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March 4, 2005

Abstract of Will of James Bigger
Prince Edward County, VA

DATED 26 MAY 1841


1. All just claims be paid.
2. Daughter Elizabeth Hughes (wife of Lemmon ? Hughes) had
already been given a share of estate, therefore will leaves her
3. To daughter, Mary Carter, a negro (Issac) and her heirs, also
his man, J. Collins
4. To daughter, Susanna Rice, negro women, Fanny.
5. To son, John, negro man, Phil.
6. To grandsons, John F. Rice and Joseph Rice, one-third of his
sheep - to be equally divided between them.
7. To grandchildren, children of his daughter Mazy Carter (except
grandson Thomas B. Carter) two thirds of his sheep to be equally
divided between them.
8. Balance of estate is left to grandchildren (children of
daughters Mary Carter and Susanna Rice and Son John) if living
and to their heirs, if not living, to be equally divided between

Appoints grandsons, James B. Carter and John F. Rice and Branch
? Worsham as executors.

                                       Signed: James Bigger

CODICIL 20 Sept 1841: Land (86 -1/8 acres) called Midway was to
be sold to G. L. Wren. Proceeds of sale to go to daughter,
Susanna Rice. If land is not sold, it is to go to daughter,

CODICIL 25 Oct 1841: Daughter Susanna is deceased. Land or
proceeds left to her in previous will is to go to grandsons, John
F. and Joseph t Rice.

22 AUGUST 1843 - Will with codicils presented to court and

Abstracted by:
Robert W. Gatewood  4-1-00
Copyright 2000 JoLee Gregory Spears