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Jo Lee Gregory Spears

September 10, 2005

Bigger Land Records
November 1855 division of Doct. John Bigger estate of 675 1/2 acres 
Lot No. 1 Widow's dower 250 acres to widow, Sarah M. Bigger.
This lot shows the "dwelling house," adj. Mrs. Farrar's estate
on the east. - Nov 1855
Lot No. 2 141 5/6 acres to Mrs. Newbill, adj. T. Gayle on the
west.- Nov 1855
Lot No. 3 141 5/6 acres to Capt. Bigger, adj. T. Gayle on the
west, David Thompson on the north. - Nov 1855
Lot No. 4 141 5/6 acres to Mrs. Boswell, adj. R. Saunders on
the north, Capt. Bigger on the east. - Nov 1855 In an indenture dated 8 November 1855, Sarah M. Bigger surrendered to heirs David J. Bigger, Elizabeth B. Boswell, John H. Newbill and Mary Ann Newbill his wife, her interest in all that part of the land of said John Bigger died possessed which was heired by said Sarah M. Bigger from the Estate of David Stokes,father, also all the right title and interest which may have reverted to her from the death of her mother Mary Claiborne formerly Stokes, in the land by her the said Mary M. Stokes as her portion of her husband's estate which lands now constitute a part of the land of which John Bigger died possessed...

The earliest deed of John Bigger in Mecklenburg:
11 Apr 1811; 15 Jul 1811; Leonard Claiborne & wife Mary M. Claiborne to John Bigger of Pr Edward 267acres; $297; on Finneywood Creek adj John Gregory; it being a part of the dower allotted to the sd Mary M. Claibourn of the land whereof her late husband David Stokes died seized. [Meck. DB14:428]

Mecklenburg Land Tax Records show Doct John Bigger was taxed with 385 1/2 acres adjoining John Gregory. In 1821, tax records show 334 acres was transferred to him from James Jones (possibly part of the Edward Jones, dec'd, estate). Subsequently, Doct Bigger was taxed with 719 1/2 acres.

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