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Jo Lee Gregory Spears

October 26, 2008

Thomas Gayle (Jr) of Mecklenburg Co., VA

(See also Bruce, Burwell & Gayle Notes of Jo Lee Spears.)
Thomas Gayle (Jr)of Mecklenburg Co., VA married in Mecklenburg 8 Dec 1819, to
Elizabeth Coleman, sur: James Coleman. In October 1829, Thomas Gayle of Mecklenburg purchased from John Gregory and
his wife Elizabeth of Lunenburg, 283 acres on waters of South Meherrin, adjoining John Gregory, estate of Edward Jones decd, Lewis Burwell & others.
Sig: John Gregory; Elizabeth Gregory. Ack by: John Knight & Robert Saunders,
justices of the peace of county of Lunenburg [Meck DB 24:29] (Gregory family
letters show this tract belonged to Jackson Gregory, John Gregory's son who
had migrated to North Carolina. The deed remained with the father until it
was sold.)
  • In January of 1832, Thomas Gayle purchased the balance of the John Gregory 
    tract, 267 acres adjoining Thomas Gayle, John Bigger and land belonging to
    the estate of Edward Jones decd.

    In 1849, daughter Elizabeth F. Gayle married George W. Burwell, bond 30 Aug,
    surety William A. Burwell; consent: Thomas Gayle father of Elizabeth.
    George W. Burwell and Elizabeth appear on the 1870 Census of Mecklenburg
    (1870cene) with children Thomas G. 16; Sarah E. 11; Frances S. 10; George L.;
    Henry I. 6. All were born in Virginia, except George W. Burwell, born NC.
    Listed next to the Burwells was the William T. Roberts family, the wife Martha
    of the Robert Saunders family, north of the South Fork of Meherrin. Thomas Gayle, wife Elizabeth and daughter Sarah Gayle aged 18, appeared on the
    1850 Census Mecklenburg, Christiansville Dist. (1850cena) Munsey Moore's Cemetery Records Vol 1,p.162, lists the Burwell Family Cemetery about one mile beyond the end of unpaved Rt #632 (turning from #49 north of
    Chase City onto #682, then #632). Interred there: George W. Burwell (M.D.)
    12 Jun 1823-16 Jun 1873; Elizabeth F. 17 Oct 1827-2 Aug 1872, both on same stone, and three small children, Mary E. and two infants. Gayles interred
    are Jordan C. 19 Apr 1824-1 Sep 1847; Thomas Gayle 27 Jul 1796-4 Feb 1856 & Elizabeth 20 Aug 1796-4 Jan 1868. Also: Sarah A.S. Bruce 8 Oct 1833-23 Apr
    1870, possibly the Sarah Gayle on the 1850 Census. Also: J.E.B. and S.F.B. Ed Coleman gave these instructions for reaching the cemetery: From Chase City,
    take Hwy 49 North towards Lunenburg Court House, turn left on Hwy 682, then
    left on #632 and go to the end of the road. (we parked at the abandoned farm
    house due to the terrain), then walk down the logging road which is to the left side of the abandoned farmhouse. You will descend a hill, once to start to
    ascend the next hill, take the first logging road to the left.  Once you are
    on the crest of this hill, the cemetery will be on the right about 50 - 100 feet off the logging road. Not visible from the logging road due the heavy vegetation. However, most of the vegetation is small growth reforestation, so look for mature trees as your mark. If you take the logging road and cross the VEPCO power lines, you have gone just a little too far. From the farmhouse, the cemetery is about 1 mile. See the linked Topo map for coordinates. MapCard maps See also Hybrid Topo version. MapCard maps Photos of the cemetery submitted by Ed Coleman, October 2008:
    Photo #1
    Photo #2

    1880 Land Tax Mecklenburg Co., VA: 
    GAYLE, ELIZABETH EST 889 1/2 acres adj. F. G. Finch, NW 16 mi fr courthouse, 
    $900 value added because of buildings

Linda Medley ( researched the generation before Thomas
Gayle (Jr) of Mecklenburg and offers the following: Thomas GAYLE died at age: 74 See also the will of Susannah Smith Brown Gayle, his widow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Born: 17 Apr 1750 in: England Died: 24 May 1824 in: Virginia, Charlotte Co Father: ______ GAYLE Immigrated with parents as small boy to Gloucester Co, Virginia (now Mathews County) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ F Child 1 Elizabeth GAYLE Born: 1775 in: Died: 1835 in: Spouse: Phillip OSBORNE Married: 12 Sept 1797 in: Virginia, Charlotte Co Moved to Rutherford Co, Tennessee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wife: Mary CULLEY Married: 20 Oct 1777 in: Virginia, Gloucester Co, his age: 27 her age: 21 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Born: 01 Sep 1756 in: Died: ca 1790 in: Father: Mother: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ M Child 1 Robert GAYLE Born: 1783 in: Died: 1857 in: Virginia, Halifax Co Spouse: Virginia "Jenny" NEAL Married: 24 Nov 1806 in: Virginia, Halifax Co She is Mary Ann Neal's sister
who married Warner Brown Spouse: Susannah BOYD Married: 07 Jan 1819 in: This is Warner Brown's stepbrother. Lived in Northern District of Halifax Co,
Virginia. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ F Child 2 Mary "Polly" GAYLE Born: 1785 in: Died: >1840 in: Tennessee Spouse: Edmund DUFFER Married: 25 Dec 1803 in: Virginia, Charlotte Co Moved to Rutherford Co, Tennessee. Also lived near Bradley Creek, Wilson Co, Tennessee. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ F Child 3 Nancy GAYLE Born: 1787 in: Died: 1875 in: Cem: Floyd in: Tennessee, Rutherford Co Spouse: David BLACKSTOCK Married: 08 Dec 1817 in: Spouse: Francis P RYAN Married: 17 Jan 1825 in: Moved to Rutherford Co, Tennessee by 1830 on Bradley Creek near Lascassas
when to Halls Hill area. No stones mark their graves. Francis was impressive
looking man 20 years younger than Nancy and was never kind to his beautiful
black haired wife. He ruthlessly disposed of her property and refused to let is stepdaughter move with them to Tennessee. In Tennessee, he bought and sold
cattle, driving them to Natchez or New Orleans, using sons as cattle herders. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ M Child 4 John GAYLE Born: 1790 in: Died: aft 1854 in: Spouse: Elizabeth TERRELL Married: 17 Nov 1819 in: Spouse: Lucy MURPHY Married: in: Moved to Persons Co, North Carolina then Haywood Co, Tennessee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wife: Susannah P SMITH Married: 28 Nov 1794 in: Virginia, Mathews Co his age: 44 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Born: ca 1756 in: Virginia, Gloucester Co, Died: Jan 1854 in: Virginia, Charlotte Co Cem: in: Virginia Father: Peter SMITH Mother: Bathsheba FOSTER Supposed to have lived til 97 years old. Internet information-may have Gayles on her maternal side. Internet information.....daughter of Peter Smith. Household in 1850 Census-Charlotte Co, Virginia number 111 Susannah Gayle 92- 2000 - b. Gloucester Caroline Gayle 35- b. Halifax Moses Eudaily 25 - Overseer- b. Charlotte ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ M Child 1 Thomas GAYLE Born: 1796 in: Died: aft 1856 in: Spouse: Elizabeth COLEMAN Married: 08 Dec 1819 in: Virginia, Mecklinburg Co Lived in Mecklinburg Co, Virginia near Finneywood Creek. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ M Child 2 Christopher GAYLE Born: 1798 in: Died: 1861 in: Spouse: Mary J DORTCH Married: 22 Dec 1825 in: North Carolina, Mecklinburg Co Spouse: Nancy H JONES Married: 07 Oct 1846 in: Virginia, Mecklinburg Co Lived in Charlotte Co, until 1835 then moved to Mecklinburg Co, Virginia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ M Child 3 Peter Smith GAYLE died at age: 51 Born: 30 May 1802 in: Died: 08 Jun 1853 in: Mississippi, Hinds, Clinton Rel: Occupation: Baptist minister Spouse: Mary Ann McConnico PETTUS Married: 23 Mar 1823 in: Moved to Haywood Co, Tennessee then Shelby Co, Tennessee Middle name found on internet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ F Child 4 Sally GAYLE Born: 1805 in: Died: in: Spouse: Robert (Roland) T CROWDER Married: 09 Nov 1822 in: Virginia, Charlotte Co family living in Haywood Co, Tennessee the time of Susannah's death. lived near Peter Gayle in Haywood Co, Tennessee ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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