Submitted by June Banks Evans 7 Sep 2003

Hudson's Mill (demolished), Meherrin River, above Dix's Bridge, county road #621 (Section 20, Gilmer 1864)

36° 46' 54"N, 78° 03' 01"W (NAD27)
Forksville quad

Hudson's Mill dam was situated on the Meherrin River a few yards upstream from the mouth of Stony Creek, near the Brunswick County line. Gilmer's 1864 maps (Mecklenburg/Lunenburg) incorrectly label the site Hutson's Mill. Records show that in 1865 John P. Hudson, presumably the mill's owner, applied for an exemption from military service. The dam for the mill is seldom seen except at extreme low-water conditions, as in the summer of 2002 when this photograph was made. [Reference: Life by the Roaring Roanoke, Susan Bracey, 1977, p.289]

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