Lambert History

Submitted by Monica Thomas

February 27, 2010

The Lambert history begins with Eton Lambert and his wife Angeline Lambert. They were born into slavery. Eton was a farmer and his wife Angeline stay home to care for the children. In 1880, the family lived in Buckhorn, Mecklenburg Virginia.

In 1870, Thomas Lambert was born. He had 1 brother name James and 1 sister name Laura.

Eton Lambert-1834 (slave) - Angeline Lambert-1852 (slave)

Thomas Lambert-son-1870

James Lambert-son-1872

Laura Lambert-son-1877

As a young man Thomas Lambert married Lora Lambert. In 1900's, while living in Buckhorn, Virginia, they had 2 Children. Thomas Lambert (Tommie) and Alice Lambert. In 1903, Thomas Lambert and Lora gave birth to Patty Lee Lambert. Thomas Lambert supported his family by being a farmer. In 1910, he moved his family to live in South Hill, Virginia.


Thomas Lambert -(1870) -Lora Lambert (1872)

Tommie Lambert (son)-1892

Alice Lambert (daughter)-1895

Patty Lee Lambert (daughter)-1903



Thomas (Tommie) Lambert married Pattie Lou Warren Lambert. Tommie became a farmer like his father and grandfather. In 1930, his family was living in South Hill, Virginia. Tommie and Pattie Lou had 4 children, Lara M. Lambert, Hattie S. Lambert, Alva or Abelena Lambert, and Alma F. Lambert.

Tommie Lambert(1892)-Pattie Lou Warren Lambert (1895)

Lara M. Lambert(daughter)-1915

Hattie S. Lambert (daughter)-1917

Abelena (Alva) L. Lambert (daughter)-1920

Alma F. Lambert (daughter)-1923

Alice Lambert continued to live with her parent until 1910. Alice and Jim had five children. Their names were Elizabeth, Lucy M, Janie L, Sue, and Tommie. Alice Lambert died at an early age and her brother Thomas help raised her children in his household.

Alice Lambert(1895)-Jim

Elizabeth (daughter)

 Lucy M. (daughter)

Janie L. (daughter)

Sue (daughter)

Tommie O. Lambert (son) -1921

Alice son Tommie Orin Lambert was born April 26, 1921. Tommie met and married Hattie Amanda Smith on January 11, 1941 in South Hill, Virginia. Tommie was a farmer and a construction worker while Hattie stay home to care for the children. They were blessed with three children name Charlie Orin Lambert, Alice Selence Lambert Robertson, and Luvearn Hattie Freeman Carr. Tommie and Hattie move to Newark, New Jersey in 1967. They have 10 grandchildren, and 11 great grand children. Tommie

was called to rest on November 6, 1993 and Hattie Smith Lambert was called to home to rest on July 21, 1989. They both are buried in the Smith Cemetery on the Smith Farm in South Hill, VA.

Tommie O. Lambert (1921)-Hattie Lambert (1922)

Charles O. Lambert (son)

Alice Lambert Robertson (daughter)

Luvearn H. Lambert Carr (daughter)

Today, the Lambert generations live in many states across the country. They continue to celebrate their history each August in South Hill, Virginia.