly to Petersburg. J. Marshall Neathery, June 1999

Shiney Rock - Glenn Powell, Vienna, VA, writes July 2002: According to local legend, Shiney Rock got its name from miners looking for
gold in the area in the 1800's but all they ever found was "shiney rock". Also, if memory serves me correctly, the country store at Shiney
Rock also served as a post office under the name of "Nunn, VA" in the very late 1800's and early 1900's. Shiney Rock is located on
Shiney Rock Road approximately 1 mile south of Union Chapel Baptist Church and approximately 1 mile north of the Virginia/North
Carolina border.

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