Nuncupative Will of David Pettus
Mecklenburg Co., VA Will Bk 14:40
Dated 31 Jany 1836; Recorded 15 Feb 1836

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County on the 15th day of
February 1836. A paper purporting to be the nuncupative will of
David Pettus decd was produced in court in these words. "Mr
David Pettus being perfectly in his senses and his reason
unimpaired called on as Peyton R. Burwell and Richard Puryear to
write a will for him and to record that it was his will and desire
that after the payment of his just debts, his wife Jane F. Pettus
should have and enjoy all his estate of every kind. Signed
by the undersigned at 9 oclock on Sunday morning he having died
at eight.
Jany 31st 1836 P. R. Burwell
R. C. Puryear

I do hereby certify and declare that I was present during the last
illness of Mr. David Pettus, and heard him express himself in the
words above written as witness my hand &C this 2nd day of Feby
1836. Leonard Keeton"

And the process which issued against Jos. Boswell & Susanna his
wife & Robert Scott & Elizabeth his wife, which said Susanna &
Elizabeth are the sisters of the testator and the only residents of
the next of kin within the limits of this commonwealth, being
returned and acknowledged" they were solemnly called and not
appearing whereupon Peyton R. Burwell, Richd C. Puryear &
Leonard Keeton being sworn & examined, say, that they were
present with the testator at his residence in his last illness, that he
was of sound, disposing mind and memory, and called upon these
witnesses to take notice that it was his will and desire that, after
the payment of his just debts his wife Jane F. Pettus should have
and enjoy all his estate of every kind, that this declaration was
made when these witnesses were all present; that the testator died
the 31st day of Jany 1836 and on the same day his directions were
committed to writing and which is the same writing here produced
in court and thereupon it is ordered that the same be
recorded at the nuncupative will of the said David Pettus decd
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