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JoLee Gregory Spears

This page was last updated September 10, 2005

The Old David Stokes Place
Later, John Bigger place, Davis and others

Bricks and fallen tree 36 51 22, -78 27 41
Cemetery at 36 51 24, -78 27 41

I visited this site in April 1901, with Bill & Ray Pettus, and Ralph & Carolyn Bagley. Carolyn descends from the Davis family.

The driveway is passable only at the highway. Much undergrowth and it is difficult to walk. The only visable remains of the place are a brick base of a chimney or part of the foundation, and a fallen very large oak that had been a trademark of the place. Further into the thicket, going parallel with the main road #681, is the cemetery listed in Munsey Moore's Cemetery and Tombstone Records of Mecklenburg Co., VA., v1, p163.

The Cemetery could be more easily reached from the house at 1836 Fort Mitchell Road, occupied by Valeria Salowski in 1901.

A photograph of the house no longer standing would be a welcomed addition to this page. - JoLee Gregory Spears

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