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Jo Lee Gregory Spears

September 10, 2005

Doct. John Bigger & Sarah M. (Stokes),
Daughter of David Stokes and Mary M. (Marable)

Finneywood Creek - Mecklenburg Co., VA

Mr. R. W. Gatewood places Doct. John Bigger as the son John named in 
the Will of James Bigger, Prince Edward County, VA.


See Dr. John Bigger place or the old David Stokes place.

11 Apr 1811, Doct. John Bigger was styled "of county of Prince
Edward" when he purchased in Mecklenburg County, 267 acres from
Leonard Claiborne and wife Mary M. Claiborne, "it being a part of
the dower allotted to the sd Mary M. Claibourn of the land
whereof her late husband David Stokes. . ."  The land on
Finneywood Creek adjoined John Gregory. [Meck DB 14:428]

Doct John Bigger was taxed with 385 1/2 acres adjoining John
Gregory. At least by 1815, Mecklenburg tax records show Doct.
John Bigger was living on the premises.  In 1821, tax records
show 334 acres was transferred to him from James Jones (possibly
part of the Edward Jones, dec'd, estate). Subsequently, Doct
Bigger was taxed with 719 1/2 acres.

The division of the land of Doct. John Bigger shows he was
deceased by November 1855.  The tract, described as 675 1/2
acres, was laid off as 250 acres for the widow's dower and the
rest divided into three equal 141 5/6-acre tracts, to:

    Capt. David J. Bigger (see further)
    Elizabeth B. Boswell
    Mary A. Newbill, wife of John H. Newbill

See map of land division.

Much of the above is excerpted from records of Robert W. Gatewood

Update 12 Jun 2001: Those interred in Bigger-Davis Cemetery off 
HWY 862 (near 1836 Fort Mitchell Rd.) furnished by Mrs. Louise Glenn. 36 51' 24"N, 78 27' 41"W - CHASE CITY quad (See pointer on TopoZone map) GENERATION II IN MECKLENBURG - CAPT. DAVID JAMES BIGGER See Capt. David J.Bigger home Capt. David J. Bigger lived and died on the Bigger property on Finneywood Creek. Following is information from Mr. Gatewood. Capt. David James BIGGER Capt. was born on 1 Mar 1820. 1850 Census shows his age as 30. He died on 1 Apr 1895 in Finnywood, Mecklenburg Co., VA. Newspaper obituary is not dated; however, states "74 years.." and that he was buried at the old family burial ground at the home of Mr. Joseph Davis. Died at "..his home near Finneywood..." The obituary states he was a member of Disciples Church in Finneywood Chase City and its Environs by Douglas Summers Brown, Publication Committee, Municipal Bldg., Chase City, Va. P. 35 shown Battalion Orders addressed to Capt. BIGGER from Henry E. LOCKHART, Major, 22nd Regt, VA MA dated Boydton 20th Sept 1845.. P. 42 denotes he was a schoolmaster. Battalion Orders, Clarkesville, VA 18 Sept 1845 addressed to "Capt. David J. Bigger", signed by A. C. FINLEY, Major, 22nd Reg., Va. MA. Also, Regimental Orders, Clarksville, VA. 6th Apr 18-6 (illegible) from A. C. FINLEY in possession of R.W.Gatewood. 1850 Census (Mecklenburg Reel No. 960, Page 95 - from Internet VAGenWeb - VA) lists him as a schoolmaster, shows his wife, Mary, and no children. [They were enumerated in the household of John
and Elizabeth Brame.] He was married to Mary Elizabeth ROBERTSON (daughter of William E. ROBERTSON and Mary E. STAINBACK) on 23 Jan 1850 in Lunenburg Co., VA, bond dated 18 Jan 1850, by John S. BAYNE, min. W. S. WILSON. (Names shown as David J. and Mary E.). Also shown in "The Family of George Bigger KERR; 1919 - 1981 " by Alexa Mc Call KERR 1985 (no publisher shown). Met when she visited relatives near Farmville, VA. (Per Louise GLENN). Mary Elizabeth ROBERTSON was born on 1 Feb 1828. 1850 Census shows age as 22. She died on 18 Jul 1909. Capt. David James BIGGER and Mary Elizabeth ROBERTSON had the following children: i. James BIGGER. Married Laura M. WOOD (parents: Paul & C. E. WOOD) 28 Feb 1857, Lunenburg Co., VA. Shown as a survivor in his father's newspaper obituary. ii. Sallie Stokes BIGGER. Unmarried. She is shown as survivor (in Chase City, VA) in obituary of her sister, Pattie CLEMENTS. Also shows as survivor in her father's obituary. iii. Alfred BIGGER. Married Mattie Ross PLEASANTS. (corrected to Mattie Rosa Pleasants 6-2-01) Child was John BIGGER. (Per Howell's family tree) Shown as a survivor in his father's newspaper obituary. iv. Willis A. BIGGER. Married Carrie LEE. (per obituary of his sister, Pattie A. CLEMENTS, is shown as "William" and as living in Victoria, VA.) Shown as a survivor in his father's newspaper obituary. [My family referred to him as
"Willie" Bigger/jgs] v. David T. BIGGER. Married Mary SPENCER. Had 8 children: Hunton m. Annie L. KIRK, Ramie (unmarried ?), David T. Jr. m. Madge WOOD, Helen m. Luther ELLIS, Thomas (unmarried), Floyd Spencer Bigger m. Virginia Elizabeth
RUTLEDGE, Mary Dell m. ? YATES, Elanor m. ? GARNET. (From Howell's family tree) Shown as a survivor in his father's newspaper obituary. vi. Elizabeth (Bettie) BIGGER. Married Frank BRAGG. (Howell's family tree). Shown as a survivor in her father's newspaper obituary. vii. John Bell BIGGER was born on 19 Jan 1860. He died after 1930. Married Ida MACK. Had two children: Olive (unmarried)and J. Mack m. Bessie HAWTHORN (had no children). (Howell's family tree) He is shown as a survivor (of Chase City, VA) in the obituary of his sister, Pattie A.CLEMENTS. Shown as a survivor in his father's newspaper obituary. viii. Martha (Pattie) Ann BIGGER (see further) NEXT GENERATION Martha (Pattie) Ann BIGGER was born on 1 Mar 1864. Source states "..age 67 years..." at death. She died on 24 Feb 1932 in Richmond, VA. She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, VA. Shown as a survivor in her father's newspaper obituary. She was married to Edwin Austin CLEMENTS (son of William I. CLEMENTS and Margaret F. HANKINS) on 3 Mar 1880. [Update 18 Jul 2001: Records of Rick Terry show the name Edward Austin CLEMENTS, son of
William J. CLEMENTS and Margaret T. HANKINS, married 3 Jun 1858.] Edwin Austin CLEMENTS was born on 9 Apr 1859 in Charlotte Co., VA. One obituary states 79 years old, shows born in Caroline County, VA. (probably in error. His parents were married in Charlotte Co) He died on 17 Jan 1939 in Richmond, VA. Died at home of his son (Ernest). Survivors included his children and a sister, Mrs. Ida KUNATH of Ontario, VA. Funeral was at Venerable St. Baptist Church, Richmond. He was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, VA."," On birth transcript 9/18/40 of Ina L. CLEMENTS, his occupation was listed as farmer. He was a guard at the Virginia State Penitentiary. His obituary shows as a survivor, " sister, Mrs. Ida Kunath, of Ontario, VA..." Martha (Pattie) Ann BIGGER and Edwin Austin CLEMENTS had the following children: i. James Edward CLEMENTS. ii. William Lawrence CLEMENTS was born on 20 Jun 1883. Obituary states 24 years old. He died on 1 Mar 1908 in Richmond, VA. Drowned. Obituary (no year shown) states last seen January 10 He was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.' iii. Annie Miles CLEMENTS. iv. Samuel Byron CLEMENTS. v. Ina Lillian CLEMENTS. vi. Charlie Jackson CLEMENTS was born on 7 Oct 1892. He died on 27 Nov 1929 in Richmond, VA. He was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, VA. vii. Ernest Linwood CLEMENTS Sr.. viii.Myrtle Virginia CLEMENTS.
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