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The Sturdivant history roots begin in Anson, North Carolina and spread to Mecklenburg County Virginia. In 1835 an African name Isham Sturdivant was born as a slave. As a young slave he was joined together with another slave women name Adeline. Isham and Adeline had 4 children together. Their names were Sidney, Mary, Andrew, and Sandy. After the Civil War, in 1870 in White Store, Anson, North Carolina, Isham Sturdivant was marriage to Melinda Sturdivant.  In their household were 9 children.  The 1870, census states that Isham worked on a farm with his children Sidney, Mary, Andrew, and Sandy while Melinda stays home to take care of the other children.  Mary Sturdivant was his second child and was born in 1855. She was 15 in 1870.


Isham Sturdivant (1835) slave- Adeline Sturdivant-slave

Sidney Sturdivant (son)-1852

Mary Sturdivant (daughter)-1855

Andrew Sturdivant (son)-1858

Sandy Sturdivant (son)-1860

Isham Sturdivant (1835) – Melinda Sturdivant

Harriet Sturdivant (son)-1863

Eliza Sturdivant (daughter)-1864

Lenora Sturdivant (daughter)-1867

Melvina Sturdivant (daughter)-1869

Cornelia Sturdivant (daughter)-1870

Roxy Sturdivant (daughter)-1872

Lydia Sturdivant (daughter)-1879

Judah A. Sturdivant (daughter)-1882

Columbus Sturdivant (son)-1885



In 1880, Mary Sturdivant was living next door to her father family. She was single and living with her was her daughter Ann Sturdivant. Mary union with Luke Bennett resulted in seven children but only four live into adult age. They all were born in Anson, North Carolina. Edward Sturdivant was the oldest boy of Luke Bennett and Mary Sturdivant children.


 Luke (Cato) Bennett (slave1844-1928)-Mary Sturdivant (slave) 1855

Ann Sturdivant-daughter-1877

Ella Bell Sturdivant Moore-daughter-1884-1968

Edward Sturdivant-son-1885

Arnie Sturdivant-son-12/27/1891


            Edward Sturdivant was born in Anson County, NC. In 1907, in the Mecklenburg Virginia register book, he is marriage to Agnes Ogburn of South Hill, Virginia. He lists his father name as Luke and his mother name as Mary Sturdivant. In 2005, Carrie Sturdivant and Lottie Mae Sturdivant Hayes quoted; “We were told that Edward Sturdivant left North Carolina with a stick on his back and on this stick he tied a sheet with his clothes inside.”  During Edward marriage to Agnes they live up North for a while, but later return to raise their family in South Hill, Virginia. Carrie Sturdivant and Lottie Mae also quoted; “Edward sisters Bell and Annie visit him many times in South Hill, VA and Edward return to visit his family many times in Anson, North Carolina.” Edward supported his family when he establish the first black barber shop in South Hill, VA. He also built his home on Lunenburg Ave. He was a hard working man and loves his family very much. They were members of Temple Gates RZUA church. Edward and Agnes had three children. Edward Sturdivant is buried in South Hill, Virginia and Agnes died in 1967.

Edward Sturdivant-1885-Agnes Ogburn Sturdivant-1886

Willie Sturdivant-son-2/26/1914-1982

Bernice Sturdivant-1916-1940

Ellis Sturdivant-1/23/1918-9/1989

During one of Edward visits to North Carolina, he convinced his brother Arnie Sturdivant to move his family to South Hill, Virginia. Arnie Sturdivant was Ed youngest brother. Arnie was born in Anson, County on Dec. 27, 1891. He was Mary Sturdivant youngest child. In 1910, he met and married a woman name Florrie Little. Arnie and Florrie were both 19 years old. In 1918, Arnie enlisted in the U.S Army for World War I. During their marriage Arnie and Florrie were bless with nine children. Fannie Belle is their only living child today. Ms Lottie Mae quoted, "I remember that we all move from Morven, North Carolina to South Hill, Virginia. I was 15 years old and we stayed at Uncle Ed house until Dad found work and a new home for us". Ms. Lottie Mae recalls as a small child that her grandmother Mary was living with them in Morven, North Carolina. Her description of Grandmother Mary is a tall thin brown skin woman. Mary Sturdivant was buried in Morven, North Carolina. Arnie and Florrie Sturdivant along with their children moved to South Hill, Virginia in 1941. Amie Sturdivant died June 1971 and his wife Florrie Sturdivant died in October 1979 in Mecklenburg County VA.

Father: Arnie Sturdivant    Mother: Florrie Sturdivant

Martha Ann Sturdivant Fannie Bell Sturdivant

Ardine Sturdivant Ed Sturdivant

Carrie Sturdivant

Arlene Sturdivant

Arnie Sturdivant Lottie Mae Sturdivant

Marry Sturdivant


            The Sturdivant family roots have branch out in many areas of Virginia, North Carolina and other states and Countries. Today the Sturdivant roots that travel from Anson, North Carolina to Mecklenburg, Virginia continue to celebrate our Sturdivant history each year in South Hill, Virginia.