Smith Family History

Submitted by Monica Thomas

Updated February 27, 2010

On April 16, 1852, in Bibb County, GA, records show that slaveholder Benjamin Davis sold Charles and Milly along with many other slaves to Elisha Davis for $7,000. This was not the first time they were sold and most likely not the last time they will be sold as slave. March 26, 1856, Charles and Milly were hired out with many other slaves by their slaveholder William O. Smith to W. E. Hamilton of Louisiana. They were sold to the Bossier Parish in Louisiana. The Bossier Parish from 1841-1865 conveyance as many as 4,000 slaves. These slaves worked to make huge profits for their slaveholder's. The main profit crops were cotton, corn, and sweet potatoes. Charles and Milly were among the thousands of slaves that worked the fields in Louisiana from sunrise to sunset.

William O. Smith hired out 14 slaves in all to William E. Hamilton. These slaves were to work for W.E. Hamilton for three years. Under the term of agreement, W.E. Hamilton was to paid William O. Smith three notes payment of $11,000 until 1859 with an interest rate of 8% on each slaves.

Sometime during the 1850's, Charles and Milly gave birth to a generation that will represent the Smith Clan. They name their son David. He was born a slave as his parents before him. A story was passed down to David grandchildren that told of how David ran away from a plantation in Louisiana when he was a very young man. He ran away because of the horrible conditions and treatment of blacks. He would walk and run during the night and hide during the day. We do not where David went, but be do know that he met Chancy Lambert in Mecklenburg County in the mid 1870's and on December 28, 1876, David Smith married Chancy Lambert.

Father: Charles Smith-slave               Mother: Milly Smith-slave

David Smith-son-born slave in 1851

hi an area called Flat Creek Township that is located in Mecklenburg County, a man name Henderson and a woman name Mary A. Lambert united and begin a family of their own. Their children names were Chaney, Lewis, James, Elizabeth, Adolphus, and Robert Chaney was the oldest child of Henderson and Mary Lambert. In later years, Chaney Smith often told her granddaughter Carrie Bell Smith about seeing Yankees during the



Civil War as a little girl. Carrie quoted, "Grandmother Chancy told many stories, however I can recall her telling me about how she saw many Yankees riding their horse's throughout the land and destroying the property of white landholders."

Father: Henderson Lambert-slave                 Mother: Mary A. Lambert-1843-slave

Chancy Lambert-daughter-born 1860

James Lambert-son-born 1865 Lewis Lambert-son-born 1864 Elizabeth Lambert-daughter-born 1868 Adolphus Lambert-born 1872 Robert E. Lambert-born 1874

David and Chaney lived in the Buckhorn District of Mecklenburg County. Eventually, David bought land in Mecklenburg and built a log cabin with two rooms. The log cabin had a room upstairs and large room downstairs with a fireplace and cooking stove. David was a farmer and Chaney was a housewife. It was on the farm that David and Chaney raised their children Lewis and Mary. Today the log cabin is gone, but their legacy still remains.

When David Smith died, the land that he worked on was passed to his son Lewis Smith. Today this is the homestead of the Smith clan.

Father: David Smith-1851   Mother: Chaney Lambert Smith-1860-1937

Mary Smith-daughter-born 1883 Lewis Smith-son-born February 1887, died 1954

Lewis Smith was born in the month of February 1887. He was the only son of David and Chaney Lambert Smith. He grew up on the farm helping his father with the land. Lewis Smith was a man of few words and he enjoyed working the farmland. He was member of Lambert RZUA Chapter Church and later became a trustee of the church. During his manhood, he met and fell in love with a women name Willie Belle Miller.

Willie Belle Miller was born on June 24, 1887 in Mecklenburg County. Her parent's names were William and Jennie Winkfield Miller. When her mother died, her father re­married a woman named Mary. William and Mary continue to raise the family in Meckelenburg County. Willie Bell had 5 brothers named William ,George, Govan, Paul and Robert. She also had 6 sisters named Martha E, Anna, Harriet M, Lucy, Virginia and Martha. Willie Belle was a quiet and hard working woman. She became a member of Temple Gate RZUA church and a true Christian. Her father William Miller was a true believer in God and a Deacon of Temole Gate until his death.





Father: William Miller-1851                Mother: Jennie Winkfield Miller-1855

Martha E.Miller-daughter-born-1879

Anna Miller-daughter-born-18 80 Harriet M. Miller-daughter-born-1881

Go van Miller-son-born-1882

Martha Miller-daughter-born-18 84

Lucy Miller-daughter-born-1886

Willie Belle Miller-daughter-born-1887

Virginia Miller-daugher-born-1888

William Miller-son-born-1890

George Miller-son-born-1891

Paul Miller-son-born 1894

Robert Miller-son born 1894

On January 26, 1908, in Mecklenburg County, Lewis Smith and Willie Bell Miller were married. They lived in a log cabin not very far from his parents home. During Lewis and Willie Belle marriage they were blessed with 9 children. Their names were William Henry, Mary, Martha Lizzie, Carrie Bell, Robert, John, Hattie, Mattie, and Louise Smith. Three of their children died at an early age. William Henry died at age 6, Mary at age 17 and Louise at 1 month. As of Today Martha (Lizzie), Hattie, Mattie, Robert and Carrie are deceased. Living today is John Eddie. Willie Bell loved her children very much and in returned they loved her just as much. John Smith quoted, " Mother was known for her ashcakes. She would mix corn meal and water and pat the cakes into a round shape. The cake would be placed in the fireplace under ashes for 30 minutes. She would then run water over the cakes to remove the ashes. I remember putting a lot of butter on top of the cakes would make them taste so good."

Father: Lewis Smith-1887                  Mother: Willie Belle Miller Smith-1887-1973

William H. Smith-son-born 1908, died 1915

Mary M. Smith-daughter-born 1912, died 1929

Martha Lizzie Smith-daughter-born 1913, died 1983

Carrie Bell Smith-daughter-born 1915,died 2005

Robert Lewis Smith-son-born 1917, died 2000

John Eddie Smith-son-born 1920

Hattie A. Smith-daughter-born 1922, died 1989

Mattie S. Smith-daughter-born 1924, died 1998

Louise Smith-daughter-born 1926, died 1926

Lewis Smith died December 1954 at the age of 67 and his wife Willie Belle died June 28, 1973 at the age of 86. Both are buried along side other family members in the Smith Cemeterv located on the Smith farm.





Today the family and friends of the Smith family meets every year to celebrate David and Chancy generations. Together the Smith Family members will continue to share a love, which travel from the beginning of Charles and Milly union.

Father: Watson Harper       Mother: Martha L. Smith Harper

Geraldine Harper-niece

Anna Harper-niece Truman Harper-nephew

Father: Willie Sturdivant    Mother: Carrie B. Smith Sturdivant

Geraldline Sturdivant Bishop-daughter-born 1933-died 1961

Lincoln Sturdivant-son

Artish G. Sturdivant-son

Orney Sturdivant-son-born 1941-died 2008

James E. Sturdivant-son-1944-died 2009

Joyce Sturdivant Lawson-daughter

Helen S. Sturdivant Hardy-daughter

Vivian Davis Smith-niece

Father: Robert Smith                 Mother: Belva Smith

Ernestine Smith-daughter

Father: John E. Smith                   Mother: Alma Smith

Howard Smith-son Florence Smith Brodnax-daughter

Eddie Smith-son Lillian Smith Richardson-daughter

Father: Orien Lambert                           Mother: Hattie Smith Lambert

Charles Lambert-son Alice Lambert Robertson-daughter

Laverne Lambert Carr-daughter Father: Wilson Walker        Mother: Mattie Smith Walker

Michael Walker-son Donna Walker-daughter

Willie & Carrie Bell Smith Sturdivant Generation

Father: Ocsar Arnold Bishop, Jr.   Mother: Geraldline E. Sturdivant Bishop

Monica V. Bishop Thomas-daughter

Keith L. Bishop-son Kevin O. Bishop-son, born 3/24/1959/died-2008


Father: Lincoln Sturdivant    Mother: Celica Sturdivant

Kennth Sturdivant-son

Gina Sturdivant Day-daughter

Tonya Sturdivant-daughter

Father: Artish G. Sturdivant               Mother: Fidelia Sturdivanl

Patrice Rogers Wooden-daughter- (mother: Dorthy) Desmond Sturdivant-son Gina Sturdivant-daughter

Father: Orney Sturdivant   Mother: Jenny Sturdivant

Andre Sturdivant-son

Micheal Sturdivant-son

Tracy Sturdivant-daughter

Father: James Sturdivant    Mother: Mary Sturdivant

James Sturdivant, jr.-son Gerald Sturdivant-son

James & Joyce Sturdivant Lawson

No children

Father: Robert Hardy             Mother: Helen Sturdivant Hardy

Terrell Hardy-son Danielle Williams-daughter- (father: Daniel)

Father: Cyde Smith         Mother: Vivan Davis Smith

Stephen Smith-son Scotty Smith-son

Robert & Belva Smith Generation

Ernestine Smith- no children

John & Alma Smith Generation

Father: Howard Smith                        Mother: Dorthy Smith

Howard Smith Jr.-son (mother: Margaret) Kevin Smith-son Steve Smith-son







Father: Freddie Brodnax     Mother: Florence Smith Brodnax

Felicia Brodnax Rogers-daughter

Father: Eddie Smith                   Mother: Jerdana

Corey Smith-son

Carlisa Smith-daughter

Timothy Smith-son

Step-Father: Edward Richardson      Mother: Lillian Smith Towns Richardson

Carmeshia Towns-daughter Bryant Towns-son

Orien & Hattie Smith Lambert Generation

Father: Charlie Lambert     Mother: Annie

Benight C. Lambert-daughter

Annett Lambert-daughter

Debra Lambert-daughter

Regina Lambert-daughter

Charlie Jr.-son (mother: Louise)

Father: Ernest Robertson, Sr.         Mother: Alice Lambert Robertson

Jacqueline Bryant-daughter Ernest Robertson, Jr.-son

Step-Father: John Carr   Mother: Laverne Lambert Carr

Cheryl Freeman-daughter(father:Clifton)

Wilson & Mattie Smith Walker Generation

Michael Walker-no children

Father: Percy Harris                   Mother: Donna Walker

Shana Harris-daughter Cherise Harris-daughter