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Submitted by: Graham S. Webb Jr. 2003

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Joseph Arthur Webb b. 26 Jan. 1902 Mecklenburg Co. Va. d.29 April 1971 Prince George Co. Hopewell Va.
m. Sarah Louise Brooks 31July 1929 Prince George Co. Hopewell Va.b. 15 Nov. 1909 Isle of Wight, Va. d. 12 Aug. 1995 Prince George Co. Va.
Ruth Webb
Phylliss Burnell Webb
Joseph Arthur Webb Jr.
Reginald Webb

Information taken from Family Bible of Bertha Frances ( Webb ) Power, now in the hands of her daughter Linda Lovelady, Marriage license & Appomattox Cemetery Records, Prince George Co. Hopewell Va.

Submitted by: Graham S. Webb Jr.

Florence Elizabeth Webb b. 8 May 1904 Mecklenburg Co. Antlers Va. d. 22 Oct 1978 m. Saint Washington Langford 4 July 1923 Hopewell Va.He was born 19 April 1904 Mecklenburg Co. Va. d. 2 Oct. 1961 Albemarle Co. Va.

Catherine Elizabeth Langford b. 29 May 1924 d. Feb. 1980
Margaret Anne Langford
Pastsy Frances Langford
Saint Washington Langford Jr.

Submitted by: Graham S. Webb Jr.



Certificate of Death
Kate Dallas Webb, widowed, white
703 N. 8th
Date of death: 4 Aug 1939
Age at death:58,
Date of birth: 23 Oct 1880
Birthplace: Mecklenburg Co., VA
Wife of Joseph S. Webb, deceased
Father: Coleman Hicks b. Mecklenburg Co., VA
Mother's maiden name: Josie Lankford b.Greenville Co., VA
Informant: Mr. H. N. Webb, son, Hopewell, VA
Burial: Appomattox Cem. 6 Aug 1939
Certificate of Death
Edward Dallas Webb, white, married, machine operator in silk mill
707 N. 6th Ave, Hopewell, VA
Date of death: 24 Jul 1932
Age at death:23 yrs, 5 mo, 8 days,
Date of birth: 16 Feb 1909
Birthplace: Antlers, VA
Husband of Estelle Webb
Father: Joseph S. Webb, b. Farmville, VA
Mother's maiden name: Katie D. Hicke b. Mecklenburg Co., VA
Informant: J. A. Webb
Burial: Appomattox Cem.26 Jul 1932
Certificate of Death
Joseph Webb, white married
Date of death:3 Mar 1921
Age at death: 48
Date of birth: -
Birthplace: Prince Edward Co.
Husband of -
Father: W. J. Webb b. Virginia
Mother's maiden name: Anna? Wells b. Prince Edward Co.
Informant: C. L. Webb, Boydton, VA
Burial: Presbyterian Cem., Boydton. VA, 5 Mar 1921
Certificate of Birth
Name: Graham Sydner Webb
Date of Birth: 1 May 1915
Place of Birth: Mecklenburg Co., VA, Boydton Dist.
Father: Joseph Stonewall Webb, Boydton, VA,age 44, b. Farmville, VA, machinist
Mother's maiden name: Katie Dallas Hicks, Boydton, VA, age 34, b. Mecklenburg Co., VA, housekeeper
Attending: Nancy Young, midwife, Boydton, VA
Certificate of Death
Graham Sydnor Webb Sr
Ford, VA, 9703 Zion Rd, Dinwiddie Co.
Date of death:30 Jul 1994,Dinwiddie Co., VA
Age at death: 79, divorced
Date of birth:1 May 1915
Birthplace: Virginia
Husband of --
Father: Joseph Stonewall Webb
Mother's maiden name: Katherine Dallas Hicks
Informant: Graham S. Webb, Jr.
Burial: Appomattox Cem., Hopewell, VA
Marriage License
City of Hopewell
Joseph Arthur Webb b. Mecklenburg Co., VA &
Sarah Louise Brooks b. Isle of Wight Co., VA
Date of Marriage:31 Jul 1926
Place of Marriage:Hopewell, VA
Husband: 24, single
Wife: 21, single
Race: White
Husband's parents: J. S. Webb & Kattie D. Webb
Wife's parents: Joseph O. Brooks & Ruth B. Brooks
Occupation of Husband: Tubize Employee
Marriage performed by Ramon N. Redford, Minister of Disciples Church.
==== =
Marriage License
City of Hopewell
Saint Washington Langford of Hopewell &
Florence Elizabeth Webb of Hopewell
Date of Marriage:4 Jul 1923
Place of Marriage: City of Petersburg
Husband: 23, single, b. Mecklenburg Co., VA
Wife: 19, single, b. Antlers, VA
Race: White
Husband's parents: R. G. Langford & M. F. Langford
Wife's parents: J. S. Webb & K. B. Webb
Occupation of Husband: Tubize Employee
Marriage performed by T. N. Lowe, preacher of the Hopewell M. E. Church


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