The Gee House
Safe Retreat

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Corn Crib


Alvin Gee (now deceased) wrote: Edward
Walker grew up living in Safe Retreat
and he had a photo of his mother sitting
on the porch; the sketch (above) shows
the house as he remembered it

Rear View

Submitted by June Banks Evans 8 Aug 2003

Gee house [demolished], end of route #638, Mecklenburg County, known as "Safe Retreat", razed ca 1980. At the time of the 1850 census, it was the home of schoolmaster Jesse Q. Gee and his family. [1850 census Mecklenburg County, #348] A plat was drawn in 1918 showing the estate division; "Safe Retreat" is noted on tract #7. [MPB 3:59; MDB 91:36]

36° 44' 46"N, 78° 02' 19"W (Topo map)- LA CROSSE quad [1870 map, section 8]

"In 1864 I went to school in the old Providence Methodist Episcopal Church. My teacher was Mr. James Northington, who lived at Forksville. The next year I went to school near Forksville to Virginius Q. Gee at the house of his father J. Q. Gee. In 1866 and 1867 I went to school to Mr. Jesse Q. Gee at his house, Safe Retreat, and this was the last of my going to school, except for the four or five months in 1874 when I went to Maj. W. C. Drake in Oakville, North Carolina, for a review of studies in order to teach."

[The Journals of William Emmanuel Bugg 1848-1935, transcribed/compiled June Banks Evans: Bryn Ffyliaid Publications, page 7]

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